What is Post-Quantum Cryptography?

Cryptography is the practice of protecting information through the use of coded algorithms, hashes, and signatures. The information can be at rest (such as a file on a hard drive), in transit (such as electronic communication exchanged between two or more parties), or in use (while computing on data). Cryptography has four primary goals: Confidentiality – Read More >>>>

How to Choose the Best Crypto NFT Wallet 

NFT is one of the key trends in the field of cryptocurrencies and investments. Due to their unique characteristics, such assets have found practical application in many areas. So with the right approach, such a way of investing allows you to make a profit; however to do this, you need to understand all the features Read More >>>>

How To Send Money Abroad And Make International Payments

There is an opinion that international trade is available only to large companies, but this isn’t correct. Often for small business owners, international trade represents a global opportunity. But before you start trading in the international arena, you will have a question: «How to make international transactions conveniently?» Issues To Be Resolved Before Starting An Read More >>>>

How To Accept Cryptocurrency As A Business?

Did you know how can businesses use blockchain and profit from it? Yes, that’s not a distant future but our present. We’ll find out about how can businesses accept crypto here. Why Does a Business Need To Start Accepting Payment In Cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies this days is one of the best means of payment in recent Read More >>>>

How Do You Buy And Pay With Cryptocurrency?

Crypto payments became widely accepted by businesses. Crypto is famous for investment and speculation, though it does have another use –payments. Large companies such as Microsoft and Starbucks are accepting crypto in exchange for goods and services. People today are more frequently getting interested in how to pay with crypto and how to receive crypto Read More >>>>

How Does The Cryptocurrency Transfer Algorithm Work?

The blockchain network is a chain of blocks consisting of confirmed transactions. And the blockchain network commission is a commission the sender pays for making a payment in cryptocurrency. The commission is mandatory and performs two important functions: 1. It goes to support miners/validators who help fix the payment process and confirm transactions in the blockchain. Read More >>>>

Can You Use A Credit Card To Buy Crypto?

Nowadays it seems to be a little easier to do a purchase of crypto with a credit card as more and more platforms offer this payment option. Using some of them, it’s even possible to make a purchase with cards added to your Google Pay. Here’s how to do it. Can You Use A Credit Read More >>>>

How Does A Blockchain Technology Work

So what is blockchain technology in simple terms? Blockchain generally defined as an advanced database technology. All the data stored is public and is easily verified. All the blocks are connected to each other. Share the access with your reliable business partners and they will be receiving the same information about the transaction in chronological Read More >>>>

What Are Crypto Exchange Trading Platforms

Beginners are often confused about these two. What is the difference between a crypto wallet and exchange? What are the functions of each one? How to use them? Is storing crypto in an exchange vs wallet safer? Well, let’s find all the answers. Crypto wallet vs exchange – the battle starts now. What Are Crypto Read More >>>>

Hardware wallet vs software wallet

Types Of Cryptocurrency Wallets Hot wallets A wallet connected to the internet is a hot wallet. These wallets are convenient and easy to use in comparison to cold wallets. The main downside is that these wallets are vulnerable to hacker attacks, thus, it’s not recommended to keep your funds in a wallet long-term. Hot wallets Read More >>>>

Types Of Bitcoin Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets help people keep their funds safely in a single place; a wallet is software or a physical device. It is not your coins that need to be protected, but your private keys. The keys are giving you access to your funds. Also, with the help of wallets, it’s possible to transfer funds. Some Read More >>>>

What Are The Different Types Of Exchanges?

Crypto exchanges help traders to buy, sell and convert different currencies and NFTs. Here you can also monitor exchange rates. Often times exchanges offer their users built-in crypto wallets. Before crypto exchanges, mining was the only way of obtaining cryptos, whereas now you can simply go to one of the services, create an account and Read More >>>>