Best Kohler Shower Heads

Best Kohler Shower Heads/Taking a shower, whether warm or cold, is essential to our health. It helps to kick start our day and revive us after the long working hours. However, to enjoy the best part of it, you need the right shower system. A shower head is one of the crucial components of a shower system. Being very essential, you should pay attention to the type of shower head you go for. A perfect showerhead has ideal water pressure and spray area working to provide excellent services without having to increase the water bill. Considering that most people prefer Kohler showerheads, here are our top 10 best Kohler shower heads that one should consider going for.

List Of Best Kohler Showerheads 

KOHLER K-965-AK-CP Purist Single Function Katalyst Showerhead

#10 KOHLER K-965-AK-CP Purist Single Function Katalyst Showerhead

Before I moved into my apartment, I used to stay in my parents’ house. Also, this was the kind of showerhead that my beloved daddy had chosen for his family. Featuring a great look, this Kohler showerhead comes in a vibrant PVD color finish that provides it with the ability to offer resistance to scratches, corrosion, and tarnishing.

The nozzle pattern and the unique waterway design work to provide you with a memorable shower moment. Besides, the high water flow rate of 9.5 liters per minute is enough to make the process run smoothly.

Reasons To Buy This
  • The unique design eliminates wasteful overspray and improves cleaning and hair-rinsing performance.
  • The showerhead has 66 nozzles that deliver more focused coverage.
  • The air-induction technology allows for a powerful, even flow.

Kohler GP85918-CP 3-Way Showerhead

#9 Kohler GP85918-CP 3-Way Showerhead

When making a purchase, I tend to consider the design. Well, that is a habit that I have always exercised since the first day I found myself unaccompanied to the market. When it came to showerheads, as usual, I found myself prioritizing the same. To some extent, this helped me in a way; I found that this shower head is not just about the design but performance too.

Featuring 3 sprays, this showerhead provides a relaxing experience in the bathroom- in fact; this is the type of experience that everyone long craves after a busy day before surrendering to bed. Last but not least, the chrome finish is amazing and pairs with most bathroom décor.

Reasons To Buy This
  • The spray nozzles are not only flexible but also easy to clean.
  • The easy-grip ring allows one to switch between spray options easily.
  • The unique design provides an outstanding look.

KOHLER K-17493-CP Flipside 01 Handshower

#8 KOHLER K-17493-CP Flipside 01 Handshower

Coming with one of the best designs out there, this fantastic Kohler showerhead delivers excellent service to the users. Furthermore, it features an elegant yet transitional design with smooth, flowing lines. Besides, the slipstream technology makes usage easier, allowing for innovative mode-changing capabilities.

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When it comes to comfort, it does not disappoint; the advanced ergonomics work perfectly to revolutionize the user’s interface with the showerhead.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Super-easy to operate even with soapy hands
  • Features a great finish that offers resistance to rust, tarnish and corrosion.
  • Affordable

Kohler K-10391-AK-PB Devonshire Single-Faucet Katalyst Showerhead

#7 Kohler K-10391-AK-PB Devonshire Single-Faucet Katalyst Showerhead

What makes this Kohler showerhead appear in our list is the complete indulgent shower experience it provides to the users. Being my uncle’s best choice, its high performance couldn’t go unrecognized in our conversation when I last visited him.

Being an expert in bathroom-associated tools, he attested that this showerhead possesses the unique features that every buyer out there looks for. Also, the unique nozzle design delivers a great showering experience when still observing efficiency. Besides, the elegant combination of curves and gentle lines adds refinement to any bathroom.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It features a waterway design that helps to maximize every drop to provide richer and intense water flow.
  • The new focused nozzle geometry prevents wastage and increases cleaning and hair-rinsing performance.
  • The spray face is easy to clean.

KOHLER K-10282-AK-BN Forte Single-Function Katalyst Showerhead

#6 KOHLER K-10282-AK-BN Forte Single-Function Katalyst Showerhead

I have had experience with different showerheads. What I can admit is that it is true that some showerheads deliver excellent service to users while others will leave you in regrets wishing that you had not spent even a penny on them. Fortunately, this is one of the shower heads that will make you always want to spend more time in the bathroom.

On top of that, it uses cutting-edge technology that helps to intensify water for a completely indulgent showering experience. Lastly, the new nozzle pattern and the internal waterway design maximize every water drop and allow for a more intense flow of water to heighten the shower’s sensory experience.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It infuses 2liters of air per minute.
  • It has a high water flow rate of 2.5galons per minute.
  • The vibrant PVD color finish offers resistance to corrosion, scratches, and tarnishing.

Kohler K-45123-CP Alteo Single-Function Katalyst Showerhead

#5 Kohler K-45123-CP Alteo Single-Function Katalyst Showerhead

I still remember the old days on campus. A campus is a place where I got introduced to great moments of life. One was the shower moment. Our university shower systems were fitted with this type of showerhead.

