10 Reasons We Need To Own Pet

10 Reasons We Need To Own Pet/Being with the ones we love is one of the ways to make us feel comfortable and lively. Different individuals have different preferences for choosing different companions. A lot of people prefer people as good companions, while others prefer pets. Those animals can dogs, cats, parrots, mice, squirrels, and it could go all the way up to a snake. Companion is critical to everyone. Keeping ourselves company is best when we are stressed out. A lot of people like to accompany themselves with a group of family members, friends, or whoever they are close to. Like mentioned above, to some extent, people also treat animals as companions. The question is whether a pet is beneficial for being a good companion. Having a pet is excellent for ten simple reasons.

1 – Pets Give Us Time

First of all, pets will always have time for us, the owners. Regarding how much time we could spend together in a day, a pet can actually give us 24 hours a day as long as we want it to. For example, a dog will never say, “I am sorry, boss. I am kind of busy right now. Can we actually do it later some other time?” They are more than happy to be able to cuddle and jump around with us whenever we arrive home from work and school.

They are never too tired to interact with us. We are so energetic when it comes to hanging around and playing with a human. However, that human must also be friendly one as well. It doesn’t matter what time it is, and they can always be up with us even just to stare at the starry sky on our rooftop. They will never say no when we want to them come with us to our grandma’s house to pay her a visit during Christmas or Thanksgiving.

2 – Pets Are Faithful Listeners

Second of all, a pet will always be a faithful listener to all of our life problems. Many people out there say that it is so hard to find one who is able and willing just to sit there listening to our problems when we really need to get things out of our chest just to feel better. It is so hard to find those who can really keep things only to themselves without giving away any secret we just told them a minute ago.

That is right because people know how to talk while a pet does not. A pet is a perfect being for us telling any painful secret we don’t want to keep because it hurts badly. A pet will never go out there and tell others what we told them.

We will also find the time when we can tell them a story of one hour, and they will never walk away even they can’t understand a word we say. They can really keep secret. They know the fact that we are telling them instead of telling our mom or dad is because we can’t build the courage to talk to other people this problem.

After listening to our problem, some might also be able to comfort us with their smooth paw by padding our face or our palm. They would even lie there in our arms so that we feel that there is still someone left who cares.

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3 – Pets Treasure The Bond

Third, the bond we make with our pets will never be broken unless one of the parties dies. Making a friend with a pet can sometimes make you think that you no longer need a person as a friend. Starting from the day we take them in, and they produce the feeling and the bond toward us that will last them their lifetime.

There will never be a day when your dog says, “Okay, boss. I guess that is how far we can make it together”. They will always be there for us and with us even sometimes we mistreat them. From their perspective, they might be thinking that probably we are having a bad day, and that is why we are behaving in such a way toward them. They are forgiving, and we actually never get to see them angry and stop interacting with us. The friendship and love they give us will literally last until one of us dies.

However, we can also see, from social media mostly, that some dogs will just lie there sobbing and howling on their owners’ graves during their funeral. This fact shows that even if the owner dies, the pets still feel very sorrowful because they love their bosses so much that they can’t bear to part with their bosses, and they are just animals which were thought to be emotionless.

4 – Pets Help Us Keep Our Fitness

Fourth, regarding fitness, pets can also be of help for us. Especially dog, man best friend, they can be very helpful in helping us exercise in some ways. Dog walking is the most traditional one. In western countries where almost every household tends to own dogs people like to wrap their dogs’ neck with a chain and let them lead the way by walking around the neighborhood, and that is usually early in the morning after or before morning coffee.

The point of this dog walking is simple. It is a jogging exercise with a company to keep us from getting lonely during the walk. For a dog, walking them makes them over the moon. This makes so happy because even people like to go out, so does a dog.

Another help pets can offer regarding fitness is the Frisbee which a kind of physical game which we throw a flying plate and the dog will do whatever to grab the ball with its mouth.

5 – Pets Help Us Set Daily Routine

Fifth, having a pet may be helpful in setting ourselves a routine. We might be able to find the time when we don’t want to wake up from our bed. However, our dog or cat wants to set a good life habit for us, and they start doing something annoying to annoy us until we have to wake up and go straight to our bathroom.

It is actually a good idea because we can always turn off our alarm clock, but literally, we can’t turn our pet off. Another example might be when we don’t want to eat, or we forget to eat our meal, our cat will be able to remind us probably by making signs telling us that it is lunchtime or dinner time.

