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Best Drill Bit Sharpeners – Types, How Choose Best One

Best Drill Bit Sharpeners/Drill Bits Sharpening are cutting tools used to remove material to create holes, almost always of circular cross-section. Drill bits come in many sizes and shapes and can create different kinds of holes in many different materials. In order to create holes drill bits are usually attached to a drill, which powers them to cut through the workpiece, typically by rotation. The drill will grasp the upper end of a bit called the shank in the chuck.

Sharpening is the process of creating or refining a sharp edge of appropriate shape on a tool or implement designed for cutting. Sharpening is done by grinding away material on the implement with an abrasive substance harder than the material of the implement, followed sometimes by processes to polish the sharp surface to increase smoothness and to correct small mechanical deformations without regrinding.

If you grind holes multiple times, you need a durable and high-performing tool. The use of the best drill bit sharpener will improve the performance of the bit. Not only that but also keep it sharper than ever. In this review, we look at the best drill bit sharpeners in 2020.

List Of Best Drill Bit Sharpeners

Drill Bits Sharpener For Multiple Size Carbon

If you have high-speed steel and carbon steel drill bits at home that need sharpening, use this gadget. It is made of quality plastic material which does not discolor, rust, or tarnish like the other materials. Also, it has an appealing look perfect for most locations, such as the home workshop. With a powerful sharpening technology, it is quicker and efficient than the regular sharpeners. Your bits will get a new life as it restores them to perfect shape. No more using worn out bits that decrease the performance. Note that this device handles bit sizes from 9/64 inches up to 25/64 inches to make them look as good as new.

In addition, this item uses only the required desk space. Measuring 5 inches long x 4.4 inches wide x 9 inches, which is a great size to support smooth handling. Follow the included instructions that have additional operating information for the best results. Weighing under 5 pounds, pick this machine up with ease. Then, after use, store it in a safe location. The subtle finish complements the existing room’s style without worrying about color-clashing. Plus, the direct drive ensures you have low maintenance.

Reason To Buy This

  • Suitable for high-speed steel and carbon steel drill bits
  • Quality and longlasting plastic material
  • Superior sharpening technology gives your drill bits new life
  • The lightweight structure weighs under 5 pounds
  • The direct-drive encourages low maintenance

MXBAOHENG MR-20G Drill Bits Sharpener Grinder Grinding Machine

The MXBAOHENG is among the best drill bit sharpeners that give an accurate grinding. This makes it stand out from the rest, which requires too much effort but doesn’t deliver the expected results. It uses a unique sharpening mechanism that grinds rapidly and accurately to ensure you have a smooth operation. Not only that but you dint have to have any skills to restore your drill bits to life. Besides, the competitive price of this gadget gives you a cost-effective service while improving the operation. You can work on your items for as long as you require with maximum comfort. The design of this accessory is best for high-speed carbide or steel drill bits that have between 3-20mm thickness.

Featuring a durable grinding wheel, it works smoothly and precisely to give your accessory an extended life. Also, it positions it to an accurate angle for the best results. With a powerful DC motor, it can withstand constant use without malfunctioning. Besides, the horse[power and stable frequency add more user convenience. Note that the engine is electrically controlled to save on energy as well as time. Additionally, this machine lets you set up quickly by adjusting the central point size. Then, it coordinates with the drill hole material and rotation speed. Not only that, but it controls the quality precision to help extend your drill bits life.

MXBAOHENG MR-20G Drill Bits Sharpener Grinder Grinding Machine for High-Speed Steel/Carbide 3 - 20mm with Adjustable Locating Pins/Adjustable Angles from 90°to 135° (110V)
  • 1.Grinding is accurate and rapid, easy operation with no skill to grind.
  • 2.Economical price that greatly reduces the cost and improves the use effect.
  • 3.The grinding wheel can be equipment directly with an accurate angle and long service life.
  • 4.The electrically controlled and powerful DC motor: stable frequency, strong horsepower and long service life.
  • 5.The machine is set up with the function of adjusting a point (central point) size, which can effectively coordinate with the material of drill hole and the rotation speed. It can control the quality precision and prolong the service life of the drill bit.

