Hyper-scale Data Center Growth

Cisco’s report on the Global cloud index, predicts the magnitude of cloud-based traffic and the ever-growing demand for global data centers in the near future. With detailed explanations, supporting data points and substantial projections, the report projects the advancement of cloud-based servers. Cisco’s detailed forecast of the growth of its global data center and cloud-based Read More >>>>

Enterprises Confront – Cloud Computing Adoption and Confusion

It’s interesting to watch the stream of cloud computing articles that cross my desk. Five years ago, they all focused on how enterprises worried about cloud security and would, as a result, choose to build private clouds. In fact, most enterprises made their peace with cloud security and began adopting cloud computing. Two years ago, Read More >>>>

Quantum Computing

Cybersecurity is a primary concern today and is evolving in the face of digital contactless payment systems, accelerated business transformation, new multi-channel experiences, and people working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. New security threats are emerging and organizations are looking to technologies like quantum computing and machine learning (ML) to keep ahead of Read More >>>>

Automation’s Impact on the Job Market

Over the last quarter-century, automation, robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have made the transition from science fiction to science fact. Automation is the wave of the future, but it carries with it the images of millions of workers out of a job, replaced by machines. The fear of being replaced has been around for Read More >>>>

Role of Experimentation in Artificial Intelligence

Today, Artificial Intelligence is being used to build data-driven organizations, initiate digital transformation, and help organizations leverage data to increase customer experience; the 21st century is finally aligning with what many would have expected from it a decade or two ago. We are at a standstill in time, where data is influencing every decision and forming the Read More >>>>

Things You Need to Know (and Do) Before Adopting AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enjoyed some giant strides forward during the last couple of years. With advancements in deep machine learning, predictive forecasting, Internet of Things (IoT), smart personal assistants and intelligent business processes, it is evident that AI is moving into the future at an ever-increasing rate. AI enables machines to learn and act, either Read More >>>>

Integrating AI into the Workforce

Just a few years ago nobody would have thought that AI would be a vital part of business today, but businesses around the world are continuing to find new reasons to use it to eliminate day-to-day inefficiencies. This is eliminating any sense of a  level playing field for businesses that aren’t utilizing this technology yet, Read More >>>>

Understanding Data Augmentation

Machine Learning is extremely popular these days, and more innovation-minded industries are turning to the field. However, machine learning works only as well as the quality of the data it uses. Consequently, it’s essential to provide as many data enhancements as is practical. This need for new data enhancements is where data augmentation comes in. Read More >>>>

AI-as-a-Service Use Cases

As-a-service offerings are consistently showing growth and adoption popularity as organizations embrace cloud solutions to ready their digital infrastructures for the future. Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service (AIaaS) is an off-the-shelf AI service offering that helps organizations implement AI tools and technologies to overcome the costs and complexities of developing AI solutions in-house while still reaping the full benefits of Read More >>>>

How to Become a Machine Learning Architect?

Machine learning is a powerful tool that you can use in almost any field, including architecture. The term machine learning engineer is becoming very common today, and with its popularity lay the big question, especially from upcoming architects, How do you enter this field? So, suppose you are one of them. In that case, thoughts of becoming Read More >>>>

What Is Metaverse Technology?

Technology evolution is required to improve different aspects of the digital world and to enrich our extended reality experiences. The Metaverse is a place of rapid technological advancement. Only a decade ago, our digital communication potential was restricted to phone calls and text messages; now, with the metaverse, we’re untethering possibilities on completely another tangent. Big technologies Read More >>>>