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Safety Razors – Types and How To Buy It

Safety Razors /There are two types of razors available broadly. The first type is the modern disposable razors or cartridge-based razors and the second type is the traditional razors. The latter falls under the category of safety razors and they are more economical and smoother. The safety razors especially the one with a double edge can provide a deeper shaving experience. Moreover, these razors have an ergonomic handle and grip for anyone to use them without prior experience. If you have sensitive skin and you want a deeper clean shave, we have the best safety razors lined up for you.

Top Best Safety RazorsList

Double Edge Safety Razor With Long Natural Bamboo Handle

This safety razor provides a closer and smoother shaving experience in comparison to the traditional razor available. There will be no irritation or ingrown hairs when you shave with it. The blade has the premium build quality, and it is sure to sustain for a lifetime. The bamboo handle and the stainless steel parts do not degrade with time. It is incredibly strong and durable. You should avoid using plastic razors as they have a short lifetime and non-recyclable. With this safety razor, you can shave the blades effortlessly any time you want.

Moreover, it is more cost-effective in the long run as you have to replace the blades only from time to time and never need to repurchase a razor. It is suitable for both men and women. The razor does not cause any cuts as it adjusts to the contour of the body part perfectly. There will be less clogging and it is cheaper than disposable razors and even the cartridge refills.

Bambaw Classic Silver Double Edge Safety Razor | Natural Long Bamboo Handle Razor | Reusable Safety Razor For Women & Men | Eco Friendly Safty Razor | Sustainable Eco Razors | Fits All De Razor Blades
1,743 Reviews
Bambaw Classic Silver Double Edge Safety Razor | Natural Long Bamboo Handle Razor | Reusable Safety Razor For Women & Men | Eco Friendly Safty Razor | Sustainable Eco Razors | Fits All De Razor Blades
  • PERFECT SHAVE*: Achieve a closer, smoother, more professional shave without the hassle of irritation or ingrown hairs with the Bambaw double edge safety razor.
  • DURABLE*: Bambaw double edged safety razors are pretty much guaranteed to last a lifetime. Made from high quality materials, a 100% bamboo handle and stainless-steel parts, your Bambaw razor is incredibly strong and durable.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY*: Conventional plastic razors are practically impossible to recycle and end up in our landfills and oceans. With Bambaw safety razors all you need to do is replace and recycle the blade, which helps create a cleaner planet.
  • COST EFFECTIVE*: Once you have the razor, all you need to buy are the blades. You simply can’t get any better value for money in the long run.
  • USER MANUAL*: In-depth digital user manual included. Tips on how to assemble, how to get the perfect shave on all areas of your body for men and women, after shave treatment, increasing the life of the blades, responsible recycling and 2 x bonus homemade shaving recipes.
Reason To Buy This
  • Its bamboo handle is sufficiently long to streamline the use
  • No need to buy new razor again
  • While use, it will not create any cuts
  • Blades can be shaved conveniently whenever you want

Musco Men’s Shaving Set, Safety Razor

This is a safety razor set which also includes a shaving brush and a shaving stand. The combo set will exfoliate your skin and open the pores. This will give you less irritation and protect from pore infection. Besides, you will also not feel any burning sensation. The handle of this safety razor is very comfortable to hold and will give you a firm hold. The stand is ideal for drying out the razor and extend its life. Moreover, the shaving brush will generate much lather and will give you a soft experience when you run the razor on your face.

This will give you a cleaner shave which will lead to soft skin. The stand is ideal for removing all the water and avoiding bacteria. You can easily place it anywhere you want as it comes with a bottom padding. The razor as well as the entire set is very lightweight and will last for a long time. Furthermore, changing the blades is also very easy, and you can do it even when your hands are wet. The handle is 4 inches long and will perfectly fit in large hands too.

Miusco Men's Shaving Set, Safety Razor, Badger Hair Shaving Brush, Shaving Stand, Dark Chrome, Fathers Day Gifts for Dad
  • Generates rich and warm lather for comfortable shave
  • Lift hair and open up pores on your face, naturally exfoliates your skin
  • Minimize irritation and shaving burn
  • The non-slip long handle safety razor provides a comfortable and clean shave (Blade NOT included)
  • It is designed to increase air circulation for brush to dry properly
Reason To Buy This
  • Soft skin results guaranteed by clean shaving mechanism
  • Comes with a shaving stand and a shaving brush
  • Not at all difficult to change its blades
  • Its shaving brush produces adequate lather
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Double Edge Safety Razor, Oak Leaf Butterfly Open Men’s Shaving Razor

With a butterfly open, this double edge safety razor comes with three premium blades. This has many amazing features, and the blade is perfect for cutting all kinds of beards. This is also pocket-friendly as you can replace the old blade which is not expensive and use the razor for a longer time. This is effective, straightforward, and very safe to use. The handle is very long measuring 8 cms and has a luxurious look with its chrome finish. Moreover, it is very comfortable to hold and has a non-slip grip which you can use even on wet hands.