Reason To Buy This

  • Gives an accurate grinding
  • Sharpens drills bits faster than other brands
  • Operating it does not require any skills
  • For high-speed carbide steel drill bits
  • Powerful and reliable DC motor

118 Degree Twist Drill Bits Angle Gage Grinding Center Gauge Sharping Tools

This is another best drill bit sharpener from the Drill Bits Gage company that offers dependable service. Made of longlasting stainless steel, it looks good and also guarantees simple maintenance. Wipe off the glossy surface with a wet towel to remove dirt and other foreign elements. Another advantage the shiny surface offers is smooth style coordination in most places such as welding area and workshop. This machine rotates up to 118 degrees to makes the operation more flexible. You don’t have to fix the drill bit in one angle, which limits maneuverability.

This equipment comes with a sturdy sharpening gauge for grinding tools to improve their look. Also, the sharper the metals, the better to improve performance. This also lessens the effort used when working on a project. For the best maintenance method, avoid piling a welding inspection ruler with other metal accessories. In the case of distortion, the friction between the metal elements may cause blur scales and malfunctions. Also, don’t wipe the scale area with an amyl acetate to prevent damage.

118 Degree Twist Drill Bits Angle Gage Grinding Center Gauge Sharping Tools
  • Drill bit angle gauge for measuring drill bit 118 degree
  • Packed in plastic bag
  • Laser engraving,easy to read
  • Made of stainless steel, not easy to rust and bend
  • Pocket size,easy to carry

Reason To Buy This

  • Dependable and safe design
  • Longlasting and easy to maintain stainless steel
  • Rotates up to 118 degrees for more flexibility
  • Sturdy and reliable sharpening gauge
  • Restores drill bits life
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Pcs/Set Drill Bit Angle Gauges Stainless Steel Drill Sharpener

If you’re looking for the best drill bit sharpener that has a durable design, stop searching. The Gloglow machine is constructed using premium stainless steel that has a high hardness to support the extended operation. You can sharpen your drill bit for as many times as you desire to restore them to life. This will, in turn, improve work performance and also safety. With a 60-degree cutting tool angles, it supports a tooth-shaped tool as the 55-degree angle for other designs. The included measuring tools help measure angles to give you the best sharpening operation. Additional accessories include the blade tool and metric thread for more convenience.

The included protractor is useful when measuring to give the best accuracy. Also, its front edge is 50 gauge with a 118 angle twist suitable for 118 ¡ã apex diameter under 50mm thick. Confirm the size using the drill apex angle ranging from 60 ¡ã up to 160 ¡ã. Furthermore, this machine acts as an angle gauge set for drill bits that pass proper drill sharpener standards. You can use it anywhere that has a flat surface, such as a desk, to have better accuracy. Also, the design is lightweight to encourage easy portability and placement.

3Pcs/Set Drill Bit Angle Gauges Stainless Steel Drill Sharpener Tools S/S Angle Measuring Gage Hand Measure Tools
63 Reviews
3Pcs/Set Drill Bit Angle Gauges Stainless Steel Drill Sharpener Tools S/S Angle Measuring Gage Hand Measure Tools
  • ➤This Angle gauge set is made of high quality stainless steel, high hardness, and durable in use
  • ➤Cutting tool angle is 60 degrees for a tooth-shaped angle 55 degree angle and metric thread, inch thread inspection, blade and special measuring tools for measuring angles
  • ➤Diameter drill front edge of the protractor 50 gauge 118 degree apex angle of twist drills grinding gauge suitable for 118 degree apex diameter of not more than 50mm of grinding twist drills
  • ➤Check the drill apex angle (60 degree, 70 degree, 90 degree, 110 degree, 118 degree, 125 degree, 135 degree, 150 degree, 160 degree)
  • ➤This is a practical Angle gauge set in drill bits Angle measuring and drill sharpener inspection

Reason To Buy This

  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Provide high hardness suitable for frequent use
  • Flexible 60-degree cutting tool angles
  • Improves drill bit’s sharpness
  • Ideal for tools under 50mm thickness

Multi-Sharp 2001 Multi Sharp Dual Purpose Drill And Tool Sharpener

The Multi-Sharp is a dual-purpose sharpener that works on a variety of tools, including drill bits. It accurately sharpens both the HSS and masonry bits, not excluding 2 and 4-edged bits plus SDS Plus, as well as the Brad center, point bits. We love the sturdy grinding jig that precisely positions each bit type over the wheels. The tires are made of quality material that moves swiftly and smoothly to improve performance. This item also grinds the relief angles and the correct tip for flexible service. You can run it using an electric drill, depending on your preferred power source.

