Best Car Sun Shades – Types And How To Choose It

Car Sun Shades/Windshield sunshades (also known as sunscreen shades, sunscreens, sun car shades, sun shields, heat shields, or UV shields) are protective shields attached to a car’s windshield or side window to keep the sun from reaching the interior and help reduce the temperature inside it.

If you are looking to buy the best car sun shades, then this article can be your guide. The interiors tend to get hot and it becomes extremely uncomfortable. Besides the harmful effect of UV rays, the sun damages the seats as well. The way to put a stop to all of this is by using a stylish but effective sunshade that will block the scorching rays and also protect the seat upholstery. Here are some shades that add value to what you pay for them:

List Of Top 10 Best Car Sun Shades

A1 Windshield Sun Shades A1+27 A1 For Car SUV Truck Minivan Ultra-Premium

The product comes in 6 different sizes featuring a secure-fit configuration. The sunshade makes it possible for a user to protect the rear-view mirror as well, as it even wraps around the rear-view mirror of the car. The sunshade manages to keep the interior cooler and ensures that the UV rays do not enter the vehicle. The sunshades perfectly fit the vertically short windshields in addition to keeping the dashboard cooler.

A1 Shades Car Sun Shade for Front Window Size Chart for Cars Suv Trucks Minivans Keeps Your Vehicle Cool Heat Shield (Small)
108 Reviews
A1 Shades Car Sun Shade for Front Window Size Chart for Cars Suv Trucks Minivans Keeps Your Vehicle Cool Heat Shield (Small)
  • 7 sizes to choose from for accurate fitment in any car SUV truck and minivan
  • Size-chart for hassle free purchase experience
  • Superior 230t nylon vs 190t/170t used by competitors
  • Configured by ASE certified automotive technician
  • Please contact us if you don't see your vehicle in the size chart

Reason To Buy This

  • Windshield sunshade protects the interior of the Vehicle
  • The product prevents seats and electronics from heating up
  • The Sunshade comes with a one year 100% money-back guarantee

Movie Car Window Shade – (3 Pack ) – 21″X14″ Cling Sunshade

Movie Car window shades come in a pack of three with a size of 21″ x 14″. These shades help keep the skin irritation-free and the static cling of these window shades helps with easy application. All you need to do is place the sunshade on the side you want it to be and run a hand across it. No glue of strap is required to fix these shades. These window shades are suitable for large SUVs, full-size cars as well as Minivans. This package includes a pouch wherein you can store the shades. This package comes with a money-back guarantee.

34,889 Reviews

Reason To Buy This

  • This cling sunshade for car filters 97 percent of UV rays and protects from the scorching sun
  • These sunshades help to keep the interiors of the car cool.
  • The mesh used in these sunshades allows the driver to see through.
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color Car Windshield Sun Shade – Blocks UV Rays Sun Visor Protector

These Sunshades come in four different sizes; a classic (59 x 27.55 inches), a standard (59 x 31 inches), large (63 x 33.5 inches) and extra-large (65.7 x 36.4 inches). This shade is a high-quality sun blocker that helps to shield from UV rays and maintains the interior temperature of your car. The setup is a cake-walk and these shades can be folded for convenient storage in the door pockets. These shades come with a money-back guarantee.

Amazon Best Seller
EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade | Reflector Sunshade Offers Ultimate Protection for Car Interior | Cool Car Reflective Sun Blocker Fits Small Sedans, Mini SUVs, & Hatchbacks | Medium (64x32 inches)
78,779 Reviews
EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade | Reflector Sunshade Offers Ultimate Protection for Car Interior | Cool Car Reflective Sun Blocker Fits Small Sedans, Mini SUVs, & Hatchbacks | Medium (64x32 inches)
  • Shield Your Ride: EcoNour's sunshade for car windshield blocks UV rays, reduces heat build-up, and ensures cool comfort on hot summer days.
  • Uncompromising Quality: Made from premium quality 240T polyester material, our window sun shade for car is durable, lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Easy to Install: Effortlessly install our window cover for car without tools, fold it and store it in the storage pouch for hassle-free storage.
  • Find Your Perfect Fit: Must-have car accessory, our sunshield for car windshield is designed to fit most standard-sized windshields perfectly, measuring 64x32 inches.
  • Compatible: Experience maximum sun protection with our dash protector, available in multiple size variants to ensure compatibility with most family-sized four-wheelers.

