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Stun Batons – Types and How To Buy It

Stun Batons /As a dealer in personal security accessories, I always pay close attention to what I sell to the public. The truth is that insecurity has become a matter of concern as the cases of attacks from intruders continue to rise. To help protect themselves better, many people are now turning to stun batons. To avoid selling the customer the wrong thing, I always examine the products I stock before selling. I pay special focus to the portability, length, the voltage delivered, ergonomics, quality, reliability, durability, and brand reputation among other aspects. Through the years, I have sold all kinds of products. However, the following are the top 10 best stun batons I have handled.

List Of Top Best Stun Batons

Police Force 12,000,000- Tactical Stun Baton

#10 Police Force 12,000,000- Tactical Stun Baton

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Delivering up to 12 million volts, this stun baton will stop the attacker right on the spot. I love its lightweight and compact design that makes carrying easy. It’s constructed from strong materials for added strength while the efficient trigger ensures it responds instantly. And considering it’s used by the military, police, Security professionals, and other law enforcers, you can be certain of its reliability and durability.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Double Stun Technology delivers charge from 4 separate points.
  • Tactical Striking Edge for added effectiveness
  • 13.5-inch length for minimal contact with the attacker
  • Built-in ultra-bright flashlight for better visibility in the dark

Police 300,000,000- Stun Baton

#9 Police 300,000,000- Stun Baton


With this Police baton, you will able to incapacitate an attacker momentarily. All you do is press the trigger. It’s one of the most powerful pieces I offer, and this is why law enforcers and security professionals choose it. It comes in a heavy-duty design courtesy of the metal construction and is suitable even in the most demanding situations. I love its simple design and good ergonomics that make handling it easy. Carrying it shouldn’t be a problem since it’s light in weight.

Reasons To Buy This
  • 300 million volts to stop any attacker instantly
  • Aluminum housing for durability and easy maintenance
  • Long reach for improved safety and minimal contact
  • Control switch at the base for enhanced safety
  • 320 lumens Cree flashlight for better illumination

Cobra Max Power 25,000,000 Rechargeable Stun Baton

#8 Cobra Max Power 25,000,000 Rechargeable Stun Baton


This stun baton is popular with many people including law enforcers, security experts, and normal people. Consumers love its sturdy construction that can tolerate poor handling and lasts for many years. They also like the easy-to-use trigger that delivers a high voltage when you need it. Many consumers also choose this accessory because of the good quality and ergonomics as this guarantees them of maximum satisfaction.

Reasons To Buy This
  • 25million volts for maximum stopping power
  • A long handle for better reach and improved safety
  • 3-mode (High, Low, Strobe) LED flashlight for added safety
  • Wrist strap pin for disabling the unit when pulled away

Guard Dog Ultimate Defesen Stun Baton

#7 Guard Dog Ultimate Defesen Stun Baton


This particular stun baton has been one of the best selling units this year. Many people love the thundering voltage that it emits as this guarantees them of safety. Some love its simplicity and portability that makes using and carrying easy. Other than being a stun baton, this accessory also doubles up as a flashlight, clubber, and nightstick. It emits powerful 300 lumens of light that easily blind the attacker. You can also hit the person without damaging it thanks to the solid construction.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Concealed Probes for improved safety
  • Powerful, blinding 300 lms flashlight reaches up to 320 yards
  • 5 light modes for improved versatility
  • 8,000,000 volts and thunderous noise to scare the intruder

Stun Master 12 Million Volt Black Stun Baton

#6 Stun Master 12 Million Volt Black Stun Baton


Many people who buy this product always praise its proper voltage that will keep the attacker at bay. Many will carry it while walking their dogs, have it in the car, at home or even the office. It’s among the lightest in weight but among the most powerful.

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Besides the scary voltage, this accessory also produces a thunderous sound that either will “freeze” the attacker or will have him/her scampering for safety. And to prevent an attacker from snatching it and using it on you, it comes with a safety pin.