Changing the blades is very easy, and you just have to rotate in a counterclockwise direction. It is not that heavy and comes in a portable size. Besides, this will give you a smooth face without any irritation or cuts. This will also give you a clean look and is very convenient to use. The razor will prevent injuries, and it can also be stored conveniently. Made with copper alloy, the razor is also very durable.

Double Edge Safety Razor, Oak Leaf Butterfly Open Men's Shaving Razor with 3 Premium Blades
  • CLASSIC STYLE: The Oak Leaf Men’s Shaving Razor with a classic and simple style, will be a smart choice for husband, boyfriend even students.
  • QUICK AND SAFE BLADE REPLACEMENT: The butterfly opening mechanism makes it easy and quick to change the blade. Twist to open the knob, insert the new blade and close to secure the blade. It is the most convenient and safe one to prevent occasional injury.
  • NON-SLIP AND LONG HANDLE: The handle of this double edge safety razor is not only non-slip, but also long enough to hold.
  • 3 EXTRA PREMIUM BLADES: 3 extra blades with high quality are included in the package. You will never regret to have this premium shaving razor in such a saving price.
  • WARRANTY: Your satisfaction is guaranteed, whatever product issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll get it solved as soon as we can.
Reason To Buy This
  • Incorporates 3 premium blades to enhance safety during use
  • Extremely safe to use and highly effective
  • Contains a non-slip grip to hold comfortably in hands

SHAVE Adjustable Double Edge Classic Safety Razor

If you are looking for comfort and close shaving, then this safety razor is one you need. The handle is very firm, and it can also be adjusted. Made up of chrome, it is plated over with matte chrome. You can quickly set the blade exposures in six different levels. The double-edged razor and the closed comb are perfect and will give you an amazing shaving experience. The length of the handle is 3.5 inches and will also fit in perfectly on large hands. The product is lightweight and also convenient for changing blades. It is definitely one of the best safety razors to buy and use regularly.

It looks very stunning and will also last for a long time. When you buy this, you will also be getting five pieces of titanium coated blades for free. You will get a lot of flexibility with this razor, and you can even be aggressive and use it at a low setting. The high setting will allow you to use it for stubbles. This is a beauty to hold and is perfect to be placed in your bathroom. Moreover, this has a clip that will hold the blade in place.

QSHAVE Adjustable Double Edge Classic Safety Razor (1 Razor & 5 pcs Titanium Coated Blades)
2,422 Reviews
QSHAVE Adjustable Double Edge Classic Safety Razor (1 Razor & 5 pcs Titanium Coated Blades)
  • German Design Adjustable Handle to set blade exposure levels from 1 to 6. Matte chrome plated over zinc.
  • Closed comb, double edged razor, the snap top helps maintain blade setting preference during blade change.
  • Non-stage adjustable, BEST safety razor for a close and comfort shaving.
  • Handle measures 3.5 in. Razor total dimensions are 2" L x 1" W x4.25" H. Razor weights 3.2 oz / 90g.
  • 5 pcs Titanium coated blades included Made in USA.
Reason To Buy This
  • The built-in handle is sufficiently long i.e. 3.5 inches
  • Easy to change the blades whenever needed
  • Presents extreme safety throughout the use
  • The blade exposures can be set in six unique levels quickly
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WEISHI Chrome Long Handle Version Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Another incredible grooming accessory, this safety razor looks very stylish and is also very durable. It is comfortable to hold, and you can change the blades and save money. Changing the blades is very convenient, and you just have to give a gentle shake to place the blade in position. This is an all-metal safety razor, and it comes with double-edged safety blades. It is available in sparkling silver color and is very comfortable to hold. Additionally, it provides a fine grip so that you can shave carefully.

Moreover, it is lightweight, and the weight of the razor will do the work for you. This will give an unbelievable shaving experience and will shave the grain out of your beard. You just have to hold it at 45 degrees and witness a smooth shaving. You can use it personally and will also be a perfect item to gift someone. The butterfly open will allow you to change the blade safely. Besides, the chrome handle looks very amazing and is very strong. This product is made by skilled craftsmen and will not disappoint you when it comes to performance.

Amazon Best Seller
WEISHI Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome Long Handle Reusable Razor
  • Angle the blade at a 45 degrees angle, shave with the grain of your beard
  • Let the weight of the razor do the work for you, hold razor by the tip of the handle
  • Excellent grip feeling which fits in hands of all the persons and perfect weight to use. 2.61oz/74g 4.3 in/11cm
  • Twist the knob located at the bottom of the razor handle to open the blade chamber in Weishi
  • Use as little pressure as possible
Reason To Buy This
  • Presented in a beautiful butterfly design
  • Its long handle enhances convenience and safety during use
  • Smooth shaving experience facilitated at 45 degrees
  • Meticulous shaving allowed by a fine grip

Dorco Prime Starter Set: Double Edge Safety Butterfly Shaver

This safety razor will give you a classic shaving experience as it works with the double-edge blade. This is ideal for any man, and it has a stainless steel construction. You will get the smoothest shaving experience with any irritation. It will leave your skin very soft and is perfect for any skin type. Moreover, it will give you a high-quality shave and is blended with modern technology. The precision technology of the razor is beneficial in providing you a clean shave.

