Sexy, Attractive, Luscious Lip- How Way I Can Get It

Sexy, Attractive, Luscious Lips
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Sexy, Attractive, Luscious Lips. The upper and lower lips are referred to as the “Labium superius oris” and “Labium inferius is”, respectively. The juncture where the lips meet the surrounding skin of the mouth area is the vermilion border, and the typically reddish area within the borders is called the vermilion zone. The vermilion border of the upper lip is known as the cupid’s bow. The fleshy protuberance located in the center of the upper lip is a tubercle known by various terms including the procheilon (also spelled prochilon), the “tuberculum labii superioris”, and the “labial tubercle”.The vertical groove extending from the procheilon to the nasal septum is called the philtrum.

Surface anatomy of Sexy, Attractive, Luscious Lips

The skin of the lip, with three to five cellular layers, is very thin compared to typical face skin, which has up to 16 layers. With light skin color, the lip skin contains fewer melanocytes (cells which produce melanin pigment, which give skin its color). Because of this, the blood vessels appear through the skin of the lips, which leads to their notable red coloring. With darker skin color this effect is less prominent, as in this case the skin of the lips contains more melanin and thus is visually darker. The skin of the lip forms the border between the exterior skin of the face, and the interior mucous membrane of the inside of the mouth.

The lip skin is not hairy and does not have sweat glands. Therefore, it does not have the usual protection layer of sweat and body oils which keep the skin smooth, inhibit pathogens, and regulate warmth. For these reasons, the lips dry out faster and become chapped more easily.

Classification of hemoglobin disorders

The thalassemia syndromes
A. β-Thalassemia

  • Clinical classification:
  •  β-Thalassemia minor or trait
  • β-Thalassemia major
  • β-Thalassemia intermedia

Biochemical/genetic classification:

  • β
  • -Thalassemia
  • β
  • +
  • -Thalassemia
  • δ-Thalassemia
  • γ-Thalassemia
  • Lepore fusion gene
  • δβ-Thalassemia
  • εγδβ-Thalassemia
  • HPFH
  • “Dominant” β-thalassemia (structural variants with β-thalassemia phenotype)
  • β-Thalassemia with other variants:
  • HbS/β-thalassemia
  • HbE/β-thalassemia

B. α-Thalassemia

  • Deletions of α-globin genes:
  • One gene: α
  • +
  • -thalassemia
  • Two genes in
  • cis
  • : α
  • -thalassemia
  • Two genes in
  • trans

: homozygous α+-thalassemia (phenotype of α

  • -thalassemia)
  • Three genes: HbH disease
  • Four genes: Hydrops fetalis with Hb Bart’s

Nondeletion mutants:

  • Hb Constant Spring

C. De novo and acquired α-thalassemia

  • α-Thalassemia with mental retardation syndrome (ATR):
  • Due to large deletions on chromosome 16 involving the α-globin genes
  • Due to mutations of the ATRX transcription factor gene on chromosome X
  • α-Thalassemia associated with myelodysplastic syndromes (ATMDS):
  • Due to mutations of the ATRX gene
A. Sickle cell disorders
SA, sickle cell trait
SS, sickle cell anemia/disease
SC, HbSC disease
S/β thal, sickle β-thalassemia disease
S with other Hb variants: D, O-Arab, other
B. Hemoglobins with decreased stability (unstable hemoglobin variants)
Mutants causing congenital Heinz body hemolytic anemia
Acquired instability—oxidant hemolysis: Drug-induced, G6PD deficiency
C. Hemoglobins with altered oxygen affinity
High/increased oxygen affinity states:
Fetal red cells
Decreased RBC 2,3-BPG
Carboxyhemoglobinemia, HbCO
Structural variants
Low/decreased oxygen affinity states:
Increased RBC 2,3-BPG
Structural variants

 Way to Get Sexy, Attractive & Luscious Lips

Good care and protection is the best way to get luscious lips quickly. These tips and home remedies will make your lips sexy and appealing naturally.

Do you want to learn some tricks to keep the lip skin soft and beautiful? The lips are an important focus of our facial beauty. With the arrival of cold or hot weather, it is not common to suffer from chapped lips which are not nice and can be uncomfortable. The harsh weather can cause breakage of lip skin and make it look unattractive and is something we cannot solve alone with lipstick.


