Best Mini Table Saws – Types, How To Choose Best One

Best Mini Table Saws/A table saw (also known as a sawbench or bench saw in England) is a woodworking tool, consisting of a circular saw blade, mounted on an arbor, that is driven by an electric motor (either directly, by belt, or by gears). The blade protrudes through the top of a table, which provides support for the material, usually wood, being cut.

Furniture crafting is quite a popular hobby and habit for men. Previously, it was the monopoly of furniture stores, but today, people do it themselves at home. Besides, for repairing small wooden items, it is useless to call a carpenter as you can do it yourself with a mini table saw. It is very compact but extremely powerful and versatile. You can cut down hardwood, plastics, and moldings easily. It is essential to buy a mini table saw that is entirely safe to operate. The following is the list of the best mini table saws you can choose to buy.

Top Best Mini Table Saws

Proxxon 37070 FET Table Saw

Ideal for various types of projects, this mini table saw is very suitable for various professionals like architects, fitters, and model carpenters. This has the ability to finely cut wood, Plexiglas, non-ferrous metals, foam, and plastic. Moreover, this has a plane milled die-cast aluminum made a table and is combined with a stable construction. This is very durable and includes load-bearing parts.

In this, you will find an extendable table extension which is equipped with an auxiliary stop. The table includes two T nuts to get an efficient angle stop. Furthermore, there is also an adjustable limit stop which will aid in getting the equal length. It comes in a portable design and is very lightweight. You can also lower or raise the blade and includes a low noise DC motor.

PROXXON Table Saw FET, 37070, Green
84 Reviews
PROXXON Table Saw FET, 37070, Green
  • The ideal machine for model building, picture-framing, dollhouses, birdhouses and other intricate projects
  • For fine mechanics, model building, mould construction, toy manufacture, architects, model carpenters and fitters
  • For cutting wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics, Plexiglas, fiber-glass reinforced sheets, foam and many other materials
  • Stable construction because load bearing parts and plane-milled table are made of die-cast aluminium
  • Scope of delivery: 1x PROXXON Table Saw FET including tungsten tipped saw blade, vacuum cleaner adapter. Part number: 37070

Reason To Buy This

  • The sturdy construction is facilitated by the use of plane milled die-cast aluminum material
  • It comes with the load-bearing parts
  • The extendable table extension is packed with an auxiliary stop
  • The noise-free sawing experience is presented by the built-in low noise DC motor

Proxxon 37006 KS 115 Bench Circular Saw

This mini table saw has a die-cast aluminum table which is very sturdy. This is plane and includes a tool storage compartment where you can conveniently keep your tools as well as a saw blade. This has an adjustable longitude fence, and there is also a graduated miter gauge of up to 90 degrees. Furthermore, the mini table saw is very lightweight and will let you carry it easily in your work site.

This will easily cut the smallest piece, and it will deliver high performance. Moreover, this has a durable motor that operates very quietly. This is made of sturdy ABS plastic and has a side door for removing the sawdust. It can easily cut non-ferrous metal and includes a cord of 36 inches.

Amazon Best Seller
PROXXON Bench Circular Saw KS 115, 37006 , Green
181 Reviews
PROXXON Bench Circular Saw KS 115, 37006 , Green
  • A specialist to cut the smallest pieces, whenever working with a regular circular saw is impossible and too dangerous
  • For perfectly straight cuts in wood, non-ferrous metal, plastics and fiberglass reinforced plastics
  • The high-performance 110 - 120V motor is very quiet and has a prolonged life expectancy
  • Machined and perfectly plane aluminum worktable in size 6 1/4" x 6 1/4" (160 x 160mm)
  • Scope of delivery: 1x PROXXON Bench Circular Saw KS 115 including 1 Super Cut Saw Blade. Part number: 37006

Reason To Buy This

  • Capable of cutting tiniest pieces with great efficiency
  • For eliminating sawdust, a side door is included
  • Sawing is allowed in a convenient manner by its 36 inches cord length
  • Incorporates a graduated miter gauge with the alignment of up to 90 degrees

WORX WX572L BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

Available in a versatile design, this mini table saw has a traditional guard along with a riving knife system that will allow you to have an easy cross and rip cutting. It is compact and lightweight allowing you to take it anywhere. Moreover, you can set it up very quickly, and it can also cut plastic, aluminum, and metal. In this, you will find an adjustable miter gauge which will let you have angled cuts of up to 60°.

Furthermore, to avoid any kind of accidental start, the table saw has a safety switch. It comes with all the accessories for you to start your project immediately. This is an effective tool that is ideal for small house projects and does not require any tool for assembling.

