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Best Toro Electric Snow Blowers

Best Toro Electric Snow Blowers/A snow blower or snow thrower is a machine for removing snow from an area where it is not wanted, such as a driveway, sidewalk, roadway, railroad track, ice rink, or runway. The commonly-used term snowblower is a misnomer, as the snow is moved using an auger or impeller instead of being blown (by air). It can use either electric power (line power or battery), or a gasoline or diesel engine to throw snow to another location or into a truck to be hauled away. This is in contrast with the action of snowplows, which push snow to the front or side. Typically, the snow is discharged to one side.

While for the summer, we have to deal with excessive heat, for the winter, it is entirely the opposite; we not only deal with the cold weather but also with the snow. To ensure that we enjoy during the winter, we need to equip our cold-weather arsenals with the right tools. Definitely, a snowblower is one of the essential components. But wait; even though we know that Toro snow blowers are good for the snow removal, for the best experience, we need the best Toro electric snow blowers.

For years, I have used different Toro electric snow blowers and noted the difference in their performance. In this article, I am going to uncover the right one that you can find in the market.

List Of The Best Toro Electric Snow Blowers In 2019

TORO Power Clear 721R Sin

TORO Power Clear 721R Sin

Coming number nine on our list, I was forced to acquire this snowblower after my first snowblower broke down. Repairing it would have been cheaper, but it wouldn’t deliver to my satisfaction. Therefore, I was forced to try this Toro snowblower to see if it could bring different results.

Having been tested and certified, this amazing Toro snow blower is made to work like new for years. The snowblower came with the relevant accessories and in a generic box (though not always the sake).

Reasons To Buy This
  • It has a strong metallic frame to guarantee users with durability.
  • It only weighs 82 pounds to make it highly effective when still maintaining a convenient weight for the user.
  • The large heavy-duty wheels are made to last.

TORO Power Clear 721QZE E

TORO Power Clear 721QZE E   

One thing about most snow blowers is that they are complicated to use. This sets boundaries for the starters. Being a starter, my friend had to inquire about the perfect snowblower for him. Having known this tool to work well for the starters, I wouldn’t hesitate to advise him to make the purchase. For sure, it works for the starters.

Being a single-stage blower, it features a sturdy construction that gives it the durability nature. The manufacturer’s warranty boosted his purchasing confidence while the fuel efficiency helps to reduce the costs.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It features an OHV 4-Stroke motor that remains quiet during operation. This makes it friendly to operate near homes.
  • Unlike most of the snow blowers that bog down on wet snow, this snowblower just rips through it.
  • It is highly effective as it cleans right down to the cement.

Toro Power Clear 518 ZE 38473 Snow Blower

Toro Power Clear 518 ZE 38473 Snow Blower

It was during the autumn season when my friend requested me to accompany him to the market. Well, just like most of the people tend to do, he was preparing for the winter. Among the list of tools was a snowblower. Though it was easy for us to decide on other tools, it remained a daunting affair to decide on the perfect snowblower. However, we managed to settle for this snow blower after a keen comparison.

This snow blower is strong enough to take on severe snow when remaining easy for anyone to maneuver. Besides, it features a curved rotor and an inverted funnel housing to move the snow in less time and to eliminate clogging. The wide rubber paddles propel the machine forward while the deflector easily locks to any angle in less than a second.

Reasons To Buy This
  • The machine is covered by a 2-year warranty.
  • The Toro premium 4-cycle OHV provides a dependable and powerful performance.
  • The power curve technology works to make the machine effective and easy to use.

Gas Snow Blower 2-Stage

Gas Snow Blower 2-Stage      

After trying one-stage snow blowers, I wanted to see how 2-stage snow blowers would work. Definitely, having had a good experience with the single-stage Toro snow blowers, I was convinced that a 2-stage product from the same manufacturer would also offer satisfaction. Therefore, I gave this snow blower a shot.

Unlike some snow blowers that easily wear out, this unit is hardened to withstand the highest stresses and to resist wear. The sub-zero material makes the unit highly durable. What I liked most about this snow blower is that it features an anti-clogging system that prevents clogging and maximizes the impeller speed.