Re-sharpening and re-edging your workshop tools is possible with this machine. Use it for scribers, bradawls, cold chisels, punches, laminate, tile, and TCT cutters. It is more versatile and supports a variety of accessories than other brands. This gadget has high compatibility that fits most power drills with a drilling capacity between 3 to 13mm. Get an extended service, thanks to the silicon carbide and aluminum oxide wheels. The grinding castors are replaceable for more user convenience.

Multi-Sharp 2001 Drill Bit Sharpener
861 Reviews
Multi-Sharp 2001 Drill Bit Sharpener
  • Resharpens the following bits: HSS, masonry, SDS-plus, brad-point: 3-13 mm diameter
  • Grinding jig accurately sharpens tip/relief angles - 118 degree - 135 degree. Extends drill bit life for years
  • Replaceable aluminium oxide (2002) and silicon carbide (2003) grinding wheels available
  • Also re-edges and resharpens small tools, including carbide-tipped
  • Fits any power drill

Reason To Buy This

  • It has a dual-purpose design suitable for multiple drill bit types
  • Sharpens both masonry and HSS bits
  • Works well with an electric drill
  • Re-sharpens and re-edges scribers, cold chisels and more
  • Replaceable grinding wheels

Multi-Functional Electric Knife Sharpener/Chisel/Plane Blade/HSS Drill

The Maxman is an exclusively customized tool sharpener to give you maximum flexibility. It has a spare sharpening wheel that moves up to 360 degrees for easier maneuverability and fine grinding. Also, they are replaceable with a lovely diamond shape making this machine cost-effective. The additional diamond screws are also replaceable with original plastic screws as well as the small wrenches. We love the ergonomic design of this machine to improve handling comfort. It has anti-slip rubber legs for maximum stability. Besides, this material is longlasting and easy to maintain than the rest. With an adjustable guide, you get the best cuter head angle between 15 to 50 degrees.

In addition, this product boasts of strong magnet adsorption, perfect for 6 to 51mm knife width. Plus, the drilling angle is adjustable to meet a variety of drill bit sizes ranging from 3 to 13mm. Durability and high-performance is a guarantee than to the high-engineered plastic body. Not only for longlasting effects, but it also delivers additional appeal that blends in well with the surroundings. The included 3 disassemblies grinding head structure works well with a variety of chisels, kitchen knives, scissors, twist bits, and even drill bits. There is no need for using too much grinding when this accessory does the same process in seconds. For first time use, make calibration and adjustments to get the best results or follow the video carefully.

Reason To Buy This

  • Comes with a 360-degree spare sharpening wheel
  • Delivers a fine grinding action
  • Anti-slip legs offer optimum stability
  • Strong magnet adsorption
  • Supports a variety of drill bit sizes
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CZS Drill Bit Sharpener Portable Diamond Drill Bit Sharpening Tool

Let us look at another best drill bit sharpener by CZS company suitable for grinding the iron drill bits. If you have high hardness bits, this is not the best machine for sharpening them. Finding the right angle using your hand or tapering the tool’s edges is a thing of the past. With this unit, it enhances the utilization of your drill bits to solve angling troubles. Not only to save money and time as you work on your drill bits to improve their lifespan. Besides, you get maximum efficiency and reliability than using conventional sharpeners. It is compact to allow use in small spaces and improve portability. Use it with a power drill to help keep your bits sharp to minimize effort during operation. Using blunt objects may result in poor effects and a waste of time.

Built from lasting ABS plastic, it delivers maximum strength to withstand excessive use. Also, the grinding wheels are made of pink corundum which is rustproof and durable. They grind an iron drill bit easily and quickly without any wear. This machine is ideal for drill bit size between 5/64 inches up to 1/2 inches. Plus, the extra wheel acts as an instant replacement in case of damages to the initial one. Use the included wrench to tighten or loosen the drilling angle.

