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Principles of Recovery

Clients with mental health challenges and dealing with addiction often have significant barriers to accessing meaningful activity engagement in their daily lives.  The process of recovery from mental health illness and addiction has historically overlapped.  In 2010, the Substance Abuse Read More >>>>

Self Care for Therapists

Self-care for therapists. What a concept. Whether you are in private practice working for yourself or working in a community organization providing services, this one is all about you, therapists. This is your reminder to refill your bucket, or your Read More >>>>

9 things all therapists should automate

Private practice management involves so much more than treating clients. You need to onboard clients using intake forms, communication, and scheduling. You’ll diagnose and treat clients, through documentation like testing, diagnosis, treatment plans, and activities. And let’s not forget billing with Read More >>>>

Therapy Activities

Therapy activities are used by private practice counselors to engage clients as an essential component of a successful treatment outcome. To engage clients in therapy, clinicians must work to build a deep connection and a therapeutic alliance with their clients. When Read More >>>>


The Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency, 2nd Edition (BOT-2) is a standardized assessment used by physical and occupational therapists. This assessment is appropriate for children and adolescents aged four to 22. Oseretsky first published the evaluation in Russia in 1923. Read More >>>>

Art Therapy

Art therapy is one of several types of therapy in the expressive therapy category. It uses various artistic methods within the process of therapy to allow people to express themselves and then look at the underlying messages in their artwork Read More >>>>

Building a private practice

Building a private practice involves several steps. You need to create the foundation for your practice, select your niche, create an online marketing presence through social media and a website and select and implement your electronic health record system. In the meantime, referrals Read More >>>>

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