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Best Rain Shower Heads

Best Rain Shower Heads/Acquiring the best rain shower head allows you to enjoy a relaxing shower after a long day out or when you need to freshen up before stepping out. The accessory has a similar effect to rainfall and has a wider coverage compared to other types of showerheads. Modern types are also more efficient as they consume lesser water despite their wider surface area. Nevertheless, not every product will give the right service. Some may not be very elegant or stylish, others may be hard to install, whereas some products may look out of place. They may come in an odd shape, are too large for your small bathroom, too small for your large shower area or the color doesn’t go well with the bathroom décor. In the following review, we will examine the top items that are available on the market.

List Of The Best Rain Shower Heads

WYJP 12-Inch Stainless Steel Large Square Rain Showerhead

WYJP 12-Inch Stainless Steel Large Square Rain Showerhead



This rain shower head is ideal for most bathrooms, whether modern or traditional styled. It comes in a large 12-inch design and sprays ultrathin waterfalls for a relaxing effect. The unit is made of stainless steel and won’t rust, stain, fade, or corrode. It can be installed within seconds and can handle different water pressures, both low and high, quite well. The shower head features a universal design and can be easily connected to the standard 1 / 2 -inch pipes. Thanks to the Teflon tape, the unit is resistant to leaks and this prevents water wastage.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It’s very stylish and classy
  • The installation fo the showerhead only takes a few minutes
  • Delivers fine rain shower sprays
  • Leak-proof, rust and corrosion resistant

#7 HotelSpa Giant 10-Inch Stainless Steel Squat Rainfall Showerhead

HotelSpa Giant 10-inch Stainless Steel Squat Rainfall Showerhead


By: HotelSpa

Measuring 10 x 10 inches, this square rain shower head is suitable for most bathrooms and will go well with different fixtures and decors. This heavy-duty piece is crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel to handle the high pressure, soft and hard water, regular use, and the wet environment. It comprises 100 nozzles that deliver wonderful sprays and covers a large area for maximum satisfaction. The wall mounted unit also features an adjustable extension arm for added versatility and can rotate for up to 180 degrees.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Good rain shower
  • Suitable for most bathroom
  • High quality and elegant
  • Easy to install and clean

#6 ManuLiving High-Pressure Chrome Shower Head

ManuLiving High-Pressure Chrome Shower Head


By: ManuLiving

You will love the nice rain shower that is produced by this elegant and contemporary designed shower head. It comes in a square design that complements most bathroom decors and comprises 120 fine nozzles for delivering a wide rain shower and also self-cleans to prevent clogging or uneven pressure distribution. It’s very lightweight thanks to the high-quality ABS plastic that can easily be fitted to the standard plumbing. The excellent quality and leak-proof engineering make it perfect for different water pressures including high pressure. Last but not least, it doesn’t rust, fade, or corrode easily.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Good pressure delivery
  • Leak proof and easy to install
  • Easy to adjust the angle and pressure
  • Doesn’t clog easily and eco-friendly
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#5 WantBa 6-Inch High-Pressure Chrome Rainfall Massage Shower Head

WantBa 6-inch High-Pressure Chrome Rainfall Massage Shower Head


By: WantBa

Although it only has 57 nozzles, this shower head produces a good rain shower and is perfect for the home, spa, and other establishments. The chrome unit can handle high water pressure but comes with a 2.5gpm flow control for water conservation. It is straightforward and straightforward to install and doesn’t require sophisticated tools or advanced skills. Simply use the hand or wrench to fit it on the plumbing and enjoy a relaxing shower. The wall-mounted piece has an elegant style to complement most bathroom fixtures and can easily be disassembled for cleaning.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Installs in minutes using basic tools
  • Comes in a space-saving design
  • Handles high water pressure quite well
  • Easy to adjust the showerhead’s angle

#4 Lordear F01082CH 12-Inch Ultra Thin Square Adjustable Rain Shower Head

Lordear F01082CH 12-inch Ultra Thin Square Adjustable Rain Shower Head


By: Lordear

This nice-looking unit from Lordear is currently holding the fourth position in this review on the top 8 best rain shower heads in 2019. It’s a right choice for home, spa, hotel, gym and other places since it is effortless to install. The wall mounted unit is crafted from heavy-duty 304 Stainless Steel for sturdiness, reliability and is resistant to corrosion, stains, and rust. The 12-inch unit sprays a wide shower that conveniently covers the entire body, whereas the adjustable nature allows you to select the preferred angle. Thanks to the silicone material, the nozzles don’t get clogged easily and are also easy to clean. The chrome piece looks very stylish and elegant and is ideal for any bathroom.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Good size and design
  • Mounts very easily
  • Suitable for most bathrooms
  • Easy to fit and clean
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#3 FabricMCC High-Pressure Round Rainfall Shower Head