One of the great benefits of this shower head is that it has an advanced spray engine with an easy-grip surface that provided me with a variety of experiences. Also, the spray head coordinates with Alteo faucets and accessories through the shower arm and flange are not usually included in a purchase.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Had a polished chrome color that gives it the appealing nature.
  • Only weighs 1 pound
  • It has 3 shower settings that allowed me to select the perfect one for me depending on my moods and the amount of time I intended to spend in the bathroom.
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KOHLER K-10284-CP Forte Multifunction Showerhead

#4 KOHLER K-10284-CP Forte Multifunction Showerhead

One thing about me is that I love spending my leisure time with my friends. Having received a 3-day leave from work, I decided to pay a visit to one of my greatest friends. Furthermore, it is at this time when I got myself introduced to this type of showerhead.

Unlike some showerheads, I learned that this Kohler showerhead features 3 unique spray settings, i.e., wide spray, massage spray, and a gently aerated spray. This means that though it is a single head, you can enjoy three types of showers! Last but not least, the ability to deliver up to 25 gallons per minute supplied the perfect amount of water to keep the bathing process smooth.

Reasons To Buy This
  • The MasterClean (TM) spray head is easy to clean.
  • It features ergonomic spray head pivots for targeted hydromassage.
  • It allows for three types of shower settings.

KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead And Wireless Speaker

#3 KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

I love listening to music. In fact, when alone, most of the time you will find me on my headphones. Being a music lover, I won’t mind enjoying the same when taking a shower. Furthermore, this Kohler showerhead comes with a USB charging cable and a wireless speaker to bring music to the bathroom.

Well, it’s all about technology; the wireless speakers are water-resistant; no need to worry about water spills. The speakers synch with Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops, mp 3 players, tablets, etc. up to 32 feet away. Also, this means that you don’t have to carry your gadget to the shower. You can keep it safe away and still enjoy your personalized music playlists, news, and other audio when in the shower.

Reasons To Buy This
  • A rainbow of speaker colors. The wireless speakers come in different colors that fit your style, attitude, and music.
  • This showerhead is super easy to install and use.
  • The showerhead measures 4.5 x 5 x 5 inches.

KOHLER K-10282-AK-CP Forte Single-Function Katalyst Showerhead

#2 KOHLER K-10282-AK-CP Forte Single-Function Katalyst Showerhead

This Kohler shower head is one of the highly preferred and well-rated shower heads out there. Considering the praises, it gets from a good number of customers; I was eager to experience it myself. I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a try. From the service it delivers, I can say that the high rating actually is not by fortune.

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What spiced up my shower moment is the powerful even flow of water it delivers. With the ability to infuse 2 liters of air per minute, it delivers a voluptuous spray that clings to the body with larger, fuller water drops.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It has a flow rate of 2.5gallons per minute
  • It features Katalyst air-induction technology for a perfect flow
  • The spray face offers resistant to hard water build-up besides being easy to open

Kohler K-15996-CP Flipside 2.5 Gpm Multifunction Wall-Mount Showerhead

#1 Kohler K-15996-CP Flipside 2.5 gpm multifunction wall-mount Showerhead

If you visit me and get the opportunity to visit my bathroom, this is the kind of showerhead you will find. By the first statement, I am sure that you had some things flash through your mind. Well, you will see it there because it is the best Kohler showerhead currently on the market.

With the weight of 1.1 pounds and measuring 5.2 x 5.8 x 5 inches, this amazing shower head is well designed to fit the look of both the traditional and the contemporary bathrooms. The four spray faces allow me to enjoy the spray that best meets my needs. Moreover, the slipstream technology is easy to use; I simply turn the showerhead on its axis to the desired position. What boosted my confidence in buying this showerhead is the limited warranty.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It is highly versatile, allowing you to enjoy four different types of sprays, namely; Coverage, Kotton, Komotion, Kurrent.
  • The advanced ergonomics make it comfortable to maneuver.
  • It is 5-1/3 inches across.

Benefits Of Kohler Shower Heads

  • They are highly durable – Kohler showerheads usually come in a color finish that makes them resistant to not only rust but also to corrosion and tarnishing.
  • They are comfortable to use – Comfort is very important. It is even more critical in the bathroom. Unlike other showerheads, Kohler showerheads feature an advanced ergonomic design that offers unsurpassed comfort to the users.
  • They are affordable – Most of us operate under the guidance of budgets. To ensure that you don’t miss the amazing shower moment, Kohler showerheads provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the great moment when remaining within your budget.


The fact remains Kohler showerheads deliver great satisfaction to the users. However, the level may differ depending on the model. Everyone wants the best product-even you, don’t you? For this reason, grabbing one of the reviewed shower heads is a promising deal.