Reason To Buy This

  • color Windshield Sunshade fits windshields of many sizes.
  • This Sunshade keeps the car cool and also helps to protect the seats and covers.
  • These sunshades filter UV rays so that the travel is safer than before.

Shaddox Universal Fit Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade (2 Pack)

This protective layer on the window of your car is extremely easy to install. The shades are flexible and stretchy, and the mesh can be pulled down as soon as you are about to take your seat in the car. This shade fits a maximum of 44.3 x 20 inches dimension. These breathable mesh shades protect your skin from irritation and also maintain the interiors of the car by barring the sunlight from directly heating the surface. The temperature can be regulated, and these shades are beneficial when it comes to preventing overheat or burns.

Amazon Best Seller
Shade Sox Universal Fit Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade (2 Pack) | Protects Your Baby and Older Kids from The Sun, Fits All (99%) Cars! Most Mid Size SUV's
  • ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR KIDS! Smaller children ride in the back seat, and are the passengers most likely to be bothered by high temperatures and bright sunlight. Protect your loved ones in their car seats and booster seats by applying these sunshades to the rear side doors of the car. This provides UV protection, cuts sun glare, reduces heat, and prevents your children from getting burned or overheated
  • INCREDIBLY EASY TO INSTALL! The flexible, stretchy mesh just pulls down over the open car door. Fits almost every car to a maximum of 44.3 inches by 20 inches.
  • YOU CAN STILL ROLL DOWN THE WINDOWS! The mesh is breathable, and because it’s on the exterior of the door frame, you can still roll down the windows and enjoy a nice breeze from outside while staying protected from the sun. Stick on tinting can’t do that!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!! Each sunshade is well made, durable, and easy to use. Buy a set today before it gets any hotter out there!
  • BONUS GIFT: an eBook featuring 10 creative ideas for keeping children occupied in the backseat while traveling.

Reason To Buy This

  • Shaddox Universal Fit car side window sunshade comes in a pack of two.
  • These shades fit almost all the cars and keep the passengers safe from ultraviolet radiations.
  • These shades effectively cut the glare while reducing the heat.
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Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade- 80 GSM (KF2 Car-Shade)

These sunshades are bigger than what is normally available. They are conveniently used for most of the vehicles offering extra coverage and sun protection. Each Sunshade has two sides. One is made out of premium cling material while the other has a protective mesh of 80 GSM. These Sunshades are provided with a pouch for easy and convenient storage and no adhesive is required to stick these shades, a little pressure on the shade gets it going.

Windshield Sun Shade for Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Toyota FJ Cruiser XS
14,581 Reviews
Windshield Sun Shade for Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Toyota FJ Cruiser XS
  • NOTE*** XS size will fit only Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Toyota FJ cruiser and a few other models. Please make sure to find your vehicle in the size-chart for a correct size.
  • Protect Vehicle's Interior: Keep steering seats electronics and dashboard area cooler to touch
  • Best Coverage Best Fit: Our Secure-Fit configuration even wraps around the rear view mirror and provides best coverage possible
  • Dimensions: Windshield Size upto 58 inches x 19 inches (from inside) ex. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Toyota Fj Cruiser

Reason To Buy This

  • These amazing sunshades from kinder Fluff come in a pack of three
  • These 20 x 12 sunshades fit most of the vehicles.
  • These sunshades provide extra protection and help to regulate car temperature by blocking the sun.

Veneev Car Windshield Sun Shade – Car Sunshade Protector

Two side window shades in this package are of 20 x 12 inches dimensions and rear window shades are 17 x 19 inches in dimensions. The usage is very convenient, just take the shades out of the pouch and press against the window. These shades work with “twist and fold” technology which allows easy storage in the pouch provided with the package. Veneer shades come with a money-back and a lifetime guarantee and also offer SPF 30+ protection.