FabricMCC High-pressure Round Rainfall Shower Head


By: FabricMCC

Enjoying a soothing and refreshing shower shouldn’t be a distant dream. With this round-shaped showerhead, you’ll experience a wide rain shower that covers your entire body. The wall-mounted accessory comes with a 9.2-inch diameter and is perfect for most bathrooms whether small or large. It has an excellent spray pattern and also comes with an adjustable design to suit different users. The unit has a maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM and is suitable for your day-to-day needs. Thanks to the full chrome finish, this item will enhance the elegance of the bathroom and also is very easy to clean.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Installs easily
  • Good quality and elegant styling
  • Perfect for most decors
  • Takes up minimal space

#2 Colomore Modern High-Pressure Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Head

Colomore Modern High-Pressure Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Head


By: Colomore

This rainfall showerhead will make a good addition to your bathroom. You can fit it in a newly constructed bathroom or replace an older piece. It’s made from top-quality stainless steel that assures you of long life, easy maintenance, and simple cleaning. The head doesn’t rust, corrode, or lose its shiny appearance and will look fantastic in any bathroom. It delivers powerful sprays for the best cleaning and maximum relaxation. And just like other top types, the unit is leak-proof thanks to the Teflon tape and quite easy to install.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Powerful water sprays
  • High-quality construction
  • Leak-proof, rustproof and corrosion resistant

#1 Purelux 8-Inch Modern Style Stainless Steel Rainfall Showerhead

Purelux 8-Inch Modern Style Stainless Steel Rainfall Showerhead


By: Purelux

This contemporarily designed showerhead is ideal for the home, spa, hotel, or gym bathroom. It measures 8 inches in diameter and is suitable for small, medium and large bathrooms. The elegant unit is renowned for its good water sprays thanks to the effective 105 nozzles and has a 16-inch long shower arm for a better reach. The fixed mount unit boasts of easy-clean silicone nozzles that don’t clog easily and a brass swivel ball for varying the angle. It easily fits in the standard 1 / 2-inch pipes and will fit tightly to prevent leakage or pressure loss.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • High quality and durable stainless steel construction
  • Very simple design and elegant
  • Easy tool-free installation
  • Resistant to rust, corrosion, and leaks

Choosing Best The Rain Shower Head

It’s always advised to carefully select the right rain shower head in order to have a marvelous experience in the bathroom. The following things need to be considered when hunting for the right product:

  • Bathroom Design: the shower head needs to complement or match your bathroom. It makes little sense installing a sophisticated piece in a poorly designed or plain bathroom. You also don’t want a cheap-looking item in your plush and classy bathroom.
  • Size: You’ll find 6, 8, 10, or even 12-inch shower heads. The larger the head the wider the rain shower. Nevertheless, you also need to consider the size of your bathroom. I mean, imagine a 6-inch unit in a huge bathroom or a 12-inch shower head in a small bathroom? It will definitely look a bit odd.
  • Mounting Design: rainfall showerheads can be mounted via the ceiling or wall. Wall mounting is more popular than ceiling mounting because it requires less plumbing work and takes lesser time to install. Nevertheless, ceiling mounting is liked for its uniqueness and lushness.
  • Shape: Rainfall showerheads normally come in a round or square shape. You can, however, find oval or oblong shaped pieces. The shape you choose is influenced by the décor and style of the bathroom. For instance, round shapes go well with most decors whereas square heads are more appropriate with modern-styled bathrooms.
  • Finish: Rain shower heads come in a wide array of finishes including brushed, metal tones, rubbed, polished, and oiled. Some people prefer matching the head to the plumbing fixtures whereas others prefer contrasting the piece to the fixtures.
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The kind of shower head you install in your bathroom will depict the kind of shower experience you’ll have. A top product allows you to relax a shower in a stress-free manner whereas a low-quality product may waste water and/or has poor coverage. You also need to be wary of accessories that may be hard to install, clog all the time, or can’t handle lots of water pressure. Rain shower heads are famed for their large coverage that provides a rain shower like effect. In this review, we have looked at the top 8 best rain shower heads in 2019 that will certainly make the experience worthwhile. They are high quality, easy to install, suitable for most bathrooms, and can handle different water pressures.

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