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Best Alkaline Water Pitchers

Best Alkaline Water Pitchers/Drinking acidic water is not recommended for health and this is the key reason why it is recommended to drink alkaline water. The pH value of the water matters the most while deciding its alkaline value. It is the best approach to drink high alkaline pH water because it comes with several health benefits. To alkaline the water before its use, there are alkaline water pitchers available on the market. Based on your budget and requirements, you can choose the best alkaline water pitchers.

Their working operation basically utilizes a drip filtration system to effectively filter out the toxins from your water. All you need to do is just add water from the faucet to the top part of the pitcher. In a matter of a few minutes, the water will get filtered to the base of the pitcher and ready for use. For home use or for on-the-go use, such pitchers are the most recommended solutions. In case your tap water does not face any critical quality problems, using a decent alkaline water pitcher could improve the health of your family. It will be useless to make a purchase if you don’t know the details about the best alkaline water pitchers; therefore, take a look below:

Top Best Alkaline Water Pitchers List

Lake Industries Premium Great Tasting Alkaline Water Pitcher

Lake Industries Premium Great Tasting Alkaline Water Pitcher


By: Lake Industries

Now you will be able to receive the fresh, filtered alkaline water whenever you need through the use of this pitcher from Lake Industries. Basically, this decent quality pitcher unit uses 7 stage cartridges comprising ion exchange resin, mineral balls, tourmaline, and carbon. Furthermore, these constituents blend perfectly to employ a perfect purification process. Throughout their use, there will be the removal of odors, chlorine, and heavy metals. The reason why it is one of the best alkaline water pitchers is that it can discard 90% of all zinc, lead, copper, and pollutants. Consequently, it will create a tasty alkaline beverage.

On top of that, there are several significant benefits of drinking alkaline water through this pitcher. Some of them include the removal of free radicals and the elimination of toxins with powerful antioxidants. There will be an increase in the body’s energy levels and immune system. The best part of using this device for water purification is it is economical & environmentally friendly. You will be able to get rid of using plastic bottles. This is because the manufacturing of such pitchers utilizes the premium quality food-grade ABS materials that are free from BPA.

Also, you may be surprised to know that this pitcher is capable of enhancing the hydration with micro-clustered molecules. It will facilitate your body to effortlessly absorb water more effortlessly by using the micro-clustering. In the pack, you will find a cartridge that may need to replace after certain span of time.

In Short:
  • There will be an improvement in hydration with micro-clustered molecules
  • Due to its slim design, it will conveniently fit in any refrigerator
  • Will remove odors, chlorine, and heavy metals
  • Found budget-friendly and environmentally friendly

#7. Seychelle PH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher


By: Seychelle

There are millions of people who consume polluted water on daily basis and they pose great health hazards. The presence of contaminants is associated with the rise of threatening issues related to health. If you are concerned about protecting your and your family’s heath the consider purchasing this best alkaline water pitcher from Seychelle. Basically, this filter is thoroughly tested to eliminate mercury, lead, chromium 6, asbestos, mtbes, benzene, thms, vocs, chloroform, fluoride, arsenic, and few more.

There are a few filters that may raise the pH only temporarily. The brand Seychelle has spent the last 20 years for developing and perfecting an alkaline filter which could improve the pH value indefinitely. With the use of this pitcher, there will be a boost in pH value till 9.5. The same is successfully accomplished by reducing the water micro clusters from 12 particles to max 6. In this way, the alkaline water will get swiftly and effortlessly soaked in.

Through the use of this pitcher, the elevated hydration assists flush risky contaminants from your inner self instantly. With the use of the output healthy pure water, there will be a boost in energy levels and a reduction in the aging process. The best part is it can restore glowing appearance of your skin.

In Short:
  • Increases the pH value till max 9.5
  • Available at an affordable cost with lots of useful features
  • Comes with an excellent capacity of 100 gallons per filter for different applications
  • Will assist to neutralize the excess acidity of several drinks

#6. Invigorated Water PH Vitality Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher

Invigorated Water pH Vitality Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher


By: Invigorated Water

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The mentioned brand is a global team working on offering fresh supplies of water for all. The brand’s target is to assist people to lead refreshed lives by mindful, devoted actions. It is dedicated to empowering the people internationally by presenting the clean, alkaline based water that is healthy to everyone. Its ambition is to serve the people worldwide with the excellent products, that not just appear good but also promise clean, alkaline water supply whenever, wherever needed. In this decent quality alkaline water pitcher, there is no more plastic. If you are the one who is looking for an alternative to plastic then this pitcher is the best choice. The corresponding modern design will boost the aesthetics of the surrounding. The manufacturing is done using the food-grade, sturdy stainless steel. The pH vitality also comprises of an ice guard keeping the dirt and dust out of your water.

There will be a noticeable boost in the taste, smell and freshness of the water. This is done by the addition of minerals like magnesium, zinc, selenium, and iron. Its formula is devoid of heavy metals, significantly reducing chlorine, fluoride, and chloramine.

