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Wooden Crates – Types and How To Buy It

Wooden Crates/While it may look simple, wooden crates play a vital role in our lives. Companies and individuals use it to pack and ship items. Merchants or sellers use them to display their wares, while some people also use it to store valuables. This crate type is chosen for its authenticity, strength, reliability, durability, eco-friendliness, bug-resistance, corrosion-resistance, and hard-wearing nature. However, not every item will deliver these amazing benefits. Some will be poorly crafted, weak, of the wrong size or dimension, or may break easily when dropped. Some types of wood don’t do well in moist environments or are susceptible to rotting or bugs. After evaluating the market, we have listed the top 9 best wooden crates are as follows.

List Of Best Wooden Crates

Walnut Hollow 6.5 By 5.3 By 4.25-Inch Crate

#9 Walnut Hollow 6.5 by 5.3 by 4.25-Inch Crate


This plain wooden crate will look good in your home, office, business premises, and other places. Its small size makes it perfect for holding or storing small items. This not only improves the organization but also reduces clutter.

Furthermore, in case you would want to add a bit of flair or life to it, you can paint it as you desire or even incorporate some artistic designs or etchings. And considering it’s made in the USA, you can be certain that the quality is good.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Mini size to hold small items
  • Walnut wood for an authentic look
  • Plain design for use in the home or office


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You can improve the organization in your home, business, office, or any other place with this plain crate. Made from high-quality solid wood, this item should serve you well for many years. The material is tolerant of daily usage, the elements, bugs, insects, corrosion, and breakage.

Also, it comes in unfinished design, and you can choose to apply paint, stain, or attach some decorations. And since it comes in a pack of 2, you can use the crates separately or as a single unit.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Solid wood for strength and long life
  • You can be stained or painted the unfinished parts
  • Stackable design for space-saving and convenience

Wooden Crate 16″X12.25″X9.25″ High

#7 Wooden crate 16x12.25x9.25 high


I am sure they would last for many years because I know they are well-made. They are made from Western pine that is known to be durable, bug-resistant, corrosion-resistant and doesn’t warp or break easily.

On top of that, the 0.7-inch end pieces together with the 0.325-inch bottom slats offer good support for items and are hard-wearing. I also love the wire brad nails and strong glue that firmly secures the planks together. Currently, I am using the crates to support my indoor plants, and so far, I am yet to find any fault.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Natural wood for the genuine look
  • Unfinished design for easy painting or staining
  • Western pine for a natural look and eco-friendly
  • Nesting design improves shipping and storage and shipping.
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Set Of 2 Country Rustic Finish Wood Storage Crate

#6 Set of 2 Country Rustic Finish Wood Storage Crate


These rustic crates will look amazing in your home, office, and other places. The first thing I love about this accessory is its strong and sturdy construction that assures me of long-lasting service. I love the rustic finish, which looks fantastic in my traditionally styled living room.

Moreover, I also have another pair that I am currently using to support speakers. According to reviews, people also use them for storing memorabilia, decorations, placing plants, picture frames, as well as serving trays.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Rustic finish for a classic and traditional look
  • Double handles on each crate for a better and firmer hold
  • Slatted bottoms for better practicality

Wooden Pine Box With Hand Holes And A Drop On Lid

#5 Wooden Pine Box with Hand Holes and a Drop on Lid


If you want a better organization in your home, office, or shop, you should think of this wooden box. It has proper dimensions to accommodate various items and can be used as a planter, storage point, speaker placement, wall shelf, shipping, and more.

Also, natural wood is environmentally friendly, resistant to bugs, and insects. You also shouldn’t fear that it will get rusty, corroded, loose its authentic look, or warp. And due to its naturalness, it can be used to store farm produce.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Pinewood for a natural look
  • Hand holes for easy carrying and good support
  • Stackable nature for easy storage and saving space
  • Loose lid improves functionality

Rustic Nesting Wood Crates Set Of 5 Made In The USA

#4 Rustic Nesting Wood Crates Set of 5 Made in the USA


Imagine what you would do with 5 wooden crates of different sizes? Maybe you would store memorabilia or decorations. Use them as planters or holding points for speakers. Or store files and documents at your office. The truth is that they have many uses. The light brown crates from Mowoodwork bring out a vintage look and will bring in a new look to home or office.