One of the best tricks to get sexy lips is to exfoliate once in a while. As we perform natural exfoliation treatments of facial skin regularly to remove dead cells, you must also exfoliate lips. The surface skin of the lips needs to be exfoliated from time to time to make it smooth and beautiful. The easiest is to exfoliate your lips using a wet toothbrush (no toothpaste) and gently rub lips. This will help remove dead skin and leave you soft and luscious lips. You also have an option to buy some lip exfoliant. A natural recipe is to mix a little sugar and honey to form a paste, add it over your toothbrush and then gently move the toothbrush to remove dead skin.


Try to always apply lip balms and protectors. Make it a habit as it is best to use a lip balm daily for prevention against dryness. Using a moisturizing cream or lip balm gives you moisturized and soft lips. Remember to hydrate before bedtime. As before bedtime apply moisturizer to your face and body as well as lip balms on the lips. Thus, you ensure constant hydration which helps prevent the effect of cold and dry lips. Simply moisturizing lips at frequent intervals will double the speed to make lips sexy and luscious.

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The skin of the lips is one of the areas that need more sun protection effect. It is a very sensitive area and it is important to take care for its sensuous and silky look. Whenever you are outdoors, use a lip moisturizer possessing UV protection filter. There are many options with protection from traditional lip glosses to moisturizing and nourishing butter classic lip balm. To prevent dry lips with temperature changes, it is best to use lip balm with sunscreen in summer and in cold uses a moisturizing balm with cocoa butter, shea butter or avocado.



Natural Ingredients Create Sexy Lips

Natural ingredients make the best looking sexy lips, and they are available very easily. Some natural ingredients to create sexy lips are:

  • Sliced Tomatoes  – Massage your lips gently with sliced tomatoes for a much softer and sexier look.
  • Sliced Cucumbers – Cucumbers have high water content, so a gentle massage with cucumber slices is sure to rehydrate your lips.
  • Coconut Oil –  This particular oil contains essential fatty acids, which work wonders on lips by locking in the moisture, giving lips a much fresher look. The wonderful coconut oil, among its many properties, has the power to hydrate lips. That’s right, apply with fingers a little coconut oil on your once a week and enjoy constant softness on your lips.
  • Olive oil – Its oiliness and high-quality vitamins are gentle to the skin. Apply this oil to the lips at night and wash in the morning. It is ideal for lips because it provides softness, moisture, and shine.
  • Almond oil – Like the previous oils, almond oil is counted as one of the most recommended for its nutrients and characteristics. It is a part of many beauty products and cosmetics. Apply this oil on the lips when dry and clean with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. Repeat several times a week, always at night.
  • Sugar – In just a few minutes make your lips like new by removing the cover of dead cells. The ideal way to use is to combine it with honey. Take two tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon of honey and mix well. Apply on the lips, with light massage and let stand a few minutes. Rinse with warm water
  • Aloe vera – It is a great ally of the skin and also benefits to get luscious lips. With antibacterial and moisturizing properties, it is helpful to prevent dryness and chapping. In this case, you only need to take a piece of aloe, tear the leave, remove the gel and apply to the lips. Let it absorb and penetrate the skin for 30 minutes and then wash.

Every Day Care

Facial exercise


Alternate Lipsticks From Time To Time

Some lipsticks contain harmful chemicals in them that do not harm lips in the short run but do damage them if used for longer periods of time. Try switching between lipsticks from different brands to ensure your lips do not get damaged. Also get a lipstick that has a moisturizing effect for added safety.

Treat The First Signs Of Aging

If you start noticing cracks on your lips that should be warning enough for you to start taking care of your lips – these cracks can be a sign of aging. Before going to bed every night, massage your lips with olive oil. In the morning clean your lips with antibacterial soap and immediately apply some lip balm on your lips to keep them from drying out. Make this a daily habit until the lines and cracks disappear.

Use The Right Liner Technique

Sometimes the right makeup techniques can do wonders for the way your lips appear. The liner is what defines your lip shape, and if you have thin lips try applying the liner little on the outside of your original lip line, but still keep the lip shape. Fill the line with the lipstick of your choosing. This will make your lips look bigger and sexier immediately.