Worx WX572L 5.5 Amp BladeRunner Portable Electric Table Top Saw
795 Reviews
Worx WX572L 5.5 Amp BladeRunner Portable Electric Table Top Saw
  • [GREAT AT CROSS & RIP CUTS] The steel rip fence and riving knife system lets you perform an assortment of straighter, longer, wider cuts
  • [TRULY PORTABLE TABLE SAW] Weighing in at less than 15 lbs., you easily can move it around your workshop or even take it to the job site
  • [ADJUSTABLE MITER GAUGE] Makes 0-60 miter cuts from both the right and left sides, so you can make every common miter cut, and every angle in-between
  • [SAFETY SWITCH] An added safety switch and safety key give this saw an added level of security, so you don’t have to worry about accidental starts
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last. On-board storage for miter gauge, rip fence and blades
  • [ACCESSORIES INCLUDED] 5 blades (woods, aluminum, scrolling, ceramic tile, steel) rip fence, miter gauge, dust extraction port, and blade grip. Sets up in seconds to cut wood, metal, tile, aluminum or plastic.

Reason To Buy This

  • Capable of precisely cutting metal, aluminum, and plastic
  • A safety switch is included to prevent the abrupt start
  • Requires no other tools for the purpose of assembling
  • Its compact design allows you to carry it anywhere
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Outdoor Sport 01-0819 Mini Electric Table Saw

This mini table saw comes with two blades and has a wobble-free design. It will cut efficiently with its diamond coated tile blade and carbide tip blade. In this, the table height can be easily adjusted without the use of any tools. Moreover, this has improved blade guard which makes it safe to use. This also has a sliding crosscut guide bar along with two table channels.

This portable mini table saw will give you precision cuts and is very lightweight. It will provide you with impressive results and is ideal for everyday work. It comes in a compact design, and you can take it anywhere you want. This will perform the task efficiently and is suitable for your project.

Outdoor Sport 01-0819 Mini Electric Table Saw, 4 in
115 Reviews
Outdoor Sport 01-0819 Mini Electric Table Saw, 4 in
  • Includes Two Blades: 24 Tooth Carbide Tip Blade & Diamond Coated Tile Blade
  • Wobble-free blade design for precision cuts
  • Tool-free hand adjustable table height
  • Sliding cross cut guide bar with 2 table channels
  • Improved blade guard

Reason To Buy This

  • High-performance cutting is allowed by its diamond coated tile blade
  • Safe sawing experience is allowed by its enhanced blade guard
  • Every time you use it, precise cutting is shown in the results
  • Comes with a sliding crosscut guide bar and two table channels

SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw

Here is a mini table saw which is ideal for ripping thinner pieces. This is very suitable for your workshop as it comes with light and will let you work even at night. This can cut different type of wood materials with its 6-TPI blade. Moreover, it will allow you to make height adjustments, and you can also make a quick angle. In this, you can conveniently align the blade and will let you have better visibility.

Furthermore, it comes with a dust port that will ensure that your work area remains dust-free. There is a rip fence that will let you have straight cuts, and you will also find miter gauge to have easy crosscuts. It has a 2.5 Amp motor and includes a ribbed aluminum table.

SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light , Red
1,117 Reviews
SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light , Red
  • Rip fence for straight, accurate cuts; 6 TPI band saw blade cuts through a variety of wood materials
  • Articulating LED work light for better view of work piece and cut line
  • Features a 1-1/2 inch dust port that keeps work area clear of dust
  • Rack and pinion table adjustment for quick angle and height adjustments
  • Motor is 1 speed for wood or metal based materials

Reason To Buy This

  • To let you perform sawing during the night, this saw comes with a light
  • The included 6-TPI blade lets you cut through different types of wooden materials
  • A miter gauge is included to let you perform effortless cross cuts
  • A ribbed aluminum made the table is included to enhance the sawing experience

Proxxon 37160 KGS 80 MICRO Chop Saw

If you are looking for a mini table saw which operates very quietly, then this is the one for you. This has a powerful motor with 4000 RPM and has a carbon tipped blade that is equipped with polycarbonate protection. Moreover, this will let you have a safe operation as in this, the cover will automatically swing up. This comes with an integrated tightening mechanism along with self-centering clamps.

In this, you will find a front side groove which is ideal for clamping thin work. Furthermore, there is also a V-groove which is suitable for round pieces. This is very lightweight and is perfect for picture framing, model building, as well as other projects. This has a toothed drive belt and can easily cut non-ferrous metals. Clearly, it is one of the most affordable and best mini table saws on the list.