Veneev UV Ray Deflector Car Windshield Sun Shade
  • Built to last - Made from high quality metallic polyester material which reflects the sun's heat - stylish pouch for quick and flat storage!
  • No more heat flaring you in face when opening the car door! Avoid hot and untouchable steering wheel!
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays -Our sunshade keeps your vehicle interior as good as new & keeps the value from declining.
  • Large Flexible Frame Easily Adjusts to Fit most cars / minivans / SUV - Fabrics Edges Measurement: 62.99" x 33.86"

Reason To Buy This

  • Veneer Side and Rear Window Car Sunshade protector are the best travel companions which ensure protection from 98% ultraviolet radiations
  • This complete package includes two side window shades, Two rear window shades, a dashboard mat and a storage pound.
  • Easy to use Sunshades ensure that the entire car is a safe haven for travelers.
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Coveted Shade Car Windshield Sunshade

These sunshades ensure that they reflect back ultraviolet radiation keeping the passengers safe and irritation-free. The car interiors are protected by the usage of these shields. These Sunshades are extremely easy to use and are very durable. The package contains a pouch which facilitates easy and convenient storage. The Sunshades are a must-have as it comes with a one-year money-back guarantee and your car is never going to feel like an oven ever again.

Car Windshield Sunshade (59' x 31.5') UV Protector Shields Auto & Keeps Vehicle Cooler - Easy to Use Pop Up Car Sun Shade for Standard Size Front Windshields
2,433 Reviews
Car Windshield Sunshade (59" x 31.5") UV Protector Shields Auto & Keeps Vehicle Cooler - Easy to Use Pop Up Car Sun Shade for Standard Size Front Windshields
  • Keep Your Vehicle Cooler: No more burning steering wheels, scorching dashboards, or hot interiors
  • Protect Your Vehicle from Sun Damage: We use the highest quality 210T material to reflect harmful UV rays away from your vehicle
  • It’s Easy to Use and Store: Pops up for quick use and folds away in a nice storage pouch. See how to fold the sunshade properly and easily in the Related Video Shorts down below.
  • For Regular Size Windshields: L = 59" (150cm), W = 31.5" (80cm), Ring Diameter = 27" (68cm). Fits most standard size windshields. See our size chart for suggested make and models.
  • Warranty & Guarantee: Each sunshade comes with a 1-year money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with the sunshade (size doesn't fit, defective, rips, breaks, etc.) we'll issue a full refund. Just reach out to us and we'll take care of the issue. We’ll do what we can to make things right with you.

Reason To Buy This

  • Coveted Car Windshield Sunshade is suitable for Cars, trucks SUV and minivans
  • These Sunshades are available in three sizes; Standard (59 x 31.5”), Jumbo (63 x 35 inches) and Extra Jumbo (70.9 x 39.4’).
  • These Sunshades make sure that your steering is no more burning, and the interior is not suffocating.

Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade

These sunshades turn down the heat to a large extent as they block the direct rays making the ride extremely comfortable. These Sunshades are very easy to use and can be folded to be stored in a sleek pouch which is the part of the package. These shades are ideal for SUVs, Vans, Trucks, and cars. The material used in these shields is of very high quality which mainly consists of Silver-coated nylon. Strength and durability are unrivaled. These Shields come with a 1-year money-back guarantee.

Windshield Sun Shade + Bonus Products. Excellent UV Reflector - Keeping You Cooler with A Pristine Interior - Sun Shades That are Easy to Use See The Reviews
661 Reviews
Windshield Sun Shade + Bonus Products. Excellent UV Reflector - Keeping You Cooler with A Pristine Interior - Sun Shades That are Easy to Use See The Reviews
  • Imagine a windshield sun shade keeping you comfortable during the hot days, why not stop the sun now and cool off some! Our sun shades will turn down the heat in your interior so you can enjoy driving without being sweaty or miserable any more!
  • Keep your interior looking good, our sun shade protects your vehicle from UV damage, Its awesome! No more cracking or fading just all around solid protection, so you can maintain the integrity of your interior for years to come!
  • It's easy and convenient to use, a retractable style that folds down into a sleek pouch. Now you will be able to easily store your sun shade without any hassle!
  • The good thing about our sun shades is that they fit really well with windshields that do not exceed 59x26 inches! Great for SUV's, Trucks, Vans, and Cars, we recommend our customers to measure first before purchasing, its very simple!
  • Go and get yours now and start feeling refreshed with a cooler vehicle and keeping a pristine interior.