Protect Lips From The Sun

The sun has the ability to suck the moisture out of everything. Nature provides you a solution to protect yourselves from the harmful UV rays of the sun; Oils. Your lip surface does have a very thin layer of natural oils to protect itself from becoming dehydrated, but that layer is not enough on hot sunny days. Apply sunscreen even on your lips when applying it on your face, because it will protect your lips from the sun and keep them from drying out. You can even buy lipstick with sun screening ingredients in them.

Adopt Good Habits

Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water every day because good hydration leads to sexy looking lips. Also, if possible, drink a lot of fruit juice to get all the essential vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy because only then will you have sexy lips. Try to take multivitamins if you are afraid you still have nutritional deficiencies.

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Use The Best Lip Plumper

Your choice of lip plumper can make all the difference. While famous brands might have a lip plumper product, it does not ensure that they lip plumper will be of any good to you. Try getting lip plumper from Dior, Prestige or even Smashbox. Their lip plumper products are not only cheap but also work wonders on the lips. You must also make sure that the lip plumper you are buying as all the right natural ingredients in them. Remember, the most effective lip plumper will be the one that will improve your collagen production because collagen is the protein that keeps your lips skin healthy and younger looking; so, choose lip plumper wisely.

Way To Get Naturally Plump And Sexy Lips

There are two ways you can get plump and sexy lips: By proper makeup and by adopting healthy habits. Proper makeup includes nice lip plumper, a light lip gloss, and a slightly darker lip liner in contrast with your lip gloss. Healthy habits include drinking a lot of water every day, using a lip balm, and massaging your lips every now and then to keep them clean and hydrated. By following these tips, you are bound to get sexy lips in no time.

Remember, moisturized and hydrated lips are a key to having sexy lips, so before you use any method or product, make sure that it provides you with the right amount of moisturizer.

Exfoliate with a toothbrush

To get rid of your dark lips, start exfoliating your lips regularly. One of the most simple ways to exfoliate your lips is by using a toothbrush. All you need to do is take a toothbrush with soft bristles, dampen it with water and start rubbing it gently on your lips. Rub the toothbrush in circular motions gently. By doing this you will stimulate blood flow and at the same time all the dead skin will come off making your lips look pink and soft.

Use homemade scrubs

Since your lips are sensitive when compared to the rest of the face, try to use a homemade scrub to exfoliate them instead of the ones that are available loaded with chemicals. Start exfoliating your lips with a homemade scrub. You can whip up a natural homemade scrub using sugar, honey, and organic coconut oil. Simply add two tablespoons of white or brown sugar, one teaspoon honey, and one tablespoon coconut oil.  Mix all the ingredients and massage it gently on your lips for 30 seconds and then wash it off with warm water.

Moisturize your lips

To get rid of dry and flaky lips, regularly moisturize your lips. When you frequently moisturize them, you will notice that they will start looking soft and pink. For intense moisturization use a hydrating lip balm throughout the day and use a dollop of petroleum jelly before going to bed. You should always wear a lip balm with an SPF to protect your lips from the harmful UV rays in extremely sunny conditions. You can also use cocoa butter, olive oil or coconut oil for intense moisturization.

Remove make-up at night

Never go to your bed with your makeup on. Make sure that you remove your makeup completely before retiring to bed. If you leave your lipstick overnight, it can cause your lips to become extremely dry and discolored. Remove your lipstick and lip liner using a make-up remover or cleanser before bed. You can also use olive or almond oil to wipe off your lipstick using a cotton ball.

Quit smoking

Smoking is not only injurious to your health but also for your beauty. Smoking cigarettes can stain lips and teeth, turning them dull and dark. So if you really want your to lips to look beautiful and pink, stop smoking and you will notice an improvement in the appearance of your lips.

Hydrate your lips

Stay hydrated, as it is important to keep your body hydrated, otherwise, slathering on moisture on your lips will make no difference. So in addition to applying intensive hydrating moisturizer on your lips, hydrate them from within. Make it a point to drink plenty of water and other liquids every day. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables with a high water content like watermelon, tomato, and cucumber.