Amazon Best Seller
PROXXON Chop and Miter Saw KGS 80, 37160 , Green
140 Reviews
PROXXON Chop and Miter Saw KGS 80, 37160 , Green
  • Saw head moves laterally making it possible to get extremely close to the vise holding the work piece when making the cut affording a vibration-free and burr-free cut.
  • With longitudinal fence stop (overhang 12" / 300 mm).
  • Ergonomically correct grip with integrated switch and saw head release mechanism.
  • Carbide tipped saw blade for non-ferrous metals, wood and plastics. Power transfer via quietly operating toothed drive belt.
  • Continuously adjustable (may be tightened in any position) round table mad of pressure-cast aluminum swivels 45 in both directions with positive stops at 15 intervals.

Reason To Buy This

  • To saw round pieces, it comes with a V-groove
  • Efficient sawing is facilitated by its 4000 RPM motor
  • Implements the tightening mechanism accompanied by self-centering clamps
  • Incorporates a front side groove to clamp thin work while sawing
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Black+Decker M1850BD 7-1/4″ Compound Miter Saw

It is a very compact mini table saw which will let you have an accurate cutting. This is very suitable for base molding tasks, and you can also use it for craft and framing projects. This is made of die-cast aluminum and is very durable. The portable mini table saw has a miter range of up to 45°, and there are nine positive stops.

Moreover, this is very lightweight and allows you to carry it with ease. It has a ball bearing motor of 9 amp and will allow you to cut at 2 x 4 inches. You will also find different miter angles, and even the head of the saw will easily tilt to up to 45 degrees. Furthermore, this is easy to use and can also cut frozen wood.

Black+Decker M1850BD 7-1/4' Compound Miter Saw,
83 Reviews
Black+Decker M1850BD 7-1/4" Compound Miter Saw,
  • Compact, portable saw for cutting accuracy
  • Idea for Crown and base molding jobs
  • Use for trim, framing and craft projects
  • Miter range 0-45° left and right, with nine positive stops
  • Die-cast aluminum construction for an overall weight of under 17 pounds

Reason To Buy This

  • For different applications, you can easily carry it due to its lightweight design
  • While sawing, it will allow you to cut 2 x 4 inches
  • This saw’s head can be inclined to up to 45 degrees

Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10 In. Table Saw 28461

This mini table saw has an adjustable miter gauge and will provide you with better control. This is very suitable for tight bevels and is combined with a powerful 15 amp motor. This will deliver smooth cuts every time you use it and can also cut tough materials. Moreover, it has an advanced guarding system and which will give superior blade coverage.

This is also very safe to use, and you can easily release the fence. Furthermore, it comes with a complete set of wrenches, blade guard assembly, miter gauge, push stick, rips fence, stand, anti-kickback pawls, hex keys, and carbide-tipped blade. There is also a user manual for your convenience and is very portable. This will let you have accurate cuttings and can also cut aluminum.

Reason To Buy This

  • High efficiency is presented by the built-in 15A motor
  • Every time while sawing, the smooth cutting experience is facilitated
  • A user manual is included in the package to remove any confusion
  • Capable of cutting aluminum material without any compromise in sawing efficiency

A, Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

Here is a portable mini table saw which is ideal for ripping. It comes with solid construction and has a dual-field motor which makes it very durable. This has increased productivity, and the motor will remain cool even with continuous usage. Moreover, this is very easy to use and will let you have accurate cuts. It will let you have a precise cutting for up to 46 degrees.

This has a rip capacity of 25 inches, and the no-load is of 5300 RPM. It comes with a self-aligning fence, insert plate, wrench, push stick, guard system, miter gauge, and carbide-tipped blade. Furthermore, the motor is very dependable and can tackle even the most difficult task. This is also very compact and will let you finish your project with ease. There is no doubt that it is one of the best mini table saws.

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw
  • First ever brass-geared Worm Drive table saw for maximum power and torque
  • 15 Amp solid construction dual-field motor for increased cutting speed and extended motor life
  • 25 inch rip capacity and 3-1/2 inch depth of cut for ripping a wide variety of materials; Fit Dado blades with the Skilsaw SPTA70WT-DD Dado Insert (Sold separately)
  • Self-aligning rip fence with on-tool storage for a true cut
  • Portable and compact while staying lightweight at only 49 pound
  • What's Included? SPT70WT 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw, 24-tooth Skilsaw Carbide-tipped blade for ripping, miter gauge, self-aligning fence, guard system with anti-kick back device, insert plate, push stick and wrench.

