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9 Best 6-Person Tents

9 Best 6-Person Tents/A 6-person tent is what you need if you plan to spend some time out with your family, friends or work colleagues. We all can agree that there are many tents and finding one isn’t a struggle. But, not every item is built to last. Some will rip too easily; others will start fading too soon, while some will be a little heavy to carry for an extended time. Picking a tent is more straightforward if you have the right know-how.

You need to know what features are important, your current and future requirements, the best-selling models, and much more. Reading reviews, watching videos, and talking to experts is always a plus when it comes to using a product. In this review, our team of experts has broken down the top 9 best 6-person tents in the market.

List Of Best 6-Person Tents In 2020

Instant Pop Up Tents For Camping 5-6 Person Tent With Sky-Window Easyup-Fast

Oileus XL Instant Pop Up Tents for Camping 5-6 Person Tent with Sky-window Easyup-Fast


If you are a family or a group of 6 people, then this tent is what you might be looking for. The nicely styled item is very practical and useful for many outdoor situations. It’s great for hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting and much more. The spacious piece measures 114.2(L) x 78.8(W) x51.2(H) inches when open and will fold down to the small size of 41.3(L) x 41.3(W) x 2(H) inches.

In addition to that, the polyester-made tent automatically springs open from the snap of the fingers and also folds back easily. The 210T diamond patterned fabric gives it beauty and strength. It has 2 doors for entry/exit, 2 windows for ventilation, and 1 big mesh skylight for improved lighting.

Reason To Buy This 
  • Adequate ventilation guaranteed by 2 windows
  • Suitable for varieties of outdoor applications
  • Comes with a huge mesh skylight for providing
  • Easy entrance and exit simplified by its 2 doors

Coleman Tenaya Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin With Cabinets

Coleman Tenaya Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinets


Measuring 13 by 7 feet, the Tenaya Lake tent is suited for outdoor use. It offers adequate space for as many as 6 people as well as their belongings. The beautiful and sturdily built unit has a large door for quick entry and exit and meshed windows for good air circulation. It has pre-attached poles for comfortable setting up and a fast pitch mechanism. 3 of the poles are made of steel while 3 are pre-connected and made of fiberglass.

Also included is a practical carry bag for easy movement. The built-in 2 x 2 ft cabinets provide additional storage while the Illumining reflective guy lines improve visibility in the dark or at night.

Reason To Buy This 
  • Effortless movement facilitated by its carry bag
  • Supplementary storage presented by its 2 x 2 ft cabinets
  • Convenient setup by pre-attached poles
  • Can sufficiently accommodate up to 6 people

Timber Ridge 6 Person Family Camping Tent D-Shape Door 3 Seasons With Carrying Bag

Timber Ridge 6 Person Family Camping Tent D-Shape Door 3 Seasons with Carrying Bag


This tent measures 11ft long, 9 ft wide and is 6 ft high. It can fit 6 mature adults or 2 queen airbeds. The item boasts of a sturdy polyester cover and is held together by 11 steel stakes. The 7 Guy Ropes helps to secure it to the ground firmly. The large D-shaped door provides excellent access even for large people, and the 1 window offers excellent lighting and ventilation.

Additionally, the interior and the floor surface are very smooth for a better ambiance. It is rated 3 Season and can be used in different environments. The tent has a rain fly cover, flysheet for extra convenience, and a large built-in storage bag.

Reason To Buy This 
  • Comfortable environment inside
  • Excellent access presented by huge D-shaped door
  • No hassles to use it in different seasons
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Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Tent – 17’X9′ 6 Person Cabin Tent With LED Light System

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Tent - 17'x9' 6 Person Cabin Tent with LED Light System


This is one of the most advanced and practical 6-person tents on the market. The Elite WeatherMaster measures 17 x 9 ft and has a screen room measuring 9 x 6ft. The 6ft 8 inch center height is among the tallest on the market, and even tall people will find the tent very comfortable. It’s made of durable polyester taffeta 75D that can bear regular movement, chaffing, folding and unfolding.