Reasons To Buy This
  • The machine can clear up to 24 inches of snow depth in a single pass.
  • It is guaranteed for life.
  • It is easy to change the direction and the angle of the snow thrown.

Toro SnowMaster 724 QXE 24 In. Gas Snow Blower

Toro SnowMaster 724 QXE 24 in. Gas Snow Blower

When not at work, I spent most of the time with friends and relatives. Being one of the national holidays, I decided to pay my uncle a visit, for I had not seen him for a while. It was at his place where I first saw this snowblower. As usual, I was eager to know more about the snowblower hence couldn’t hesitate to inquire more from him.

The machines’ clearing width is 24 inches while the throwing distance of 12 m makes it one of the most powerful snow blowers on the market. The machine is 30% faster than the traditional 2-stage snow blowers enabling him to save time for other home activities.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It has beveled chute design for efficient snow throw stream.
  • It features a personal pace self-propel system that senses and quickly adapts to his walking speed.
  • The joystick control allows for easy change of direction and snow angle.

Power Clear 721 E 21 In. Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower

Power Clear 721 E 21 in. Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower

I enjoy doing research. In fact, it is one of my hobbies. This snow blower is one of the highly preferred on the market. Though I have never used it before, I knew that the great preference would not be by luck. Therefore, I had to do what I do best.

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This snow blower is strong enough to make it perfect for deep snow. It has an innovative pivoting scraper that keeps the rotor in constant contact with pavement so as to save time.

Reasons To Buy This
  • To assure the buyer with durability, this machine is backed by a 2-year warranty.
  • It features power curve technology.
  • It is easy to use and easy to maneuver.

TORO 824QXE SnowMaster Sn

TORO 824QXE SnowMaster Sn 

After the breakage of my first snowblower, I needed time to raise money to purchase a new snowblower. However, in the course of the accumulation, I was forced to hire this machine for some time to clean the excessive snow.

When compared to the preceding machine, this snowblower could clean up to 25% of snow per minute. This sped up the entire cleaning process by 30%. It features an automatic steering to allow for smooth and tight turning. Besides, the beveled chute design allowed for efficiency snow throwing stream.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It features 11-inch deep lug tires for added traction.
  • The helical design of the rotor easily and quickly gathers snow to the center section that throws it far through the chute opening.
  • The tall and open auger housing reduces clogging even when dealing with deep snow.

Power Clear 518 Ze 18 In. Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower

Power Clear 518 Ze 18 In. Single-stage Gas Snow Blower

Taking the second place on my list, this snowblower features outstanding features that make snow cleansing not only easy but also fun. The machine features a 4-cycle OHV engine that has been specifically designed to provide optimal performance. The power curve technology eliminates clogging making it perfect for wet snow. Besides, unlike most snow blowers, which are complicated, this snowblower is perfect for the starters and allows for maneuverability.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It is easy to use.
  • Features a locking zip deflector
  • It is backed by a 2-year full warranty.

Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

The first time to use this snow blower was in the last winter. Though I used it for the removal of deep snow, the machine is still in perfect condition. In fact, I am planning to use the same machine for the coming winter.

Taking the first place, it’s not just about the durability or the brand; but also the performance. This snow blower moves up to 700 pounds of snow per minute. This translates to less time needed for the entire job. The power curve technology allows for pavement cleansing and prevents clogging. For optimal snow-blowing control, it features a chute that allows adjustability of up to 160 degrees.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It features a lightweight design.
  • The full-bail ergonomic handle allows for comfort.
  • It is super easy to assemble the machine.

Benefits Of Toro Snow Blowers

  • Durable: While most snow blowers tend to break down after some time, Toro snow blowers are guaranteed to last for years. In fact, most of them come with a 2-year warranty to guarantee the buyer with durability.
  • Powerful: Removing serious snow needs a serious snowblower. Toro snow blowers are equipped with powerful motors for effectiveness.
  • Easy-to-use: This makes them perfect for both starters and pros.

Selecting The Right Snow Blower For Your Snow Type

Many stages of powder snow are ideal for your electric snowblower. Thin crusts over the surface of the snow can also be handled, but thicker or hard-packed crusting might be tougher to chew through.