Reason To Buy This

  • The included motor is suitable for sawing different projects –easy and challenging too
  • You will be able to finish your sewing project quickly with compact size structure
  • The built-in dual-field motor enhances durability
  • Even after long-term use, the motor will stay cool
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Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

Available in a portable design, this mini table saw can be set up very quickly. This is very efficient and can cut wood, tile, aluminum, plastic, and metal. You can also do inside cuts, and it will rip miter and scroll. Moreover, this is very compact, and you can easily carry it with the help of its tabletop handle. This is also extremely lightweight and allows you to use it anywhere you want. With this, you can cut wider materials and have a larger rip fence with its hold-down guard.

This will let you cut accurately and will provide you with better control. Furthermore, you can change the blades instantly without the use of any tools. With this, you will be getting a vacuum port, miter gauge, five-piece blade set, and a steel rip fence. This is a versatile cutting product that will provide you with the ultimate results. You can use it for various purposes and will also provide you with unlimited capacity of cross and rip cutting.

Amazon Best Seller
Rockwell RK7323 BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw with Steel Rip Fence, Miter Gauge & 7 Accessories
3,216 Reviews
Rockwell RK7323 BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw with Steel Rip Fence, Miter Gauge & 7 Accessories
  • [SETS UP IN SECONDS] Take this table saw to the job site or move it around the workshop. There’s even a built-in carry handle
  • [CUTS LIKE A FULL-SIZE] With the standard guard and riving knife system you can perform rip, cross, scroll, and miter cuts
  • [TOOL-LESS BLADE CHANGE] Uses any brand’s standard 4” T-shank blade, but we threw 5 in the box to get you started cutting wood, ceramic tile, plastic, aluminum, and metal
  • [0-60° MITER CUTS] With the adjustable gauge you can pull off precise miter cuts for a whole assortment of woodworking projects
  • [ON-BOARD ACCESSORY STORAGE] When the miter gauge, rip fence, and extra blades aren’t in use they can be conveniently housed in the base of the saw
  • [SAFETY SWITCH] Prevents accidental starting, plus the vacuum port lets you hook up a shop vac that cleans while you cut

Reason To Buy This

  • Capable of cutting different types of wide materials
  • The included blades can be changed quickly without requiring extra tools
  • Right from metal to wood, this mini table saw is versatile to cut different materials
  • Excellent control is employed along with high accuracy

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

With a crosscut capacity of 7.75 inches, this mini table saw is very easy to use. It has a stainless steel top that is resistant to corrosion and will support tiles of up to 12 inches. It has an adjustable rip fence, and there is also a miter gauge which will help you get accurate cuts. This is ideal for bigger projects, and you can also use it for installing tile floors. Moreover, this is very durable and will deliver straight miter cuts.

In this, you will also find a blade cooling reservoir which will ensure that the blade does not heat up. It will also make sure that there will be less dust and debris when you cut the tile. Furthermore, this is very safe to use; it has high flexibility and will let you cut in various types. It will tile to up to 45 degrees and will let you have a smooth cutting. This is very lightweight and comes in a portable design. It is one of the best mini table saws on the list considering all the features.

SKIL 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw - 3540-02
  • Corrosive resistant stainless steel top supports tiles up to 12 x 12-inch
  • Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge for accurate straight and miter cuts
  • Blade cooling water reservoir to keep blade cool while minimizing dust and debris
  • Bevel cuts tile from 0 to 45 degrees. Cut material: Stone/Masonry
  • Cross cut capacity: 7.75-inch; Diagonal cut capacity: 7.25-inch

Reason To Buy This

  • Corrosion is resisted by the use of a stainless steel top
  • While installing tile floors, this compact table saw is highly useful
  • Presents high flexibility, accuracy, and safety while sawing
  • Capable of inclining up to 45-degrees based on your needs

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw With 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity

This is a very portable mini table saw which includes a powerful motor of 1850 watts. This has high performance and is suitable for all types of applications. This will easily rip through hardwood very quickly and will provide you with satisfying results. The motor has high torque, and the no-load speed is 3850 RPM. Moreover, it includes a steel roll cage that will protect the saw from any kind of impact. This is very easy to use and has clear scales that will allow you to cut accurately.

Furthermore, you will find the rear and front fence lock, and the surface is well-coated which will ensure that there will be no friction. This is very easy to set up and has improved durability. With a large rip capacity, this is also very smooth. This comes with a blade guard, and there is also a miter gauge. There is also a dust collection port which is very easy to clean. It has tool-free adjustments and is also lightweight.