What’s more, the WeatherTec system (patent inverted seams and welded floors) keeps water out and also provides a beautiful surface. It stands out for its good lighting that illuminates the surroundings and will provide 26 hours of high brightness, 65 hours of low lighting, and 81 hours nightlight. The Illuminated wall switches simplify the selection of the preferred lighting mode.

Reason To Buy This 
  • No hassles for tall people to accommodate inside
  • Allows selection of the chosen lighting mode
  • The WeatherTec system presents a decent surface and maintains dryness
  • Flexible movement assured by the use of superior quality polyester

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent


This Evanston screened tent will provide a nice temporary shelter for you and 5 other occupants. The 6-person tent is suitable for backpacking, camping, hiking, and other places. It’s made of durable and tear-resistant polyester taffeta 75D and can be set up in 15 minutes or less, depending on your experience. The 10 x 9 ft piece has a 5 ft 8-inch center height and is spacious.

Also, it features a separate screen room that allows you to relax while stopping any bugs and insects. The screen room is 10 ft long, 5 ft wide and comes with a rain fly for maximum protection. It can fit 2 queen size air beds easily. To keep the interior dry, the item is based on the WeatherTec system and has inverted seams and patented welded floors.

Reason To Buy This 
  • Within a few minutes, setup can be done quickly
  • Protection is enhanced by a rain fly
  • No entrance of insects and bugs
  • Excellent shelter system equipped

Coleman Waterproof 10 X 9-Feet 6-Person Instant Tent

Coleman Waterproof 10 X 9-Feet 6-Person Instant Tent


Based on a newly improved design, this Coleman tent is suited for outdoor use. It is liked by campers, hunters, fishermen, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The 10 x 9 ft unit has a 71-inch center height and is ideal for up to 6 people. It features a lightweight fabric and poles for easy installation, removal and carrying. And although the fabric is lightweight, it can tolerate abrasion, regular use, and the elements.

Furthermore, the poles come pre-attached to the tent and this hastens the installation process. According to the manufacturer’s claim, this tent will be up and ready for use in a minute. It looks trendy and fashionable due to modern styling and orange color.

Reason To Buy This 
  • Appearance is made stylish and trendy to enhance your aesthetic
  • Easy installation facilitated by poles and lightweight fabric
  • No adverse effects of external elements during use
  • No issues to accommodate 6 people inside

CORE 6 Person Dome Tent 11′ X9′

CORE 6 Person Dome Tent 11' x9'


You and 5 other people will fit nicely in this dome-shaped tent from CORE. It measures 11 feet long, 9 feet wide and has a center height of 6feet/ 72 inches. The simple design and lightweight is what makes setting up easy. 2 queen air mattresses will fit well inside it, and the lantern hook offers an excellent spot to hang your light. Like most tents from the manufacturer, it features CORE H20 Block Technology.

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Besides that, the ground vent can be adjusted to vary the air movement inside it. It also includes a pocket where you can neatly place your things and a smooth finished floor. The fully closable electrical cord access enables you to charge gadgets and devices while the rain fly offers extra protection from the elements.

Reason To Buy This 
  • Allows charging of your gadgets while you relax inside
  • Implements the latest technology to enhance the comfort
  • Being lightweight, it is extremely easy to set up
  • Measurements are 1 foot (L) x 9 feet (W)

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent


The CORE Instant Cabin Tent is perfect for up to 6 people. It’s very roomy and stands 72 inches (6 feet) tall. The stylish item boasts of sturdy construction to handle the wind, rain, regular movement and vibration. It sets up instantly without needing advanced tools and stays firm on the select point. According to the manufacturer, it will be up in about a minute (60 seconds).

Moreover, the tent has enough space for 2 queen airbeds/ mattresses and also has an access port for an electrical cord. It features CORE H20 Block Technology for the best ambiance and an adjustable ground vent for free air movement. The large wall organizer will keep your things in order while the lantern hook supports lanterns and other lighting equipment.

