Magnolia Oil – 21 Health Benefits, Side Effects

Magnolia Oil is extracted from the Magnoliaceae tree is a broad term that encompasses more than 200 different species within the Magnoliaceae family of flowering plants. The flowers and bark of magnolia plants have been praised for their multiple medicinal applications. Some of the healing properties are based on traditional medicine, while others have been revealed through modern Read More >>>>

Agarwood Essential Oil – Health Benefits, Side Effects

Agarwood Essential Oil‘s benefits include maintaining psychological health, promoting proper digestion, fighting cancerous cells, relieving allergy, treating insomnia, repairing damaged skin, treating acne, supporting the respiratory system, and relieving joint pain. Other benefits include fighting bacterial and acting as a natural anti-oxidant. Agarwood oil essential oil has other common names such as Aloeswood oil, Oud Read More >>>>

Cistus Oil Health Benefits – Nutritional Value, Side Effects

Cistus oil (Labdanum) has a long history of medicinal and ritual use. Also known as Rockrose, it is a resinous and extremely fragrant bush that grows wild throughout the Mediterranean region. Cistus contributes greatly to the luscious aroma of the Corsican countryside and is an integral part of the island’s aromatic biome, called the maqui. Read More >>>>

Costmary Oil – 21 Health Benefits, Side Effects

Costmary oil, also known as Costmary, Alecost, Balsam Herb, Costmarie, Bible leaf, Alecoast, Costus, Sweet Mary is an aromatic herb that belongs to the Asteraceae family that bears button-shaped yellow flowers. It has the scientific name Tanacetum balsamita. It is commonly used for cooking purposes. The essential oil of Costmary is extracted from the leaves Read More >>>>

Citronella oil – 21 Health Benefits, Side Effects, Recipes

Citronella oil is an essential oil obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon (lemongrass). The oil is used extensively as a source of perfumery chemicals such as citronellal, citronellol, and geraniol. These chemicals find extensive use in soap, candles and incense, perfumery, cosmetic, and flavoring industries throughout the world. Citronella oil is also a plant-based insect repellent and has been registered for this use Read More >>>>

Costus Root Essential Oil – Health Benefits, Side Effects

Costus root essential oil also known as Dolomiaea costus, formerly known as Saussurea costus, commonly known as costus, Indian costus, kuth, or putchuk, is a species of thistle in thegenus Dolomiaea native to South Asia and China. Rishi (Hindu) mystics of Kashmir especially ate this plant. Essential oils extracted from the root have been used in traditional medicine and in perfumes since ancient times.[rx][rx] Costus is the plant of genus Saussurea belonging to the family Asteraceae. This Read More >>>>

Cranberry Seed Oil – 16 Health Benefits, Side Effects

Cranberry Seed Oil, cold-pressed from the seed of the super fruit, is unique among the fixed oils because it contains a very high essential fatty acid profile, along with a well-mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E) content, high phytosterols, and a 1:1 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 essential fatty acids, giving it excellent Read More >>>>

Cubeb Essential Oil – 22 Health Benefits, Side effects

Cubeb Essential Oil

Cubeb essential oil is derived from the cubebs plant, which mostly grows in Java and Sumatra. For this reason, cubebs are known by many names. Cubeb (Piper cubeba), also known as Java pepper, or tailed pepper, or shital chini / kabab chini in Hindi is a plant in the genus Piper, cultivated for its fruit Read More >>>>

Galangal Essential Oil – 21 Health Benefits, Side Effects

Galangal essential oil is extracted from the roots of the Galangal plant from the steam distillation method which belongs to the family Zingiberaceae and genus Alpinia. It has a spicy and bitter taste. This herb is native to Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. It is used for medicinal purposs in India and the Middle East. Galangal Read More >>>>

Rue Essential Oil Health Benefits – Health Value, Side Effects

Rue Essential Oil scientifically known as common rue, and herb of grace is inherent to Balkan Peninsula in nature and origin. It is usually cultivated as an ornamental plant and being native to Balkan Peninsula, it is an herb with a bitter, aromatic, and acrid scent. It has woody and tough branches with bluish to Read More >>>>

Marigold Essential Oil Health Benefits – Health Value

Marigold Essential Oil is extracted from the southern marigold (Tagetes Minuta), a tall flowering plant that was originally native to South America. The southern marigold is now naturalized all over the world, and our Tagetes Essential Oil is derived from plants grown in South Africa. Southern marigold is used as an herb and a flavoring Read More >>>>