If you have wet or slushy snow every storm (for instance, in the mountains of southern California), an electric snow blower just doesn’t work as well. This is because soggy snow tends to gunk up or get caught in the internal workings, jamming your machine. At that point, it may be time to look at a gas snow blower that can handle heavier duties.

Electric Snow Blower Brand Breakdown

Let’s go over a few of the brands that produce electric snow blowers and snow throwers. Some of the names may be familiar to you, but others might not.


Ego brings to the table their POWER+ series of cordless electric power tools, which they spent ten years developing. The company claims that it’s the “first line of cordless outdoor power equipment with the power and performance of gas, but without the noise, fuss, and fumes,” and there are many people who’d agree with that sentiment. They’ve been around for about twenty years, but the POWER+ line of Ego snow blowers is constantly evolving and staying current with technology.


When compared to Ego, Toro is positively ancient – they celebrated their first hundred years in 2014. While Toro snow blowers are among their extensive list of products, the list hardly stops there, covering all manner of turf management and irrigation options as well. As a result, they’re one of the leading names in the industry to the present day, and they’ve earned many awards for their assorted retail and professional-grade products.


Founded in 2004, SnowJoe’s very first product was the Snow Joe electric snow shovel. Since then, they have expanded out into all manner of snow-management products including a range of Snow Joe snow blowers. There’s also a line of SunJoe outdoor products as well which has garnered great praise.


In 2007, GreenWorks was founded by its parent company Globe Tools. GreenWorks brought out its first line of corded power equipment in 2010, and followed that up in 2011 with a line of lithium-ion battery power equipment. They don’t currently produce a GreenWorks snowblower, but they do have a line of power shovels and snow throwers which are quite well-received.

Snow Blower Buyers’ Guide

Electric Snow Blowers

Electric and cordless electric snow throwers offer many excellent advantages over their gas-powered rivals. Two of the best reasons to switch from a gas to an electric unit are noise level and carbon emissions. Electric snow blowers run virtually silent, compared to gas-powered snow blowers which are incredibly noisy.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, gas-powered snow blowers produce around 1 pound of carbon emissions for each hour of use. Switching to power equipment that runs off electricity or lithium-ion batteries can make a large impact on reducing your household’s carbon footprint.

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We’re here to debunk the myth that gas-powered snow blowers produce more power and perform better than electric and battery-powered blowers. All Snow Joe electric snow throwers are engineered with robust motors that are 13 amps or higher, and support augers that can clear widths of up to 24 inches and cut depths up to 13 inches. Plus, all Snow Joe battery-powered snow throwers feature the latest 40 Volt lithium-ion technology for maximum performance and unsurpassed runtime.  Packed with power, Snow Joe electric and battery-powered snow throwers and snow blowers are ideal for quickly and efficiently clearing average-sized suburban driveways and walkways.

Snowblower Power Options

The age of the electric snow thrower has arrived. Electric throwers are green technology and don’t pollute the environment. Compared to gas-powered machines like the Toro 38741, Ariens 938032, Husqvarna ST 224, and Honda HS720AM, Snow Joe electric snow throwers are more reliable, easier to start, lighter in weight, and easier to steer, not to mention completely maintenance-free. More importantly, a well-built, quality-made electric snow thrower, when used properly, can certainly rival the performance of a gas-powered model. Leading manufacturers in electric snow removal equipment include Snow Joe, which according to Traqline data for 2016-2017 holds the largest market share in the category, Greenworks, Ego, amongst others.

Corded Electric and Cordless Electric Snow Throwers and Snow Blowers

  • Corded Snow Throwers – Corded electric snow throwers plug into any regular outlet, and need to be plugged in during operation. During operation, care must be taken not to run over the power cord.
  • Cordless Snow Blowers – Cordless snow blowers operate on very powerful, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries ranging from 40 Volts maximum to 80 Volts maximum.  The added benefit of battery power is not having to worry about running over the power cord. However, battery runtimes are limited and the batteries do need to be recharged after use.
  • Hybrid Snow Blowers – Hybrids provide the best of both worlds since they can run plugged into an electric outlet for continuous operation, or off of a battery when you don’t want to be tied to an electric leash.  The corded option is especially helpful if you suddenly run out of battery power midway through your clearing job or when you forget to charge your batteries.