Reason To Buy This 
  • Can be set up in a minute so it saves time during installation
  • Comes with durable construction to handle different external elements
  • No need to use advanced tools during setup
  • Comes with adequate space to enhance comfort

Coleman Sundome 6-Person Dome Tent, Green

Coleman Sundome 6-Person Dome Tent, Green


6 people will comfortably fit inside this tent from Coleman. It measures 10 x 10ft (3 x 3 meters) and has enough space for two queen-sized airbeds and will still leave some adequate space for smooth movement. The dome-shaped item is green colored and matches with the outdoor environment. It’s made of sturdy and durable polyester fabric and is held together and firmly by continuous pole sleeves.

Besides, it has a center height of 1.88m/ 6 feet to accommodate even tall users and a ventilated floor for good airflow and ambiance. The WeatherTec™ System consists of inverted seams and welded floors that keep water at bay and ensure the interior space is dry. You only need about 10 minutes to assemble the tent and thanks to the built-in storage pockets; you won’t struggle to place your gadget, devices, and other items.

Reason To Buy This
  • Within 10 minutes, assembling is easy
  • Incorporates storage pockets to hold small items
  • Elegant green color matches with environment
  • High stability guaranteed by durable polyester fabric

The 6-Person Tent – Buyer’s Guides

There are quite some things that you need to look for in a tent. The following, however, are the main ones.


A nice tent is made of a long-lasting material to last a long time. Oxford, polyester, and cotton are durable and resist ripping, wear and tear. Aluminum, stainless steel, carbon fiber, and fiberglass are used for making the poles and frame. And for added protection, the fabric is coated with a waterproof and UV-resistant substance.


Just like the material, the supporting framework which comprises of the poles and stakes should be high quality and durable. Thanks to modern technology, you will see lightweight and slim poles that are much stronger than their earlier heavier counterparts. They will offer better support and are more tolerant of heavy rains, wind, warping, vibration, and abrasion and fading.

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Setting Up

The right tent doesn’t require lots of expertise or specific tools to put-up. In fact, the above tents can be assembled in as few as 10minutes. They require simple tools, and an inexperienced user can assemble the item by following the simple instructions. Taking the tent apart is also easy and takes a shorter time.


You are encouraged to go for products that offer easy and quick access. The best will have a large door that has a simple opening/closing mechanism. They feature a double-sided zipper that opens from both inside and outside with ease. It will cover a larger area and will slide smoothly. Metal or heavy-duty plastic zippers are preferred over other types.


Once assembled, the tent should remain firm and intact. You don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night or during your afternoon nap by a collapsing tent. Support is provided by the poles while the stakes improve the sturdiness. Additionally, you need to follow the right procedure, for instance, maintaining the right distance, using the correct number of stakes, and ensuring the poles are well connected.


6-person tents are useful in very many circumstances. You can use them for camping, hunting, hiking, picnicking, fishing and much more. The suitability of the tent is also influenced by the season rating. If you normally use it in different climates and seasons, you should go for one that is ideal for winter, summer, autumn, fall or spring. However, if your area never gets too cold but it is sunny most of the time, you can skip a tent suited for winter.

Other important aspects include quality, weight, waterproofing, spacing, design, and price.

NB: You should always mount the tent in the right manner for good service. This entails following the instructions that come with the unit, avoiding a very windy environment, and ensuring it is well supported by stakes. You should avoid scraping the fabric and poles against rough surfaces. When folded, you need to insert it in a quality carry sack/bag.

In Summary

After reading this review, we are sure that you have an idea of what tent you’ll be going for. Maybe you like because it’s very light but strong at the same time. You may like the #5 because of its easy and quick setup and trendy looks, or the #1 one because of its spacious nature and affordability. Whichever your choice, you are guaranteed to have an amazing experience.

To rank them, we focused on the material, support, setting up and disassembly ease, accessibility, stability, versatility, and movability. They all scored highly in these plus more fields. Make the camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking and other outdoor activities count by picking only the best.

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