CZS Drill Bit Sharpener Portable Diamond Drill Bit Sharpening Tool Corundum Grinding Wheel for Iron-based Drill Bits Fit Width Range 5/64”-1/2” (2-12.5mm),with Extra Corundum Grinding Wheel and Wrench
  • 【Application】This diamond Drill Bit Sharpener is mainly used for grinding iron drills, not suitable for other high hardness drills.
  • 【Easily Increase the Life of Drill Bits】Forget the days of trying to find the correct angle by hand or accidentally tapering the edge of your tools. Improve the utilization of drill bits, solve the troubles you have been buying drill bits, save time and save money.
  • 【Reliable and Efficient】Compact and portable drill grinding tool, Use this drill bit sharpening tool with your power drill to keep bits sharp and ready for use.
  • 【Material】Made of high-quality ABS plastic and pink corundum grinding wheel,high hardness, rustproof, solid and durable,it can grind iron drill bit very well, and it is durable and not easy to damage.
  • 【NO-RISK PURCHASE】Please feel free to contact with the seller if you have any questions about our products. If you’re unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we’ll immediately refund your the full money.

Reason To Buy This

  • For grinding and sharpening iron drill bits
  • Easy to find the correct drilling angle
  • Its compact structure improves operation and portability
  • Strong and longlasting ABS plastic
  • Rustproof pink corundum grinding wheels

General Tools 825 Drill Grinding Attachment

Extend your drill bits life with this best drill bit sharpener by General Tools. It quickly sharpens them to restore them to their former glory, which results in improved performance. The sharper the bits, the more comfortable and smoother they drive through an object. You can use them to perform a DIY project at home, workplace, or other places as the sturdy gauge allows you to adjust the angle to match the bit point angle, and also on countersinks. That means more flexibility and wide application using the same tool. This accessory looks great in any setting and has a lovely subtle finish.

Designed with a swivel neck, it pivots smoothly to give you a simple grinding. Not only at both sides but improves the bit’s appearance. Featuring a drill grinder attachment, it works well with UL, OSHA, and ANSI approved standards for surfaces and electric bench grinders. Carry this item securely to a suitable place and enjoy a comfortable operation. It does not weigh that much to improve portability, unlike using bulky designs.

General Tools Drill Grinding Attachment #825 - Drill Accessories - For use with ANSI, OSHA, and UL
739 Reviews
General Tools Drill Grinding Attachment #825 - Drill Accessories - For use with ANSI, OSHA, and UL
  • EXTENDS THE LIFE OF DRILL BITS: Bring new life into used bits. This sturdy tool can quickly hone and sharpen large and small drill bits, returning them to factory accuracy. It's designed with a pivoting neck to sharpen both sides of the bit equally.
  • ANGLE ADJUSTMENT: With adjustment features that cater to your needs, you can match the point angle of nearly any bit and work on countersinks. This handy drill bit sharpener for all bits supports standard angles of 88, 68, 59, 49, and 41 degrees.
  • MACHINE TOOL ACCESSORIES: No more damaging your bits. The non-marking depth stop-cap is a safety feature that protects the material's surface. It's a must-have for your tool bench and easily attaches with a vice clamp for quick and accurate sharpening.
  • PROFESSIONAL AND HOME WORKSTATION: This convenient and portable tool measures 4.91" L x 4.91" W x 7.38" H and is ideal for anyone who needs quick and precise grinding for construction, woodworking, and home improvement projects.
  • GENERAL TOOLS: We have been a recognized leader in the innovation, design, and development of specialized precision tools for many years. We encourage craftspeople, artisans, and DIYers to work smarter, measure better, and increase productivity.

Reason To Buy This

  • Extends and restores your drill bit’s life
  • Compact structure for home or outdoor use
  • The flexible neck swivels smoothly
  • Grinds both sides of a drill bit
  • Simple to carry, operate and store
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Woodstock D4144 Drill Sharpener

The Woodstock is a well-made drill sharpener available in the market. Although some users feel it needs some practice, it does not disappoint in delivery and performance. You can use the optional limit tab when rotating the control for a safe action. The extent of the drill bit from your tool has a safe distance perfect for beginners and even experts. In addition, this item comes with a lockdown function that keeps your drill bit stable. Also, it is simple to reset the angles a dozen times comfortably than using your hand and eye.