Gas-Powered Snowblowers

Given the latest advancements in electric snow thrower technology, residential homeowners can easily clear an average snowfall with an electric model rather than having to resort to gas.  Gasoline snow throwers are significantly heavier in weight, harder to maneuver, harder to start, require more maintenance, and require that their owners keep gasoline on hand. While gas-powered blowers do have their place for more commercial-grade applications, they certainly don’t need to be in the everyday homeowner’s garage given that there are more eco-friendly options that can perform just as good, if not better, than their gas-powered counterparts.

Manufacturers that built their businesses on gas-powered snowblowers such as Husqvarna, Honda, Snowmaster, Toro, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Sears, and Ariens are struggling to keep up with the electric snow blower revolution. With the advent of a truly efficient electric-powered snow clearing solution, the gas-powered snow blower is quickly becoming a dinosaur.

Snow Blower Terminology

Selecting the correct snow blower starts with understanding the terminology.

  • Plowing Capacity: This is the maximum amount of snow that a blower throws measured in pounds/second.
  • Clearing Width: Electric snow shovels and blowers that are equipped with a wider clearing width will be able to cover the same amount of ground in fewer passes. That translates to less time spent going back and forth on your patio, deck or driveway. However, you should be careful that you are not purchasing a machine whose plow width may be too wide for you to easily maneuver.
  • Snow Cut Depth: The intake height of your snow shovel or blower will determine how deep snow accumulation can get before you will not be able to plow it effectively. A smaller intake height may mean that you have to clear your area multiple times while snow is still accumulating if you experience greater than expected snowfall.
  • Throw Distance:  This is the maximum number of feet that snow can be thrown from the discharge chute of a snowblower or from the paddle auger on a power shovel.

Drive systems: Snow Joe offers corded electric and cordless electric shovels and blowers with two types of drive systems:

  • Self-Propelled Drive Systems – require little to no force from the user to maneuver the unit and aids in propelling the machine forward.
  • Manual Drive Systems – require the user to supply some of the power needed to keep the machine moving forward and is auger-assisted to help push the snow out of the throwing chute.
  • Stages – A single-stage snow blower only uses the main auger to propel snow. A dual-stage snow blower has a secondary impeller to propel the snow out of the discharge chute. Single-stage snowblowers have a tendency to clog and require the use of a discharge chute clean-out tool when clearing wet, heavy snow. Also keep in mind that single-stage blowers should never be used on gravel surfaces since they can pick up and project the gravel out of the chute which could potentially damage the blower, break windows, and cause personal injury.

Considerations When Selecting a Snowblower

  • How large an area do you need to plow? Is it a sidewalk, or a large driveway? Larger areas generally require a snowblower with a larger clearing width and a longer throw distance.
  • How deep is a typical snowfall in your area? If your area only experiences a maximum of 3-5” of snow, you can sacrifice cut depth and plowing capacity. If you anticipate regular snowfalls of 8” or more, you probably want to consider a two-stage snow blower with a high plowing capacity.
  • What type of snow does your area normally receive? Colder climates tend to get lighter snow, while other climates get wetter, heavier snow. Wetter snow generally requires a higher plowing capacity and a 2-stage system.
  • What type of surface are you clearing? If you have a gravel driveway, single stage snowthrowers are not recommended.
  • How hard do you want to work to clear snow? If you are young and physically fit, a manual drive system may suit your needs.  If steering a heavier machine may be a challenge, a self-propelled system may make more sense.
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Types of Snow Blowers

Electric Snow Shovels

Compact and lightweight, corded electric and cordless electric snow shovels are the perfect solution for blowing snow off small areas or light snow from larger areas. The Electric Snow Shovel clears light snowfall quickly and easily from steps, decks, and walkways, while efficiently moving up to 400 pounds of snow per minute – at an MSRP often under $100.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Small storage footprint
  • Easy to use


  • Struggles with wet, heavy snow
  • Smaller clearing width means more passes for large areas
  • Smaller snow cut depth means you may have to clear areas twice
  • No ability to control the snow stream direction

Bottom Line

Electric Snow Shovels are ideal for quick snow pickups on steps, decks, and small walkways in areas that typically receive light to moderate snowfall during the winter months. While an electric shovel definitely will not replace your snowblower, it is a good ancillary tool to have on hand in your hallway closet and a good lightweight alternative to the traditional back-breaking shovel. If you live in an area with frequent, heavy snowfalls and have a larger area to maintain, you may want to consider stepping up to a snowblower.

