Best Bed Mattress 2019 Available on Market

Best Bed Mattress 2019 Available on Market

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Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

The tufted needle mattress is a 10 inch all bed mattress that is comprised of just two layers. it’s top layer is a proprietary foam that has a soft neutral foam feel. It’s very comfortable and responsive such that you’ll never get that stuck in the mud feel. Overall we think the mattress comes in right around a medium on the firmness scale maybe a tad bit firmer. We see it being best for back stomach and combo sleepers right off the bat. We wouldn’t recommend it for strict side sleepers.

However, keep in mind the bed will soften over time so side sleepers may find the bed starts to provide more pressure relief over time and honestly that’s the case for most beds, especially all foam beds. When it comes to body type since this is an all foam bed we don’t think this mattress is the best option for heavier sleepers.

We just don’t think this support will be there over the long haul considering all the extra stress and pressure.

A big person exerts on a bed again that’s the case with most all foam beds though heavy sleepers would be better off with a that contains some sort of inner spring system or coils. Also the tough mattress performs pretty well in terms of edge support and motion transfer isolation for an all foam bed. Those are two important factors for couples where one partner either likes to toss and turn a lot or hog the middle of the bed kind of pushing the other person towards the edge. All in all we really like the tough to needle mattress has to do a lot of people out there.

After all last we checked it had a 4.5 star rating on Amazon with over 6500 reviews. Wow and even though it’s not as affordable as some of the other mattresses on this list. It’s still priced very affordably compared to the rest of the bed and a box industry.

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Zinus Green Tea Mattress

Next up is the lucid 10 inch memory foam hybrid which takes our best foam hybrid title. As the name implies this bed has 5.5 inch individually encased coils which not only provide the bed with a solid support structure but also gives the bed a little bounce. Given the coils we think this bed is one of the best most affordable options on Amazon for heavier folks. On top the mattress uses a 2.5 inch layer of memory foam but don’t let the name fool you it’s actually more of a responsive memory foam and has more of a firm neutral foam feel.

Overall we think this mattress comes in right around a medium on the firmness scale it strikes a nice balance between support and pressure relief. as such we think this bed is ideal for all kinds of sleepers. Overall if you want a neutral feeling foam and you want coils for added support that’s just tough to beat this mattress considering. You can sometimes snag a queen size in the affordable price.

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Linenspa Latex Hybrid

The linenspa 10 inch latex hybrid which takes our. You probably guessed it best latex hyperoption and obviously if you like latex, we think you’re gonna love this bed. It has a lighter more responsive feel than memory foam or just other types of common foams. It’s sort of bouncy and really doesn’t contour or hug your body the way memory foam does plus. As the title implies this bed also contains coils which again is better for heavier sleepers or just people that need or want extra support. Also given the coils and the fact that latex foam in general is one of the more durable foams this mattress will likely have a long long. I’ve spam and like the previous two mattresses.

We think this bed lands around a medium on the firmer scale back in stomach sleepers will find the bed provides more than enough support. Side sleepers will find the mattress to be fairly accommodating. We also found that this bed has pretty solid edge support. However since latex is so responsive and bouncy it’s just not the best mattress we’ve ever tested in terms of deadening movement. Still if you’re a fan of latex foam this bed has a lot to offer. It’s one of if not our favorite budget latex mattress out there.

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Fortnight Gel Memory Foam Bed Mattress

The Fortnight foam mattress takes our best budget title. If price is your main concern maybe don’t care as much about longevity or finding a mattress that accommodates all sleeping positions or body types the green tea is a solid choice. It’s one of the cheapest beds on amazon you can buy that’s comfortable and solid enough to get the job done at least for a few years. You can oftentimes find a queen size below the $200 mark in terms of feel though this mattress has a very soft prototypical memory foam feel and that you sort of immediately sink into the mattress. The bed conforms to your body shape and you get that stuck in the mud feel.

It’s really just a personal preference thing. However given you do sink in quite a bit and it’s made with traditional memory foam. This mattress just isn’t the best choice for people that tend to sleep hot. Overall it comes in around a medium soft on the firmness scale. The bed provides a ton of pressure relief for side sleepers but we just wouldn’t recommend it for primary back and stomach sleepers. We just don’t think the support will be there long term for these types of sleepers or for heavy people for that matter combo sleepers.

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DreamFoam Cooling Gel Bed Mattress

The dream foam 10-inch Arctic dreams cooling gel mattress which takes our neutral foam title not only does this mattress have a cool name but it’s also highly regarded on Amazon. Last we checked it had a 4.5 star rating with over 2,500 reviews. It’s a 10 inch all foam bed with an energetic foam top layer that gives the bed a firmer neutral foam feel comes in around a medium to medium firm on the firmness scale. We think it’ll work for all kinds of sleepers again probably a no-go for heavy sleepers. Given its construction and we also found that the edge support was lacking a little so there’s just better options. There for couples but still we can see why this bed has such positive reviews on Amazon.

Yes maybe it doesn’t have any real standout features but it’s just a solid performer that and the fact that the bed has a firmer neutral foam feel. We think about it as a cheaper alternative to the popular Lesa mattress and that’s all I got for you. Hopefully we are able to make your Amazon bed mattress shopping experience. If you found the video helpful, it would be awesome if you let us know your feedback in comment section.

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