Top Cybersecurity Companies

As the demand for robust security defense grows, the market for cybersecurity technology has exploded, as have the number of available solutions. To help you navigate this growing market, we provide our recommendations for the world’s leading cybersecurity technology providers, based on their innovation, revenue and growth, user reviews, product features and benefits, analyst reports, Read More >>>>

Honeypots and Their Role in Detecting Pass-the-Hash Attacks

Imagine you have a jar of honey in your backyard to attract bears, so you can observe them or keep them away from your house. In the world of cybersecurity, this jar of honey is called a honeypot. Simply put, it’s a fake computer system designed to trick hackers. It looks genuine and contains fake Read More >>>>

How to Become a Database Manager?

Any business that manages a significant amount of organized and unstructured data gathered from diverse sources needs a database administrator. A database administrator aids in the regular organization, management, upkeep, and updating of this data for use by other stakeholders in making business choices. Knowing more about this position may help you decide if it’s right for Read More >>>>

Kubernetes on AWS

The substantial growth within the Kubernetes market is well articulated, and it is a widely used orchestration platform. Still, it’s not the sole one, preventing it from recuperating full default status. Kubernetes’ popularity has forced it to mature quickly and leave the tech community to innovate and increase. It has helped push an interruption within the market Read More >>>>

Cloud Computing and AI in the Automotive Industry

The definition of cloud computing in the automotive industry can be understood in two different ways. In one aspect, it refers to using the application, data, and computing services to manage information, communication, and computing. In the other aspect, it means using platforms such as Internet-based apps and online digital services to manage car features and data. The latter Read More >>>>

How to get started using Cloud Compute services?

Cloud Compute services are provided by a range of providers worldwide, including AWS and Microsoft Azure. Still, the two most prominent names in cloud computing have provided data on their service. In Amazon’s case, there’s a good amount of detail on the difference between its managed and unmanaged services, what services you can choose and what you Read More >>>>

Essential Cloud Computing Characteristics

Since its inception, cloud computing has taken the IT world by storm, offering a secure, scalable, and reliable alternative to on-premises data storage and processing infrastructure. However, like any other new technology, the more knowledge IT professionals have of cloud computing, the more benefits they can derive from it. To better help you understand and Read More >>>>

Technology Adds Efficiency to Cloud Computing

The world of Information Technology is usually buzzing with the latest and greatest trends of the moment. These days, we’re hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). However, despite the buzz, these new technologies can take time to become mainstream and sometimes will just bubble away beneath the surface Read More >>>>

Missing the Boat on Cloud Computing

Businesses are embracing the cloud like never before, moving data, applications, software development environments and entire IT infrastructures to these efficient, cost effective frameworks. According to a study, at least half of IT spending will be Cloud-based in 2018, reaching 60% of all IT infrastructure, and 60–70% of all software, services, and technology spending by Read More >>>>

Cloud Datacenters Will Reign Supreme

Cloud computing has emerged as one of the most impactful technologies driving a revolution of productivity and cost savings for companies worldwide. The cloud offers a wealth of key benefits as companies try to streamline how they manage and access their corporate networks and infrastructure, but it is also one of the toughest segments to Read More >>>>

Amazon Lex, Polly, and Rekognition

AWS held its annual user conference last week, and — as always — it brought home just how transformational cloud computing is. AWS announced a number of new services at the event; these made clear s how far beyond the traditional IPS (Infrastructure/Platform/Software-as-a-Service) model AWS has moved. Simply stated, if you are an enterprise IT organization and Read More >>>>

Cloud Computing – Growing from Strength to Strength

Amazon reported its earning on October 28, and for this quarter AWS grew 55% to $3.2 billion in revenues. A week earlier Microsoft announced its earnings and its Azure offering grew 116% year over year (it’s a little difficult to know the exact revenue size of the Azure offering as Microsoft lumps it in with several of Read More >>>>