Vitamin B14 – Deficiency Symptoms, Food Source, Health Benefit

Vitamin B14
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Vitamin B14 is a compound or vitamin that is a group of B vitamins and thought belongs to be a combination of Vitamin B10 and Vitamin B11. It is an essential vitamin for the human body to run the specific function and immune booster. The main source of vitamin B15 is wine, whole grains, liver, kidney, and egg. It has not been isolated to a specific substance. Currently, very little is known about Vitamin B14. It was isolated from wine and originally thought to be a metabolite of xanthopterin. However, biochemist Earl R. Norris disputed that xanthopterin was actually Vitamin is currently little knowledge about this vitamin B14. It was first isolated from wine. This vitamin is actually found to be a metabolite of xanthopterin. However, it was said by a biochemist Earl R. Norris xanthopterin was Vitamin B14. It is thought to be similar to vitamin 10 and vitamin 11.

Deficiency Symptoms of Vitamin B14

The deficiency symptoms of vitamin b14 are –

  • Deterioration of red blood cells – It is an important element of blood cell, that helps to carry oxygen to the cell and it microconidia
  • Pernicious anemia – It one kind of blood disorders due to mall absorption of the vitamin in the intestine
  • Accelerated production of cancer cells – It helps to immune booster to  destroy cancer cells
  • This is an important vitamin for the body and its deficiency may lead to the destruction of red blood cells, anemia, usually pernicious anemia as well as increasing growth of cancerous cells in the body.
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Food Sources of Vitamin B14

The food that contains a huge amount of vitamin b14 are

  • Plant Sources: These include legumes, wine organ, grains, and yeast etc.
  • Animal Sources: These include meat, liver, kidney, heart, and eggs etc

Health Benefit of Vitamin B14

Possible functions of Vitamin B14:


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