Single Stage Snow Blowers

Single-stage electric, cordless and hybrid snow blowers are endowed with all the advantages offered by a similar gas-powered blower, but with none of the drawbacks! Snow Joe blowers are quiet, environmentally friendly, and start reliably every time without having to fuss with fumes, a cold engine or a finicky starter.

Single-stage snowblowers’ augers make contact with the clearing ground, and therefore should not be used on unpaved or gravel driveways, as they will pick up rocks and fling them through the chute – causing damage to the machine and posing a safety hazard to others.


  • Moderate price points
  • Increased capacity means faster clearing
  • No maintenance or costly seasonal tune-ups
  • Safe to store inside a garage


  • The chute can get clogged with wet, heavy snow
  • Dangerous to use on gravel surfaces

Bottom Line

If you live in a suburban area with a one or two-car paved driveway, walkway, and a patio or deck, a single-stage snow blower should fit your needs.

Dual Stage Snow Blowers

Two-stage (also known as dual-stage) snow blowers’ augers, unlike their single-stage counterparts, do not make contact with the snow clearing surface, which means that they are preferred for use on driveways and walkways that are unpaved or covered in gravel. They are also the most heavy-duty snow blowers available, boasting wider augers and a higher intake height than other models, and can thus handle wetter, heavy snow with ease. The on-board impeller keeps the chute clog-free. In general, a dual-stage snow blower plows more snow per minute than its single-stage counterpart.


  • Maximum clearing capacity
  • Plows virtually any type of snow
  • Faster and generally require less physical labor to operate
  • Suitable for paved and unpaved surfaces


  • Higher price points
  • Heavier than single-stage models

Bottom Line

If you live in an area that receives frequent, deep and wet snowfalls, a dual-stage snow blower is the tool of choice. If you will be blowing a gravel surface, a dual-stage thrower is the only choice.

Snow Blower Features and Attachments

  • Headlights – Some Snow Joe snow throwers and snow blower models are equipped with headlights to improve visibility in the early morning hours or at night.
  • Electric Start – All Snow Joe electric snow throwers have electric start mechanisms, which replace heavy pull-cords found on gas-powered snow blowers.  With electric start, you can rely on your snowblower to start every time with the simple push of a button.
  • Chute Control – All Snow Joe snow throwers and snow blower models are equipped with a 180-degree rotatable discharge chute, which allows you to control the direction of the snow stream.  Some, like the cordless iON snow blower, are even equipped with a joystick-controlled automatic chute, which easily rotates the chute without having to maneuver a manual crank.
  • Speed Control – Snow Joe’s two-stage models with this feature boast a digital control panel with 3 forward speeds and reverse for easy use and optimal control.

Snow Blower Accessories

  • Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger – Power your cordless tools with our complete line of 40 Volt lithium-ion batteries that feature no-fade power for maximum job performance. Runtimes vary based on snow conditions.
  • Universal Protective Cover – Provide all-season protection for your new investment. Our covers are made of heavy-duty fabric that won’t shrink or stretch, are water-resistant, and shield against dirt, ice, snow, rain, sun damage, tree sap, and bird droppings.
  • Extension Cord – Our extension cords are designed to withstand the toughest elements. Each cord’s outer jacket provides superior resistance to oil, grease, moisture, and abrasion, and is extremely flexible. Made from PVC, our ETL and OSHA rated cords can withstand temperatures from below freezing -40°F to 140°F. Vibrant color options make them easy to identify in the snow or on your lawn during outdoor use.
  • Chute Clean Out Tool – Keep your chute clear and your hands clean! The Snow Joe Universal Clean Out Tool is designed to help remove snow build-up in your electric snow thrower’s chute. It also comes with a universal mount specially designed to fit most gas and electric snow throwers.


Choosing the best snow blowers is not an easy task. Considering the many models available on the market, one may easily end up with the wrong machine. To avoid being a victim, you should consider going for one of the reviewed Toro electric snow blowers. They have been successfully tested to offer satisfaction to the users.


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