In Short:
  • Presents clean, alkaline water whenever and wherever you want
  • There is devoid of plastic, so it is entirely safe to use
  • It is being prepared from the food-grade ultra-strong stainless steel

#5. Naples Naturals 109X2 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Naples Naturals 109X2 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher


By: Naples Naturals

Now you can stay hydrated with this tasty water assisting you to keep invigorated. There will be a reduction in waste by producing clean water supply. It will perfectly balance the water mineral content for infusing coffee and tea. The overall appearance seems excellent on any countertop and perfectly fits in the refrigerator door. The crafting process is done using the superior quality, food-grade resins; these resins are BPA free. It is true that drinking enough water is essential because it will keep your body hydrated for a longer time. The 6 different models from this brand are specially designed to sit fashionably on your counter or can perfectly fit in your fridge door. You will be able to relish the fresh tasking water without any concern or safety issues.

In Short:
  • Prepared from the superior quality, food-grade resins that are BPA free
  • Will decrease the waste by making clean water at the convenience of your home
  • In addition, to provide alkaline benefits, it will let you stay hydrated with the delicious water.
  • Presented in two versatile styles and three dynamic colors

#4. PH ON-THE-GO Alkaline Water Filter Pouch

pH ON-THE-GO Alkaline Water Filter Pouch


By: Invigorated Water

This is one of the best alkaline water pitcher. From Invigorated Water, this one can provide a high pH alkaline water according to your need. Since it is very portable, you can have high PH ionized water at your own convenience, at your house, your office, outdoor sporting, and even on your vacation.  What’s more interesting is that, because the product uses a multi-stage filtering system, you can get so many minerals including iron, zinc, selenium, and more. On top of adding minerals, it also reduces bad chemicals such as chlorines.

Additionally, the filtration system is an excellent one which is also compatible with almost any type of container such as jug, container, or water bottle. On top of that, it is also compatible with ACTIVE Steel Bottle and pH hydrate glass bottle, both of which are from the same manufacturer. And last but not least, the plastic comes with zip-top making it easy for owners to store and use it later on.

In Short:
  • Provides high pH ionized water wherever you want at your convenience
  • There are multi-stage alkaline water filters included to increase the value of the water pH
  • Every filter pouch will last for approximately 72 liters
  • Comes with a reusable zip-top storage pouch that is simple to open and use

#3. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher -6 Filter – BPA-Free, Clear

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher -6 Filter - BPA-Free, Clear


By: Aquagear

Boasting the premium design for maintaining health and sustainability, this water filter pitcher from Aquagear is one of the best alkaline water pitchers. Its making use 100% BPA-free, 100% FDA-approved food-grade materials. Also, it is 100% recyclable and 100% vegan. It is known that the filter conforms and exceeds NSF standards 42 and 53 for contaminant reduction. In the structure, there are triple capacity filters included. These high-quality filters generate 150 gallons of water each that would last 3 times longer than brita filters and will last 4 times longer than zerowater for presenting the maximum lifetime savings. There will be the removal of 2000% more contaminants than brita.

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There is a five-stage filter equipped with 2-micron pores. They come with a lead/fluoride filter; thus, protecting you and your family from contaminants. The same is accomplished by retaining the healthy trace minerals like magnesium and calcium in your water. With every purchase, the Aquagear Foundation offers 6 months of water to those people requiring with biosand filtration.

In Short:
  • Each of the triple capacity filters will produce 150 gallons of water
  • Its included filters provide protection against the contaminants
  • Will retain the healthy trace minerals like magnesium and calcium in your water
  • Its chemical formula is found 100% BPA-free, vegan, and recyclable

#2. Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher



The significant improvement in the water hydration is facilitated by this premium alkaline water pitcher. The hydration is done by the micro-clustering and decreasing the water molecule size. So, this ideal water ionizer pitcher generates easily-absorbable alkaline water, which would get you hydrated faster and effectively. The filtered alkaline ionized water comprises of the minimal free radicals and toxins. Therefore, this pitcher works as a powerful antioxidant and improves your energy levels and immune system.

The structure composes of the 6 stage filter cartridge assisting in removing heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants from water. It is possible to set the pH to a basic value up to a 10 PH based on the source water. Furthermore, it adds magnesium, calcium, and potassium minerals. The output presents a low negative ORP between -100 and -200 mv. Each of the included high capacity water tanks has 3.5L pitchers with a filtration capacity of 2L. Also, it is conveniently shaped to seamlessly fit into your refrigerator.

In Short:
  • Includes the 6-stage filter cartridge to discard chlorine, heavy metals, and some other contaminants from water
  • Every included high capacity water tank 3.5L pitchers has a filtration capacity of 2L
  • Capable of increasing the pH level to 10 based on the water source

#1. Reshape Water 10 Cup Pitcher With 2 Filters

Reshape Water 10 Cup Pitcher With 2 Filters


By: Reshape Water

The 10 cup pitcher in the present discussion is made up of the commercial-grade build quality. It uses thick and sturdy ABS plastic capable of holding the rigors of your daily life. Its designing is done correctly to fit well in your refrigerator or on your kitchen counter. There will be no hassle to clean, and it presents durability. It is true that water purification is affected by different materials, different quality of ingredients and different orders of filtering.