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 16-Inch Rip Capacity (DW745)
  • 22 kilograms unit weight and optimized footprint make this the most portable saw in its class. Shoe bevels 0 to 45 for beveled cuts
  • Steel roll cage protects saw against jobsite drops and impacts, rack and pinion fence system, front and rear fence lock and large, clear scales combine to give an extremely accurate and easy to use saw
  • Powerful 1850 Watt motor for high performance in all applications. Max Rip To Left Of Blade 12 inch. Max Rip To Right Of Blade 20 inch
  • Fence system provides 610 millimeter of rip capacity in a portable design for cutting large sheet materials to size
  • Cast table top design ensures accuracy and precision, Overload protection system ensures powerful performance in hard, wet or frozen woods, Quick bevel lock with large scale for easy, accurate adjustments
  • Standard: 24 tooth SERIES 30 saw blade, Mitre fence, 2 blade spanners, Parallel fence, Dust port reducer, Push stick. No Load Speed: 3,850 rpm
  • 15 Amp motor quickly rips through hardwoods with ease
  • Rack and pinion fence rails make fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate
  • Telescoping fence rails retract to create a small, portable package
  • 20 inch of rip easily cuts a variety of larger shelving and trim materials. Metal roll cage base offers greater durability than plastic bases: Blade can be adjusted 0 to 45 degrees for bevel applications

Reason To Buy This

  • Smoothness is enhanced by its huge rip capacity
  • Includes a miter gauge and a blade guard in its structure
  • Precise cuts are employed by clear scales
  • Contains a high-performance 1850W motor

Buying Guide For Mini Table Saw/Sawbench / Bench saw

There are different types of mini table saws, and some of them are not so good in quality. Therefore, you must keep the following parameters in mind while buying a mini table saw.


  • Performance is one of the key features that you have to look at while buying a mini table saw. No matter how it looks or how many added features have it got, if it is not able to perform efficiently, then it is worthless to choose one. Always see, if it will give you desired results. It must also allow you to use it with ease.


  • Check if the mini table saw has a powerful motor that lets you complete your task with ease. Check the horsepower, volts, and amps and see how much it will let the tool to perform. A motor that heats up very fast will not be an ideal choice. See if it operates in low noise and the transfer of power of motor should be appropriate with the blade.

Saw Blades

  • A good mini table saw will have a powerful blade that is able to cut a variety of materials like wood, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, and much more. Most of the blades these days are composed of carbon, carbide, and diamond-tipped teeth. See if it has the function of tilting which will let you use it from different angles. It must have the right diameter, size, speed, and teeth. If your table saw is for commercial purposes, then it must be between 10 to 12 inches.


  • Since it is a mini table saw, it has to be portable and compact. It should be lightweight and must let you carry it with ease. The one equipped with a handle will be even better. It can also be attached to transport wheels which will easily roll from one place to another. The stand should be stable enough to hold the table saw efficiently.

Miter Gauge and Fence

  • In any table saw, the fence is an important part. It provides the advantage that is not there in other types of the saw. A good fence will provide correct accuracy and comes in a robust design. It will allow you to make the perfect rip cut and thus get the desired result. In addition to this, you will also have to check the miter gauge. If you are planning to have any cross cuts, then the miter gauge of the saw will let you perform the task.

Performance and Noise

  • To get the best from a mini table saw, make sure that it comes with multiple features. It must allow you to use it with ease so that it delivers better performance. Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is the noise. Most of the table saws make a loud noise which can be irritating. If you are looking to have night projects, then you must see if it operates in low noise. Check the decibels before you make your pick.


  • If the table includes all the accessories to use it easily, then you will not have to spend anything extra to get it. Make sure that your table saw has all the accessories like table extensions, onboard storage, as well as a dust collection system. There can also be other accessories for you to finish your project.


  • This is perhaps the most important feature that you cannot neglect. Blade guards, splitters, anti-kickback pawls, and riving knives, are some of the features that you need to keep in mind. You can also look out for some of the advanced safety features, and you always remain safe. The blades run very fast at a high RPM which can be very dangerous. Ensure that the blades can be changed with ease without the use of any tools.


Starting from crosscutting, ripping to mitering, you can do a lot of versatile works with a mini table saw. You can store it easily as it has a compact size and you need to go through the product descriptions to understand the features of the mini table saws. This is because different mini table saws have different capabilities and our team has put forward the best mini table saws catering to different categories and features. They have all the safety features and high-quality construction for higher durability.