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Welcome to Rxharun world, and we are happy to hear from you about guest posts, sponsored posts, paid posts, and promoted posts. Paid and free both options are available for our site. One backlink, with a do-follow link for a lifetime, well-written, SEO optimized, the plagiarism-proven article is for free options and anyone can submit posts to this Email: After reviewing our editorial board and corresponding editorial team, within 2 days, your article will be published on our website.

On the other hand, unlimited link insertion with do follow the link, no tag option, and no guest post tag option, and sponsored tags are not shown on our website. In a word according to your wishes minimum, 10 backlinks with do-follow links, any new or past existing article, you can insert the link, or create a new article for publishing and send us by e-mail. In this system, we charge $10 US dollars per post, and we accept payment in Payoneer, PayPal, Binance cryptocurrency, or any kind of supported credit card.

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Keyword Types

Properly optimized keywords or high-quality trending Google keywords, low competitive keywords, exceptional topics especially tech-related keywords, and research-based articles about healthcare are also our first choice.

So anyone can feel free to contact us for a more details conversation by emailing:

Before submitting guest and sponsored posts, or any research article you have to fill up in the following criteria

  • Firstly your article will not be created by any artificial intelligence, such as Chat GPT, Google Bird, Word Hero, auto content creator apps, or website. Our editorial panel and board members strongly prohibited such kind of work.
  • Your article is original and written by yourself
  • Your content has not been previously published in any other journal, newspaper, website, even Facebook or Twitter any electric, or print media and social media. It is mandatory for us to submit your article to publication in our journal, and website.
  • You have to ensure the material is taken from other sources (references including their own published writing) the source is clearly cited and where appropriate permission is obtained from the corresponding website or journal.
  • Your post or article does not infringe on any kind of intellectual rights of others, including privacy rights and intellectual property rights respectively.
  • Your article or data is actually true and not manipulated either any kind of unethical way.
  • Your article and contents are their own or they have permission to use data reproduced in their paper or must give credit to the original source as references.
  • Any real or apparent conflicting or competing interest is clearly stated on submission of their paper (this would include funding assistance types article).
  • You have to adhere to all international research ethics, professional ethics, and logical guidelines of their discipline, particularly where human or animal, racesisomical, geological or individual country, journal, world reputation medical researchers, or scientist, subjects are involved.
  • You have to contact the editor, and corresponding representative to identify and correct any material errors upon discovery, whether prior or subsequent to the publication of their work.
  • Any authorship of the paper is accurately represented, including ensuring that all individuals credited as authors participated in the actual authorship of the work and that all who participated are credited and have given consent for publication.
  • Above all, you should keep in mind Rxharun’s good reputation journey, that conflicts with or infringes on our company privacy, editorial, EU consent policies, Google content policies, and terms and conditions of use of the Rxharun site.


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