Reasons To Buy This
  • 12 Million volts for maximum effect
  • Built-in blinding flashlight for improved security and illumination
  • Ergonomic design for better handling and comfort
  • 1 / 2- pound weight makes carrying easy

Police Force 12,000,000 Tactical Stun Stick

#5 Police Force 12,000,000 Tactical Stun Stick


If you care about your safety, then you will find the Streetwise Police Force baton worth a thought. Regarded as one of the best stun guns in the market, this accessory is popular with law enforcement personnel, security personnel, and individuals.

In addition, it is lightweight and compact, simple to operate, and delivers a powerful shock. The unit features a nice quality and is crafted from top-grade material for strength and durability. It comes with a convenient wrist strap, holster and is powered by two 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

Reasons To Buy This
  • 12,000,000 volts for a shocking stop
  • Wrist strap and holsters for better handling
  • The heavy-duty case for improved carrying and storage
  • SABRE Spray for added protection against dogs

Security Products Mini Barbarian Stun Baton Flashlight

#4 Security Products Mini Barbarian Stun Baton Flashlight


Streetwise has built itself a name when it comes to reliable stun batons. The Mini Barbarian is one of the brand’s best and is fit for ordinary people, security professionals, as well as law enforcers. It’s among the small-sized units but also among the powerful accessories on the market. Besides the high voltage shock, it also produces a menacing sound that does a pretty good job of scaring the attacker.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Shockproof exterior to protect you and the internal components
  • Triple Stun Technology (TST) for delivering an electrical charge via three separate points
  • Nice length for easy and safe reach

Vaxiner Security All Metal Tactical Stun Baton

#3 Vaxiner Security All Metal Tactical Stun Baton


Professionals and ordinary people prefer this stun baton for many reasons. One, some love the powerful voltage that stops an attacker. Two, they like the compact and lightweight that improves carrying and handling. Three, some choose it because it’s easy to use even for first-time users. Also, other reasons that make it worth buying include heavy-duty design, good length, durability, and quality construction.

Reasons To Buy This
  • 88,000,000 volts for best performance
  • 3Mode tactical flashlight for extra security and lighting
  • 3 Watt CREE LED emits up to 240 lumens of light
  • 14.5-inch long handle for better safety and minimal contact with an attacker

POLICE SECURITY 999,000,000 All Metal Stun Baton

#1 O-Mega Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun 150,000v


As implied by the name, this stun baton aims at providing you with extreme security. The heavy-duty accessory is built from sturdy materials and is perfect for many situations both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, it boasts of type III aluminum alloy body that resists dents, fading, rusting, and corrosion while guaranteeing you of long life. Other than the powerful voltage, this device also features a powerful built-in flashlight.

Reasons To Buy This
  • 999,000,000 volts for instant incapacitation
  • Heavy-duty construction for long life
  • 400-lumen tactical light for added security
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for strength and durability

O-Mega Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun 150,000v

#1 O-Mega Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun 150,000v


This stun gun has been featured in many movies and is one of the top choices in the market. It comes with a unique design and technology that minimizes the chances of you missing the target.

And as an added benefit, the entire shaft is electrified to prevent the attacker from snatching it from you. It very powerful and meets minimum safety and security standards. The baton is allowed in most regions and is suitable for most day-to-day applications.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Powerful 150,000 volts for the ultimate stopping power
  • Non-projectile design for improved effectiveness
  • 360-degree electrified shaft for improved safety
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Buying Guide For Stun Batons

A stun gun is recognized as a type of electroshock weapon which functions by providing an electric shock to a threat. It is true that the purpose of the electric shock is to temporarily interrupt muscle and motor functions when imposing a considerable amount of pain, without making any injury. On the market, there are many different types of electroshock weapons available. The term ‘stun gun’ basically relates to a device that delivers an electric shock through direct contact.

How do Stun Batons work?

The stun baton devices use short bursts of high-voltage shocks and these bursts are used at a low current level in order to disturb muscle functioning. Characteristically, the device would include two exposed electrodes which are pressed against an attacker. By depressing the trigger button, it will send out a high-voltage electrical current into the electrodes which subsequently travels across the clothes and finally into the attacker’s body.