Set the low-speed level for a simple side sharpening using the grinding wheel. Note that the tire is 1.5-inch thick and 8-inch in diameter to offer maximum precision during operation, especially for lathe tools. The design of this equipment keeps your drill bits cool as the cutting edge avoids loss of temper power. That means your bits will work for more drilling projects before the need for replacements. Moreover, this device’s structure is adjustable to support various drill-point angles. Not only that, but sharpens bits from 1/8″ to 3/4″ with maximum speed and accuracy.

Woodstock D4144 Drill Sharpener
  • Sharpen drill bits from 1/8-Inch to 3/4-Inch with speed and accuracy
  • Adjustable for various drill-point angles

Reason To Buy This

  • Well-made and robust drill sharpener
  • Require a bit of handling practice
  • Comes with an optional limit tab for rotating the control
  • Simple to reset the position and angle of the bits
  • Sturdy and thick grinding wheel

Drill Bit Sharpener Tormek DBS-22 – The Drill Bit Sharpening Jig Attachment

We love the design of the Tormek best drill sharpener that uses modern Water-Cooled Systems. It comes with 4-facet points that bring your chisel edge tip that does not work with straight or round holes with close tolerances. Besides, this machine always delivers equal two cutting edges that work by symmetrically sharpening for the perfect unison. Not only to save time but also energy when compared to using traditional tools. Now, you can have a comfortable drill bit sharpening at home or in the workplace to leave your bits appealing and longlasting.

When you operate this gadget, ensure you follow the included operational instructions. It offers more information that makes using an easy task. You can also grind all point angles ranging from 90 to 150 degrees. For an optimal clearance angle, set your drill to 7, 9, up to 14 degrees to meet your sharpening requirements. Moreover, this equipment has a holder to improve the stability of your drill bit in operation. Note that it is compatible with sizes from 3mm to 22 mm, to give you the best results. Made of high-performing material, you get a secure, simple, and extended service.

Drill Bit Sharpener Tormek DBS-22 - The Drill Bit Sharpening Jig Attachment For Tormek Water-Cooled Sharpening Systems.
  • 4-facet point brings the point to a chisel edge that will not walk and bores round, straight holes with close tolerances
  • The always equal two cutting edges are sharpened symmetrically and work in perfect unison which prolongs the life of the drill
  • Sharpens all point angles between 90 and 150 degrees
  • The optimal clearance angle can be set according to each drilling requirement to 7, 9, 11, or 14 degrees
  • One drill holder sharpens drill bits from 1/8-Inch (3mm) to 7/8-Inch (22 mm)

Reason To Buy This

  • It operates by a Water-Cooled System
  • Safe and easy to use 4-facet points
  • It symmetrically sharpens your drill bits
  • The grinding points are 50 to 150 degrees
  • Stable and appealing drill bit holder

Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener

Make your grinding easier and faster with the Drill Doctor machine. It saves you time and money you could have spent on inferior sharpening materials that don’t deliver precise grinding. Not only that, but it also sharpens the broken and dull drill bits more quickly than other brands. Designed to handle bit sizes ranging from 750X 3/32 inches up to 3/4 inches, it supports most standard dimensions. Use it for cobalt, carbide, tin-coated, or masonry drill bits. We take note of the adjustable angles between 115° to 140°, for more flexibility. Position and angle your item quickly to get accurate and stunning results. Besides, this item is easy to use, thanks to a modern sharpening system. It makes it easy to keep your bit sharp and perfectly angled to improve work performance.

With a dimension of 13.8 inches long x 5.8 inches wide x 11.8 inches high, this product is easy to handle. Also, its 3-pound weight makes it easy to carry and store when not in use. An added advantage is a sturdy and stable construction that encourages extended performance. The material does not fade, chip, or peel to give you a lasting service. Plus, a flexible material gives you simple custom flexibility.

