Business Internet

Business internet refers to internet services specifically designed for the needs of businesses. These services often offer higher speeds, greater reliability, and more advanced features compared to residential internet services. Business internet plans may include features such as dedicated support, service level agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing uptime, and options for prioritized data traffic. Business internet is Read More >>>>

Buffer Overflow Errors

Buffer overflow errors are characterized by the overwriting of memory fragments of the process, which should have never been modified intentionally or unintentionally. Overwriting values of the IP (Instruction Pointer), BP (Base Pointer) and other registers causes exceptions, segmentation faults, and other errors to occur. Usually these errors end execution of the application in an Read More >>>>

How to install ModSecurity

ModSecurity is a toolkit for real-time web application monitoring, logging, and access control. CustomBuild allows you to install ModSecurity together with desired rulesets. The comodo ruleset will also install a plugin where you may manage rules from the DirectAdmin panel itself. The owasp is another rule provider available for automatic installation. comodoowasp cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build update ./build set modsecurity Read More >>>>

MotionCtrl: A Unified and Flexible Motion Controller for Video Generation

Motions in a video primarily consist of camera motion, induced by camera movement, and object motion, resulting from object movement. Accurate control of both camera and object motion is essential for video generation. However, existing works either mainly focus on one type of motion or do not clearly distinguish between the two, limiting their control Read More >>>>

Multi-agent Conversation Framework

AutoGen offers a unified multi-agent conversation framework as a high-level abstraction of using foundation models. It features capable, customizable and conversable agents which integrate LLMs, tools, and humans via automated agent chat. By automating chat among multiple capable agents, one can easily make them collectively perform tasks autonomously or with human feedback, including tasks that Read More >>>>


  In this blog, we introduce AutoBuild, a pipeline that can automatically build multi-agent systems for complex tasks. Specifically, we design a new class called AgentBuilder, which will complete the generation of participant expert agents and the construction of group chat automatically after the user provides descriptions of a building task and an execution task. AgentBuilder supports Read More >>>>

An ONNX refresher 

ONNX models are flexible, standardized representations of machine learning that allow them to be executed across a gamut of hardware platforms and runtime environments from large-scale cloud-based supercomputers to resource-constrained edge devices such as your web browser and phone. Beyond its graph format, canonically represented using Protobuf, ONNX consists of a standard set of primitive operators which Read More >>>>

Accelerating CFD simulations

The advent of machine learning (ML) is transforming every industry, from healthcare to finance, and from transportation to e-commerce. A promising use of machine learning is its combination with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other scientific applications. Different techniques, such as data-driven machine learning and physics-informed neural networks (PINNs), are transforming scientific simulations by bringing Read More >>>>

Optimization across hardware with Olive

Hardware-aware model optimization is the process of optimizing machine learning models to make the most efficient use of specific hardware architectures—like CPUs, GPUs, and neural processing units (NPUs)—to meet production requirements such as accuracy, latency, and throughput. However, it can be challenging. Firstly, it requires expertise in various independent hardware vendor (IHV) toolkits to handle Read More >>>>

Kubernetes Service

As the requirements and software surrounding Kubernetes clusters grow along with the required number of clusters, the administrative overhead becomes overwhelming and unsustainable without an appropriate architecture and supportive tooling. This is especially true running Kubernetes at scale, having hundreds or thousands of clusters. Let’s look at how to ease cluster lifecycle management from a Read More >>>>

On-Device Training with ONNX Runtime

We are introducing On-Device Training, a new capability in ONNX Runtime (ORT) which enables training models on edge devices without the data ever leaving the device. The edge devices can be any compute-enabled devices like laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, or other embedded devices. This capability opens new opportunities for application developers, as they can now personalize experiences for Read More >>>>

High performance across diverse hardware ecosystem

Enabling scenarios through the usage of Deep Neural Network (DNN) models is critical to our AI strategy at Oracle, and our Cloud AI Services team has built a solution to serve DNN models for customers in the healthcare sector. In this blog post, we’ll share challenges our team faced, and how ONNX Runtime solves these as the backbone of Read More >>>>