The Usefulness Of Stun Batons To Stop An Attacker

The person present on the receiving end of the shock would probably don’t know what hit them. The efficient, non-lethal electric shock that disturbs the typical functioning of the muscle movements will successfully disable the attacker for a small span of time. The same is based on the device as well as the shock’s duration.

Many times, the shock will lead to the attacker losing every control of their movements. Moreover, the attacker will probably drop towards the ground in an unsettled, disabled, and confused state. The interesting thing to note is the electric shock interrupts the functioning of the brain. The included circuits that would typically regulate the movements are obstructed by the electric shock. Consequently, the effects of obtaining an electric shock from the device would usually persist for different places with time ranging from a few minutes to over half an hour. By weakening, an attacker with a device of such type provides the defender with sufficient time to escape the attacker and then call for help.

Speed Of Stun Baton’s Operation

A stun gun usually works immediately once it comes in contact with the attacker. The corresponding electric shock is sufficiently powerful to immediately restrain a future attacker, providing the victim with sufficient time to flee the situation. Furthermore, such weapons only present a shock to the assailant, though they have a hold of you. It is known that the electric shock passes through their clothes and is fully absorbed by the attacker’s body.

There is a common fallacy that such weapons may lead to a heart attack to the person on the receiving end. However, this is not true because the device is actually non-lethal and does not create any permanent injury. The attacker would wonder if they faced a huge injury because of the pain inflicted. The disorienting, as well as debilitating effects of such tools, are found to be highly effective for the purpose of self-defense.

Features To Consider While Buying

The described below are the different considerations that you need to think of before buying the stun baton device that is finest suited for your needs.


One of the most essential aspects of stun baton devices is their voltage output. The voltage of this device is directly proportional to its stopping power. Moreover, the current market is occupied with a broad range of voltage ranges; therefore, proper care must be taken when selecting suitable ones. Typically, the voltage will range from 50,000 volts on the low end and it can reach up to 20,000,000 volts. The stun baton devices with a lower voltage rating would even employ enough power output to stop an attacker.

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Like with any other products, the present market has a broad range of stun baton devices available. Usually, their size ranges from small, medium, to large. It is vital to consider the simplicity of use and portability while choosing among different size options. For example, the mini stun guns are made small and lightweight that simplifies the hassles to carry around. There are several stun baton devices of this size that more affordable than some other larger models. In addition to this, the medium-sized weapons are quite simple to transport and hide. Generally, the large-sized stun batons are widely used by law enforcement and bodyguards.

Legal Restrictions

Prior to making a purchase of your personal defense device, it is essential to properly research and stays aware of any laws related to their use. It is crucial to note that every state does not make its use legal, but some states allow their use with some legal restrictions. You need to check with your local law enforcement agency to make sure that using these types of devices is legal in your region.

Other Features To Consider

The presence of a disable pin is a practical feature that avoids the attacker from utilizing your device against you. Generally, the device is connected to your body using a wrist strap. In case the pin is pulled out then it won’t work.

Inclusion of the rechargeable batteries is often preferred over disposable batteries. These batteries eliminate the need to test and substitute the batteries.

It is good if you purchase a stun baton with an alarm. The moment you find yourself in danger, you just have to press the button, and the incorporated feature emits sound as an ear-splitting alarm. Consequently, the irritating noise will entice the attention and then send the assistant in the other direction. Apart from stun gun stopping power, the alarm feature enhances protection prior to an assault.

The appearance of a flashlight stun gun resembles a regular LED flashlight and employs a bright beam. You may consider a flashlight stun gun as a powerful stun gun that you can carry inconspicuously while going for your office. So, nobody will be able to know that you are carrying intense personal protection.

Final Thoughts

Stun batons are among the best personal defense systems. They are light, easy on the hand, ergonomically designed, simple to use, and deliver a high voltage without personal contact. This makes them suitable for most people, both male and women. Nonetheless, not every item guarantees you of the best service. Some may be a bit heavy or too light; others are not very solid and can easily spoil, while some may not deliver an incapacitating voltage.

To help you use the least time and effort when choosing a stun baton, we reviewed different products available on the market. We based the research and comparison of the most critical issues. These include portability, voltage, ergonomics, reliability, design, brand reputation, ease of use, length, and construction quality.

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