Moreover, they are capable of making sure we go to bed early by just dragging us along onto our bed, and they give us a sign that they want to cuddle.

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6 – Pets Can Guarantee Security

The sixth reason is related to security. A pet dog will help protect our house at night time from strangers or thief. An aggressive dog might go all the way to attacking the person. He can injure the stranger with his sharp teeth, and there are many of these kinds of cases out there.

Some dogs will at least bark and run around to make the owner aware that something is wrong. Moreover, a house with a dog will at least make strangers feel somewhat wary of disturbing the peace of the owner. Aside from all the strangers and thief, the dog can also see protect their bosses’ small kids from getting into a particular kind of life-threatening accident.

For example, the dog can chase away bad bugs or even snakes. In some movies, dogs can also save people from a small traffic accident. Dogs might be able to keep the drowning or falling kids.

7 – Pets Can Be A Simple Stress-Reducing Method

Seventh, it is a simple stress-reducing method to just own a pet like a dog and a cat. A lot of research studies show that pets are known to be able to reduce the level of stress and anxiety in people’s brain. Hanging around, playing around, and joking around with our pets are the best things to do after having a very tough time thinking and solving countless problems from school and workplace.

Their cuteness and soft fur are the most exciting things that will attract us every time we see it. Every time we see it, we can’t help but feel so happy and excited. We can’t help but pick them up and give them a huge hug or even kisses. Spending time with pets reduces much stress and anxiety, and it is indeed undeniable.

8 – Pets Improves Kid’s Social Skill

The eighth is pets will help improve kids’ social ability. Kids with pets tend to go out more and have fun. Along with pets, small kids would like to go out, walk their dog, run, and play around. Along with the fun, it is also beneficial to the kids’ physical health.

Obviously going out enables them to meet other kids, and the social interaction starts there. What is more is that if they can meet other kids who have the same interest in pets, the kids will be able to share the same interest and develop a bond of friendship which is very good for them.

They can have a lovely time together, hanging around with their friends and an adorable pet. Kids with the same pets will be likely to get along really quick.

9 – Pets Give Us Responsibilities

Reason number nine is that pets make us a responsible person. It is very crucial for kids who start to learn to understand and to valve the importance of responsibilities, routines, and good habits. Regardless of which pet we are raising, it is necessary that we have to spend a great deal of time and strength to take care of it, making sure they meet their needs.

It teaches us, not just kids, to take responsibility for a living being, and it sure gives us the opinion to also be responsible for everything for the rest of our lives as well. The responsibilities we have with pets can be the regular feeding time, the bathing, and even cuddling needs they have. Whatever we are doing, we still have to make a small division so that we can give them food; otherwise, the pets will starve for the day.

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Another example could be when we have to go somewhere far. In a time like that, being responsible is asking a neighbor or a friend to help taking care of our pets in any way they can either they take the pets house, or they drop by every mealtime.

10 – Pets Make Compassionate Owners

The final one is that pets make us a very compassionate person. Pets spend their entire day relying on us people to survive, to be happy, and to be healthy. Seeing to their every need and necessity causes us to become and very compassionate and caring person. We will learn to look at our needs in order to fulfill their needs instead.

For a simple example, we are doing stuff, but upon seeing their desperate eyes and facial expression, we walk them out or hang around with them less like an option but a duty as the owner. We see it as an act of kindness toward someone who is really in need of help or somebody. With this, we can also extend the emotion to all other people around us by always being there for their needs and wants whenever we can.

We learn to understand people’s emotion better. We tend to be able to enjoy giving love, motivation, and every attention we got to the most desperate individual regardless of their types.


To recap, we should have a pet because no matter what happens, they will always have time for us. By making our time, they will also be a very faithful listener to any of our problems without complaining or comments. All they know is that we need them, and they know that they will be with us no matter how annoying our story will be. It is never enough for them to be there for us, they also know that this friendship we build with them is for eternity.

They don’t ever see the end of the road. Pet are not just there when we are sad because they will also be there when we are happy and in the mood for doing some sport. They can play any sport we like. They like it too. Pet also help us in becoming a better person regarding life routines, and they never get tired of it. Pets guarantee that we live peacefully in our house for they can sense danger and warn off strangers, and their presence itself is already an emotional and pleasure advantage for us.

Kids also do get a lot of benefits in socializing with other kids with the help of their pets. On top of that, their basic needs are another key to creating a responsible and compassionate owner. Having a pet is more than what we think of, and we can never know what is more unless we own one.