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Snow Cone Syrups – Types and How To Buy It

Snow Cone Syrups/My love for snow cones is what triggered me to research the best snow cone syrups. I wasn’t always addicted to snow cones until a friend of mine organized a friend’s come-together event, and they were available in abundance. From that day, I became a huge snow cone syrup’s aficionado. Given their constantly increasing numbers, narrowing the search down to a single product is not an easy task. That’s why I have sifted through more than half a dozen options in an attempt to unravel the best ones. Here are the best snow cone syrups.

List Of Best Snow Cone Syrups

Six Bottle 12.7oz Home Snow Cone Kit With Cups & Straws

Six Bottle 12.7oz Home Snow Cone Kit with Cups & Straws


In the 7th position, we have this Shave Ice Syrups’ snow cone kit. This was one of the options available at my friend’s house on the day we had organized the come-together event. I loved it for various reasons. First, this is one of the sweetest snow cone syrup I ever tested. It comes with super tasty flavors and is ideal for small cone machines. With six great flavors, I was too curious that I had to try all of them.

It boasts a 12.7 oz Blue raspberry flavor as well as a 12.7 oz grape flavor. Other options for those who want to explore further include the orange, lemon juice and strawberry all in a 12.7 oz capacity. With all these options, there’s an option for everyone! Something else, the flip top caps offer easy usage thus eliminating the hassle of spending hours getting things ready.

Reasons To Buy This
  • There are 50 ct 8’’ spoon straws included in the package.
  • It also has 50 ct snow cone cups thrown into the bargain.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice 3 Flavor Pack Of Shaved Ice Syrup

Hawaiian Shaved Ice 3 Flavor Pack of Shaved Ice Syrup


Hawaiian Shaved Ice’s snow cone syrup is another great option available on the market. I decided to purchase this snow cone syrup after the experience at my friend’s house. I bought two of them at once and also included a shave ice machine. The syrups are fairly thick, but the flavors are solid. My kids love them and, in fact, they have to get a taste before they go to school.

This snow cone syrup kit boasts the most iconic snow cone flavors including grape, cherry, and blue raspberry. All these flavors are packed in an easy to pour pint bottles which make its use even easier. With no age restrictions, these flavors will warmly welcome your guests of all ages. This snow cone syrup brings the professional-grade flavors to your own home, thus ensuring that you have a breathtaking experience.

Reasons To Buy This
  • More flavors can also be ordered to spice up the party.
  • The flavors are simply amazing and authentic.
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Time For Treats Grape, Cherry, And Red Raspberry Snow Cone Syrup 3-Pack

Time for Treats Grape, Cherry, and Red Raspberry Snow Cone Syrup 3-Pack


I decided to get these flavors to go with my newly purchased snow cone machine. Given their affordable pricing and great taste, they were real value for my money. I was previously buying snow cones from those high-end outlets and had never believed that I could still prepare such from my own home, but this snow cone syrup kit has proven me wrong. The mouth-watering flavors spice up the experience.

One more thing I love about the kit is the fact that the preparation process is quick and it doesn’t take much juice to get the flavors ready. The strategic pouring spout dispenses the right amounts which make it incredible. What’s more, there are various size options so if you intend to taste the flavors; you don’t have to buy something too big only to dispose of it if you don’t like it.

Reasons To Buy This
  • The easy to use spouts are spill-free.
  • The flavors are gluten-free and artificially made.

Snow Cone & Shave Ice Syrup-Ready To Use-12 Quart Assortment

Snow Cone & Shave Ice Syrup-Ready to Use-12 Quart Assortment


I ordered these snow cone syrups for my mum. First, they arrived on time which is a great thing for me since I dislike delays. With a plethora of assorted flavors, my mum has been enjoying professional-grade snow cones in the comfort of her home. The fact that it has snow cone stands included in the package makes its use even more comfortable. To further spice up the experience, they syrups come with a top pouring spout for spill-free operation.

Just to get you in the know, the flavors include blue raspberry, watermelon, orange, tigers blood, cherry, cotton candy, fruit punch, bubble gums, strawberry, grape, lime, and green apple. With all these options, there’s something for everyone.

Reasons To Buy This
  • All the syrups come ready for use.
  • The flip-top caps make operations easy.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice 3 Flavor Fun Pack Of Snow Cone Syrup

Hawaiian Shaved Ice 3 Flavor Fun Pack of Snow Cone Syrup


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These snow cone syrups spiced up my nephew’s birthday party. Her mum had ordered them online, and they arrived after a while. They come in mouth-watering flavors and have straws and cups included in the package. The large capacity made them ideal for everyone who attended the party while the easy use spout offered mess-free operation.

I had previously used the flip top caps, and I found them quite uneasy for me. So, the moment I saw how easy these syrups worked with their pour spout, I knew this was the best alternative. Several flavor options are available including blue raspberry, lemon, and grape among others. Of course, blackberry is my favorite, but I had to try all the flavors as usual.

With each syrup boasting the finest gluten-free ingredients, you can be sure to get real value for your money. My nephew loved the grape flavor and kept asking for more all the time. In case you want to have a better and unique experience, there’s the option for more flavors up to even 20 flavors.

Reasons To Buy This
  • This is an inexpensive snow cone syrup kit.
  • The flavors are quite delicious.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice 10 Flavor Pack Of Snow Cone Syrup, 10 Pints

Hawaiian Shaved Ice 10 Flavor Pack of Snow Cone Syrup, 10 Pints


My friend had asked me for some advice on the best snow cone syrups to purchase for his family. We decided to do some research and spotted several options. We decided to purchase three flavors, all in quartz size. However, the moment we spotted this kit with ten bottles, my friend was sure that was what he needed. He has three kids and also lives with a few relatives in his house which made them the ten-pint bottles perfect for him. His family has been using these snow cone syrups to serve shaved ice, and they are enjoying the experience.

The plastic insert pourer guarantees a mess-free operation thus making pouring a breeze. The 19 oz bottles are also ideal for anyone who either wants to serve a large family or just want to crank a few weeks without looking for replacements. The flavor options include blue raspberry, cherry, grape, lemon-lime, strawberry, banana, root beer, watermelon, tiger’s blood and piña colada. Of course, with all these options, you can’t lack your favorite flavor.

Reasons To Buy This
  • The kit has the same mouthwatering flavors used by professionals
  • The entire thing doesn’t require refrigeration.
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Shaved Ice Machine And Syrup Party Package | Includes S900 Shaved Ice Machine

Shaved Ice Machine and Syrup Party Package Includes S900 Shaved Ice Machine


Finally, this is the best snow cone syrup on the market. My neighbor uses it, and it gives him the best service. The kit comes with everything needed to kick start your party on a high note. It has the machine, snow cone cups, black bottle pourer, round block ice molds and spoon straws for a better experience. It gives you the chance to shave those fluffy snow cones from the comfort of your home thanks to the S900 electric shaving machine which is also included.

What’s more, the syrup is thicker than the standard types which make it great. The great mouthwatering flavors ensure that you get the best experience for you and your family, while it safe and gluten-free construction offers added health safety.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Everything one could need is included in the package.
  • Dispensing is done in time.

Benefits Of Snow Cone Syrups

  • They light up the party – If you want to spice up the party with something unique and different, a snow cone syrup will do the magic.
  • They save money – With a snow cone syrup and machine, you save the money you’d spending purchasing from a shop.


If you want to turn that small event into a fully-lit party, then you need to get one of the best snow cone syrups. In this article, I have reviewed the best snow cone syrups in 2019, and I’m confident that each one of them can offer excellent results. Given their ideal construction and favorable pricing, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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