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Online Therapy

Online therapy is a method of delivering therapy, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, or mental health counseling, via the Internet. Online therapy has many different names (e.g., e-therapy, teletherapy, distance therapy, web therapy). Is online therapy approved? Yes. Many Read More >>>>

Telehealth Therapy

Telehealth technology and telerehabilitation have been used since 1998 with their pervasiveness increasing over the past two decades as research demonstrated telehealth’s effectiveness in several types of clinical settings. Many common conditions generally diagnosed in the mental, occupational, speech, and physical therapy categories Read More >>>>

Family Therapy Techniques

Family therapy techniques are ways to address family conflict by improving the communication and interaction of family members. There are numerous family therapy techniques, but four main models dominate the spectrum. This blog reviews the main therapy family techniques: structural, Read More >>>>

Private Practice Marketing

Private practice marketing involves narrowing down your niche and defining the clients you would like to treat. Now it’s time to target those clients. Online marketing, like your website and social media, and tried-and-true word of mouth can help you on your journey to target the right clients Read More >>>>

Online Teletherapy

These teletherapy resources are free, open-ended, and adaptable by any therapist or counselor and require almost zero preparation- Short animated films are a total hidden gem in the pediatric teletherapy world. These videos usually do not have dialogue, so they allow for Read More >>>>

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