Hair Dysmorphia

Hair dysmorphia is a condition where individuals become excessively preoccupied with perceived flaws or imperfections in their hair, leading to distress and impaired functioning in daily life. This guide aims to provide a simplified explanation of hair dysmorphia, covering its types, causes, symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments, medications, surgeries, prevention strategies, and when to seek medical Read More >>>>

Wedding Gifts: The Perfect Presents for Celebrating Love

When attending a wedding, it’s customary to bring a gift to congratulate the newlyweds and celebrate their special day. With so many options available, choosing the right wedding gift can be a bit overwhelming. In this article, we’ll provide you with a simple guide to selecting the perfect wedding gift. From sentimental and personalized presents Read More >>>>

Teletherapy Activities

This blog will review teletherapy activities speech and other therapists can use during telehealth sessions on the video conferencing platform. Teletherapy does not need to be limited to face-to-face video conferencing. Let’s talk about all the ways technology can assist you in getting the most out of teletherapy (telehealth session). The main categories of resources that Read More >>>>

What is a counseling treatment plan?

Counseling treatment plans serve a valuable purpose – helping clients and practitioners (and insurance companies) understand the course of treatment. But how do you create one and what do you need to include? Better yet, what do you need to know to produce one that will help your client? Let’s take a closer look at Read More >>>>

OT Teletherapy Ideas

OT Teletherapy ideas will be covered in this blog. Occupational therapy can be distinct from other telehealth professions in that it often requires clients to have some sort of materials on their end. Planning ahead of time and communicating with the parent or caregiver is often necessary but takes time for the therapist. Leveraging digital technology, having Read More >>>>

Initial sessions

As a new private practice therapist, you’re well on your way to success. Your research is complete and you have determined your ideal client. You have done the work to target the right client and built communication channels for them to find and contact you. Now the phone is starting to ring and your email inbox is Read More >>>>

Remote therapeutic monitoring

Remote therapeutic monitoring occurs when physical therapists remotely manage their clients for respiratory and musculoskeletal conditions using software or medical devices that collect non-physiological data. Remote therapeutic monitoring’s recent addition to reimbursement for 2022 CMS represents a major acknowledgment in terms of the expansion of remote care. As technological applications for healthcare continue to expand, Read More >>>>

How To Improve Nutrition and Overall Health

It’s no secret that improved health makes people happier and more productive. Supporting the good health of your company’s employees can be a key factor in attracting, retaining, and nurturing the very best talent for your team. By providing employees with healthy office snacks for their palates and well-being, you can go a long way toward Read More >>>>

How to Revive Your Corporate Wellness Program

The benefits of an effective corporate wellness program for both employers and employees are well established. A well-executed wellness program will result in healthier, happier, and more engaged employees, raising productivity, job satisfaction, and retention, and lowering absenteeism and healthcare costs. When done right, investing in corporate wellness will save your business money in the Read More >>>>

Employee Engagement Program

Employee engagement has taken center stage in keeping your team motivated and productive. So it’s likely that your company has implemented some type of employee engagement program to make your individuals feel valued and driven by their work. But how can you tell if engagement has increased at your organization? This infographic will show you the Read More >>>>

How to Eat Healthy

Whether you’re at an amusement park, the airport, taking a road trip, or making a quick breakfast, you don’t have to settle for junk food. It’s getting easier and easier to find quality healthful food in the most unlikely places. Here are a couple of easy and important tips on how to eat healthy on the go. Read More >>>>

How to Keep Employees Happy

You should be jealous of them. Research (and common sense) shows that happy employees work harder, work better, and work for you longer. Keeping your employees happy gives you more than just warm fuzzies; it bolsters your bottom line. Jealousy aside, you can benefit by noticing what other companies are doing in terms of employee happiness. Unlike proprietary Read More >>>>