In addition, they are made from high quality and natural wood that lasts for a long time and isn’t prone to warping, breakage, fading, or bug/insect damage. Last but not least, they are made using the same technique that was used a century ago and this assures you of zero VOCs and zero side effects.

Reasons To Buy This
  • VOC-free for improved safety
  • Stackable nature for saving space and convenience
  • Light brown stained wood for a rustic appeal
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Rustic Wood Crate

#3 Rustic Wood Crate


This rustic wood crates may be what you need to turn around the organization in your home. They are made out of solid natural wood and can withstand regular and rough handling. They have been hand-stained for the rustic finish and come in a medium finish.

Moreover, due to the good dimensions and weight capacity, the charming box crates can be used to store different accessories or as a support. Just as they look solid, they also feel very firm.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Hand stained for a rustic appearance
  • Medium finish for better handling
  • Easy stacking for added convenience

Vinyl Record Holder Wood Crate

#2 Vinyl Record Holder Wood Crate


This wood crate is designed to organize your vinyl records. And just like the classic records, this unit looks very vintage. The crates are made out of sturdy pine wood that puts-up well with regular use, the elements, and is also resistant to insect attacks, moisture, and bugs.

The wood is stained to give it the appearance and is well made to provide good support. Lastly, the vinyl records will perfectly fit inside and this reduces the unnecessary movement that can damage them.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Hand made for high quality
  • Perfect dimension for accommodating vinyl records
  • Stained wood for a rustic appeal

Vintage Stained Rustic Wood Crate

#1 Vintage Stained Rustic Wood Crate


These crates may look very simple yet are well-built to support different accessories, yet they are well-built to support different accessories. Their solid nature provides a good holding or support for the stored items while the stained wood brings out a rustic and natural effect. Other than the good dimension, high quality, and spacious nature, these wood crates enhance the décor or elegance of a room. They are easy to maintain, clean, and last for a long time.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Stained wood for a rustic effect
  • Natural wood for extra style and safety
  • Solid wood for good support and durability

Benefits Of Wooden Crates

For the purpose of shipping, selecting the appropriate packaging container is the most crucial decision. Among the different forms of popular shipping containers, the wood-based shipping containers are usually the most popular. In recent times, the wooden crates are identified to be one of the finest materials for packaging. Basically, they boast self-supporting structures which are considered the perfect choice for shipping different products. Regardless of the weight of shipping items, these crates work the best.

For those who are unaware of what does a crate mean, it is basically a huge shipping container, prepared from wood. People commonly use wooden crates to transport bulky items in a secure way. When deciding to carry items like commodities, the shipping companies usually take into account the nature of the commodities, the expense of transportation, as well as the shipping conditions. The significant factors like materials’ durability and cost of the materials are essential to consider. Furthermore, it is essential to consider the environmental friendliness of the wooden crate and the simplicity in dispensing particular commodities. These factors decide the choice of these crates. The wooden made containers are capable of transporting a wide range of commodities; also, they boast simple design and only need simple tools and procedures.

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What Are The Advantages Of Wooden Crates?

  • These crates are quite effectual and straightforward to manufacture from a precise set of design or directly from specifications of customer’s custom design.
  • The wooden crates could be manufactured and repaired locally.
  • They boast natural appearance and feel.
  • Excellent protection will be added which is a vital factor particularly if you are shipping flimsy and valuable items.
  • The wood is resistant to different weather conditions as well as repels seawater.
  • They are frequently used on multiple journeys and they can sustain excess vertical pressure if they are correctly stacked with the uniform distribution of weight.
  • The majority of these crates are equipped with excellent ventilation.


Wooden crates are not only functional but also aesthetic. They will improve storage, organization, packaging, and transportation. Additionally, the right wood type will enhance the beauty of the surrounding. For instance, a rustic crate brings out a vintage look that looks amazing when placed at a shop or holding a vinyl record.

A simple and plain crate looks formal and you can use it in an office to hold documents or serve as a trash holder. We know that finding the right wooden crate isn’t easy, especially nowadays, where their popularity has been growing. Nonetheless, we did manage to zero in on the top 9 best wooden crates in 2019. They are practical, elegant, well-made, hard-wearing, reliable, high quality, and durable. In addition to excellent service, you also get peace-of-mind.

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