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Supercharge Snacks

We love staying on top of the latest trends, especially when it comes to delicious, healthy snacks. We’ve pulled together a list of the snacks to watch. These are the goodies we think your friends will be talking about this Read More >>>>

V-Day Snack & Date

We know that’s not your style. Impress your crush by shedding the commercial trappings of “Heart Day,” and invite next-level romance and fun with these snack and date pairings. Snack & Date Pairing 1: Sunset Hike + Coconut Snacks Sunset Read More >>>>

Songs & Snacks for a Healthy Heart

February is American Heart Month, and we’re celebrating with a list of good-for-you snacks and feel-good songs. The snacks provide healthy ways to satisfy your hunger; the music will get you smiling and dancing. Trust us – smiling, dancing, and Read More >>>>

No-Hassle and Healthy Meeting Snacks

When we’re hungry, our brains don’t have enough of the energy and nutrients needed for optimal focus. Plus, eating unhealthy, processed foods can make us sluggish, creating even more problems for concentration. In short, our cognitive performance can be made or Read More >>>>

Summer Beach Light Snacks

Water laps at a worn wooden dock, where you sit turning the pages of a dog-eared paperback. There’s a bouquet of sunscreen and charcoal commingling in the sweet summer air. The sun pokes out from behind a cloud and warms Read More >>>>

Clean-Ingredient Gluten-Free Snacks

Whether you’re switching up your diet to stay healthy, living with celiac disease, curious about the gluten-free trend, or just what to know what gluten does to the body, we’re here to break down what exactly gluten is and why Read More >>>>

Healthy Camping Snacks and Recipes

In a world of push notifications, emails, texts, and phone calls, a camping trip can do wonders to help you disconnect. From hiking to spending quality time with friends and family, a single camping trip can be the perfect mind Read More >>>>

Holiday Snacks

The holidays have arrived, along with the season’s most beloved treats, sweets, and big feasts. It can be tough for even the most determined healthy eaters to stay on track but a mindful holiday can be the key to staying Read More >>>>

Healthy Crunchy Snacks with Carrots

What is so satisfying about crunchiness anyway? Mental Floss (MF) has the answer. In the article, The Science Behind Why We Crave Loud and Crunchy Foods, MF explores the art of the crunch, or as one researcher dubbed it, the “music of mastication.” Crunchiness Read More >>>>

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