Reason To Buy This

  • These sunshades are available in three different sizes; Small (59 x 27.55 inches), Medium (63 x 33.87 inches) and small (65.7 x 36.4 inches).
  • These Sunshades will help to keep the interiors as good as new.
  • No more UV damage, cracking or fading.

Shade Pro Car Windshield Sun Shade

The three different sizes of this shield come with exact pre-requisites. For example, a standard-sized sunshade is best for 27 inches windows, 27-33 inches is for Large and over 33 is for extra-large. These shades ensure that the car temperature does not go too high and also puts a stop to Ultra Violet radiation and other skin related issues created because of direct sun rays. The setup for these Sunshades is straightforward and the storage is convenient are the Shades can be easily folded. The product comes with a money-back guarantee, which ensures a full refund or replacement.

Pro Shade SUNSHIELD UV Reflecting Fabric Car Sun Windshield Protector, Extra Large
533 Reviews
Pro Shade SUNSHIELD UV Reflecting Fabric Car Sun Windshield Protector, Extra Large
  • ⚡⚡⚡MEASURING REQUIRED - Please measure your windshield height (down the middle): if under 27 inches order STANDARD, if between 27 and 33 inches order LARGE, and if over 33 inches order EXTRA LARGE⚡⚡⚡
  • ✅TEMPERATURE REGULATING - The interior of a car left exposed to the sun can heat up to 20°F or more than its surrounding environment. The Pro Shade keeps the sun out while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your car throughout the day
  • ✅EASY SETUP - The Pro Shade pops out and folds back up in seconds making it convenient for daily use
  • ✅NO HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We know you'll love our Pro Shade, that's why if you aren't 100% satisfied we will provide you with a refund or a free replacement - whichever you prefer

Reason To Buy This

  • Shade Pro Car Sun Shade windshield protector is available in Standard, Large and extra-large sizes.
  • These shades act as efficient temperature regulators.
  • Now it is easy to keep away the UV rays and protect the car interiors with these shades.

EzyShade Car Windshield Sunshade

These sunshades are extremely easy to use and pack. The style is excellent, and these fitting sunshades offer a striking appearance when in use. Every package includes a non-slip sticky dashboard mat which can be used to maintain a grip on accessories like cell phones. These sunshades provide maximum protection from harmful radiations and help to keep the interiors beautiful by avoiding color fading and related issues.

EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade with Shield-X Reflective Technology. See Size-Chart with Your Vehicle. Foldable 2-Piece Car Sunshades Reflect UV Sun and Heat and Protect Your Car. Standard (Medium) Size
  • Shield-X Ultra Reflective Technology: EzyShade have partnered with Shield-X to produce sun shades that consistently leave car interiors cooler and more comfortable than comparable reflective sun shades (up to 15% cooler).
  • Best Coverage Best Fit: Find your vehicle in the comprehensive Vehicle Size Chart. EzyShade Sunshades are 2 identical rectangular shades allowing for maximum adaptability to your car’s windshield. You can install vertically or horizontally to achieve the perfect fit.
  • Easy to Use and Fold: EzyShade’s unique design gives you two folding options, one of which is so simple that EzyShade even guarantee it. EzyShade is quick and easy to install, and quick and easy to fold and store away. Check out the folding video on this product page.
  • Keep Cool: The superior double shade design combined with Shield-X Ultra Reflective Technology offers maximum coverage and efficient UV and sun protection (over 99% block out), keeping you and your passengers cooler and happier.
  • Added Extra: Every sunshade purchased includes an added non-slip sticky dashboard mat. This convenient little mat lets you slap your cell phone, change and other small items against your dash, maintaining a secure grip.

Reason To Buy This

  • These sunshades offer the best coverage for the windows for the maximum blockage of Ultraviolet rays.
  • These shades are available in two identical rectangular shades to allow the user to use it according to the size of the window in a vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • The Double shade design ensures a regulated temperature inside the car.


These Sunshades offer a stylish and effective way to put a stop on harmful radiation and scorching heat inside the car. These shades can come handy if you are traveling with a baby or have a history of skin-related issues pertaining to sun rays. All of these shades maintain an easy grip on the window without any adhesive with just a little press against the surface. The selection can be based on color, size, material, storage, number, etc. The above-listed sunshades are the cream of the market and have been tried and tested.