There are ion exchange resins included because this pitcher is made from insoluble organic polymer substrates. In the making, the ion exchange resin beads are utilized while producing pure water as needed. There will be a prime benefit, i.e., softening and removing the contaminants. With the assistance of activated carbon, this pitcher serves as the preferred source of filtering water. The included activated carbon will eliminate lousy taste, risky contaminants, pesticides, etc.

In Short:
  • The included activated carbon eliminates terrible taste and harmful contaminants
  • The implemented filtering system will reduce your water’s oxidation reduction potential
  • Prepared from insoluble organic polymer substrate to discard the contaminants
  • Presents the homemade drinking water benefits

Alkaline Water Pitcher Buying Guides

There are tons of benefits of alkaline water and the same has grabbed the attention of researchers and those who are fitness enthusiasts. Before a few decades, the prevalence of the use of alkaline water was not extreme. In recent times, more and more people have started getting acquainted with its use. The alkaline water pitchers are simple, cost-effective, low maintenance route to receiving a regular supply of healthy, high pH alkaline water. In simple terms, these devices are essentially containers for water with a special lid. The corresponding lid part includes a filter and reservoir to perfectly hold the tap water. When you pour in the tap water or well water, it will pass through the filters and get amassed at the base of the pitcher. With many features of the alkaline water pitcher, you may get confused, so take a look at the buying guide:


Generally, the capacity of the alkaline pitchers ranges from 1 to 3.5 liters. Alternatively, you can understand that the capacity ranges anywhere from 4 to 8 cups or more. For a home with fewer family members, the small-sized alkaline will meet the requirements. They are quite simple to carry around if you want to go on a travel trip. The huge sized variants with a capacity of 3.5 liters are best for household use. Such variants will conveniently fit inside the fridge in case you wish to keep your alkaline water cold.


When you place your water pitcher on your counter or desk, the style is the most essential factor deciding the overall appearance. Some of these pitcher models are presented in a compact size to conveniently fit inside your refrigerator. However, you need to carefully check the dimensions to make sure it will fit perfectly or not.

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Filter Type

The multi-stage filters are usually the most common type of alkaline water pitchers. Such devices may use activated carbon, mineral stones, special resins, and mineral balls. The filtering efficiency is depended on the number of stages. They are capable to filter the water and subsequently add the soluble minerals to raise its pH. Every pitcher does not come with the same capacity to filter fluoride.

Filter Capacity

The filter capacity in simple terms indicates the amount of water a filter cartridge could treat before it needs to be replaced. Generally, the average duration ranges from 1-3 months. If a filter can last longer, then it is better. This is because purchasing the replacement filters could cost you anywhere from $7-$30 or more. There are some companies that utilize the proprietary filters, indicating that you need to purchase your replacement cartridges from them. It may let you compromise on their pricing policies.

Filter pH Capability

The decent quality filters are capable of maintaining high pH levels with values exceeding 7.5. You may find the pH levels to be above 9 in the best performing models. For alkaline water pitchers, consistency poses a problem because the output pH levels are immensely dependent on the existing pH levels present in your well water or tap.

Digital Timer

The presence of a digital timer is considered as an additional feature. In simple terms, a countdown timer will indicate to you when the pitchers’ cartridge is prepared to be replaced.

The Simplicity of Use

Your selected alkaline water pitcher must be simple to use and hassle-free to maintain. The simplicity to use is always mandatory to consider while choosing a suitable alkaline water pitcher. Also, make sure there will be no hassles to wash and take out the filter.


The alkaline water pitchers need to be repeatedly removed from the fridge because their requirements are common. So, your chosen model should be sufficiently durable to last for several years without fail. To ensure durability, you need to focus on the materials used in their making.

Filter Replacement Gauge

There are some customers who insist on purchasing a gauge that denotes whether the filter is filtering the water or not. It will instantly indicate if the filter stops to filter the water. It is vital to consider buying the alkaline water pitchers with the filter replacement gauge because it is not easy to remember when the last time the filtering occurred or the number of gallons used.


The reason behind the extensive sell of the alkaline water pitchers is they are available at affordable prices. You may get a decent quality pitcher by paying anywhere from $35 to $60. The majority of them sell at discounted prices, so your budget will not be severely impacted.

Initial Purchase Cost

Cost is always a prominent factor to consider before purchasing the alkaline water pitchers. It is crucial to keep in mind that several pitchers are packed with many alkaline filters, so they may prove more cost-effective across the long run.

The Filter Replacement Cost

After you have bought your alkaline water pitcher, you need to consider the cost to replace each alkaline water filter as per the need. Occasionally people can purchase a product at an affordable price and the same holds true for the alkaline water printer. Only in some cases, it happens that the costs of replacements are higher than the initial investment. Typically, you need to plan to replace the included filter cartridge every 2-4 months, based on your water consumption.


If you’re looking for the genuine alkaline water pitcher on the market, then this is an excellent article for you. We have reviewed and extensively checked each of these pitchers before adding them to this list. Armed with this information, we believe that you will be able to get the right alkaline water pitcher for your needs

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