Amazon Best Seller
Drill Doctor DD750X 750X Drill Bit Sharpener for High-Speed Steel, Masonry, Carbide, Cobalt & Tin-coated Drill Bits with Adjustable Angles from 115° to 140°, Sharpens 3/32 – 3/4" Drill Bits gray/black
  • Sharpen multiple types of drill bits – high-speed steel, masonry, Cobalt, & tin-coated drill bits. Designed for the serious tool user, This professional, easy-to-use system makes it simple to keep a sharp, perfectly angled cutting edge on bits you use often
  • Custom point angle sharpening – set any angle from 115° to 140° with cast aluminum point angle shuttle for added durability, A unique back-cut split-point bit an extra-narrow chisel point, making it faster to penetrate and less likely to wander on the material you are drilling in To
  • Extend the life of your bits – from 3/32-inch to ¾-inch, create & remove split points & adjustable material take-off allows you to adjust the amount of material removed during sharpening
  • 3-Year warranty - protects every Drill Doctor bit sharpener against defects due to workmanship or design, using a 115V machine in a location with 230V power sources voids the warranty
  • Manufactured in Oregon - We design, engineer, & assemble our sharpening machines all under one roof in the USA

Reason To Buy This

  • Saves drill bit sharpening time and energy
  • Grinds broken and dull bits
  • Suitable for cobalt, carbide, tin-coated, masonry drill bits
  • The compact design has a 13.8-inch length
  • Stable and reliable construction

The Best Drill Bit Sharpeners: Top Features

You don’t have to replace the dull-looking and old drill bits you have at home. The best drill sharpener offers maximum support to grind your drill bit to restore it to former glory. Let us look at the top features of this machine.


The newer drill bit sharpeners are compact and yet powerful. They take minimal placement space suitable for home or workplace. Also, other designs weigh less than 3 pounds, to improve carrying and handling without causing hand strains.

Angling Feature

The next factor is the angling design of your machine. Some can rotate up to 360 degrees while other less than 180 degrees. It all depends on the user’s requirements and the areas the bit gets sharpened.


The overall construction of this machine should withstand constant use and different metal pressures. A design made of metal is more durable than plastic. At the same time, it offers better strength to last for an extended time.


Lastly, an advanced drill bit sharpener can handle different thicknesses, styles, and types of bits. The most common ones include or cobalt, carbide, tin-coated, or masonry drill bits. It helps restore them to life to eliminate the worn-out and dull look.

How To Buy The Right Drill Bit Sharpeners?

If your work is where you need a drilling work regularly, you need to buy in the drilling machine along with a drill bit sharpener. Working is a sharpened is like working with anew drill machine where every bit passes through the surfaces with little effort. When buying a drill bit sharpener, take the following factors into your consideration.


There are various types of drill bits available. While buying a drill bit sharpener, you have to make sure that the sharpener supports the drill bits you have. Generally, a drill bit sharpener works for multiple types of drill bits, and therefore, it will cater to most of the drill bits you have. There is also a measurement concerning the range of gauges of the drill bits.


The construction of the drill bit sharpener will define the comfort level of sharpening. Secondly, it will also determine the safety factor. A lot of risks arise while sharpening the drill bits even when you are super careful in handling them. The construction of the drill bit sharpener has to be such that all such risks are eliminated, and the sharpening act should be as effortless as possible. As a matter of fact, the construction will also determine the compactness and ease of storing.

Speed and Accuracy

Different sharpeners offer different speeds and accuracy. You should check the speed and accuracy explicitly because the ones with good speed and high accuracy will always display it as a badge of honor. The speed has to be consistent as it tends to slow down in some sharpeners with the progress of time and the heat generated. The minimal steps taken for the sharpening is always a preferable one. Generally, two steps are enough but sometimes, three steps produce a quality result. The more control you have on the precision level, the better will be the sharpening.

Apart from these, the material used in a sharpener determines the durability of the product. The heavy-duty material must be used so that it does not halt during continuous sharpening. The material also determines the heat dissipation level and the degree of vibration.

Furthermore, the angle range of the sharpening is crucial for accuracy and quality sharpening. You should also check the fact that it is suitable for sharpening the drill bit material you have. Some of them are tailor-made for steel only while others support cobalt and tin as well. It should not have much maintenance as such.

In Conclusion

Do not throw the dull-looking drill bits you have at the workplace or home. Using the best drill bit sharpener will restore your drill bits’ life to improve performance. Other machines are made from quality material that can handle excessive user operation. Other work well with multiple drill bit types, including cobalt and even masonry. Choose the best drill bit sharpener from our products for the best service.


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