Don’t lick your lips

In order to moisten our lips we tend to lick them when they become dry, but this can actually cause them to become even more dry. Avoid licking your lips all the time and instead use an intense moisturizer to moisten your lips. Keep a small jar of lip balm of petroleum jelly handy all the time.

Use pomegranate seeds

One of the most popular home remedies for lightening dark lips is using pomegranate seeds. Crush the seeds of the pomegranate seeds with some cold milk to form a thick paste. Now apply this paste to your lips repeatedly throughout the week to get pink lips.

Use turmeric and milk

There are innumerable benefits of turmeric and milk. A mix of turmeric and milk has always been the go-to recipe for skin, cold and cough and what not. You can also use this mixture to get healthy and pink lips. Make a paste of a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a little bit of cold milk. Apply this on your lips and leave it for 5 minutes before washing it off with warm water to get rid of the discoloration and to get healthy and pink lips.

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Use beetroot juice

Though you might not be too tempted to gulp down a glassful of beetroot juice, do you know using beetroot juice will actually make your lips turn pink just like the shade of beetroot. Yes, using beetroot juice will help big time as the juice acts as a natural lip stain. It will turn your lips a bright cherry red temporarily and when applied on regular basis it will gradually lighten your dark lips.

Use raspberry lip mask

Using a mix of raspberries, honey and aloe vera gel will work like a magic on your dark lips. Simply mix two crushed raspberries, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of aloe vera gel and apply this mask on your lips. Leave this mask for five minutes and then rinse with warm water. Apply a little bit of moisturizer afterward.

 Use rose petals

You can use rose petals in different ways to get back that pink tinge on your lips. Crushed rose petals, when applied to your lips will give your lips a naturally rosy color! Or you can also use a rose petal, honey, and milk cream paste to scrub your lips twice a week. Another method is to soak rose petals in raw milk and grind the mixture to make a paste. Add honey and saffron to it and apply it twice a day. Leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing it off to get a  pretty pink flush.

Apply mustard oil to the belly button

An ancient remedy that has proven to be effective when it comes to taking care of lips is applying mustard oil to your belly button. It might sound bizarre but applying a drop or two of mustard out to your belly button before going to bed will give you naturally soft and pink lips by removing the dryness.


  • A bad habit that often many people have is lip licking and biting. We do unconsciously more often than we realize, but this causes the lips to dry quickly. Regular lip licking is a major reason for the cracks in the lip skin. To eliminate this bad habit, it is best to replace it with a healthier habit, for example when you find yourself licking, apply balm immediately and this will avoid dry and ugly lips.
  • You know that cigarettes are terrible for health, but are also bad for your lips. Smoking causes wrinkles around the lips with the passage of time. And while it is a hard habit to quit, but you have many health and your beauty benefits by not smoking. If you want to get sexy lips then leave cigarettes.
  • As we age, our lips and the skin around starts looking dull. One way to prevent wrinkles and prevent damage is to apply anti-aging cream around the lips. No need to spend money on a special anti-aging cream, you can apply the same that you use in the eye area. Applying a little cream before going to bed can help us prevent these hideous wrinkles. This simple trick can maintain luscious and sexy lips even when you grow older.
  • Choosing the right lip color based on your dress as well as the occasion is important. Attractive lip colors can make your lips look soft and bulky and thus help you get sexy lips. For fuller and luscious lips, it is best that you select a lighter shade with some shine. Strong lip colors are super fashionable and really help you get luscious lips. Try different colors and you will come to know what suits you the best.
  • Before applying lipstick, it is best that you line the border of the lips. This provides a frame and applying lipstick becomes easier. If you want to improve the shape of your lips you must outline them and then use a cream concealer around to get the right symmetrical shape. This will also help prevent lipstick smearing. Then apply the lipstick of your choice. If you want to add some volume, apply a little gloss to the center and this will make lips luscious and sexy.

Attractive lip colors and proper lip makeup can help you get luscious lips, but before that you need to keep lips clean and moisturized. Use these tricks to make lips sexy and attractive and also remember to stay away from all the lip injuring habits.


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