The handle is very convenient to hold and will fit in any hand. You can use any standard blade in this razor and hence, it is also cost-effective. To change the blade is very easy and you will also be getting 30 blades for absolutely free. In addition to this, you will also be getting a travel case along with a mirror. This is very lightweight, and you can store it anywhere you want. The length of the handle is 3-1/8 inches and will prove a superior grip. This is no doubt that it is one of the most profitable safety razors on the list.

Dorco Prime Starter Set: Double Edge Safety Butterfly Shaver Handle, 30 Double Edge Razor Blades and Travel Case
  • Perfect for any man desiring a classic shave from a double edge
  • Forged with today's shaving technology and the finest stainless steel
  • The Dorco Prime is a tribute to shaving's past while ushering in modern advances in razor blade manufacturing
  • Dorco Prime Platinum Double Edge stainless steel blades fit all standard double edge handles.
  • Micro precision edges are offered in a double edge setting to offer the smoothest of shaves for any skin or beard type.
Reason To Buy This
  • Double edge blade presents high efficiency
  • Implementation of precision technology allows clean shaving experience
  • Its handle is comfortable to hold in hands
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WEISHI Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

The safety razor needs by little pressure to shave comfortably and deeply. The razor is slightly on the heavier side, and this is why you need less pressure. You should angle the blade at 45 degrees for a clean shave. It can shave with the grain of the beard with the blades placed by the sides. Moreover, changing the blades is easy, and all you have to do is attach them and give a gentle shake to put them correctly. Then you have to twist the knob from the bottom, and you are good to go.

The design of the safety razor is stunning and it has an ergonomic construction. The material used is solid brass and it will last for a lifetime. Besides, the grip is extremely comfortable. Moreover, the traditional butterfly open structure makes it safe to operate. The package comes with blades and if you are looking for a deeper shave, this is the one for you.

Amazon Best Seller
WEISHI Safety Razor Double Edge Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Razor
  • WEISHI Double Edge Safety razor is for those who enjoy a smooth and clean shave. Easy to use, this razor will help you achieve your perfect look.
  • Easy to replace blades: to your convenience, twist the knob (at the bottom of the razor handle) to open the blade chamber, then replace the razor blade. Use your favorite standard double edge blade in WEISHI.
  • Perfectly balanced to fit in anyone's hand (length: 4.3 in/11cm), excellent grip and perfect weight to use (weights 2.61oz/74g).
  • Here are four keys to a successful shave. Use as little pressure as possible. Let the weight of the razor do the work for you. Hold razor by the tip of the handle. Angle the blade at a 45 degrees angle. Shave with the grain of your beard.
  • WEISHI collection of both classics and fashion. If for any reason you are not satisfied, feel free to contact us.
Reason To Buy This
  • Design is made awesome and construction is made ergonomic
  • Safety guaranteed by traditional butterfly open structure
  • All the required blades are included in the package
  • Smooth and clean shaving experience facilitated

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

This unique safety razor offers a very close and comfortable shaving experience. The replacement of the blades is economical, and hence, it is going to be a low-cost shaving in comparison with other razors in the long run. The weight of the razor is comfortable, and it is perfectly balanced for accuracy and deep shaving. Therefore, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced shavers. Besides, the smart chrome handle has lined patterns so that the grip is firm even when it is wet.

Edwin Jagger is a renowned supplier of razors across the world, and it has received awards for its product excellence. The razor has a premium look to it, and in the package, you can find 5 blades for free. However, it is compatible with any standard double edge safety razor blade. Moreover, it is suitable for normal as well as sensitive skin. This can adjust to the angles and contours of the face aptly. This is undoubtedly one of the best safety razors to buy and use daily.

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor
  • Unique design from the original designers of the DE8 Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor range, offers a very close, comfortable shave, with very low cost blade replacement it saves you money every day
  • Comfortable weight and balance for accurate, close shaving. This is an ideal razor, with a blade angle perfectly suited for both new and experienced Double Edge wet shavers
  • A genuine Edwin Jagger design Double Edge Safety Razor from an internationally renowned supplier, based in Sheffield England. Register your new razor with the manufacturer for authenticity and years of excellent product support
  • The two-part DE razor head is compatible with all standard Double Edge Safety Razor Blades and includes a FREE 5 blade pack of blades. Delivered in smart Edwin Jagger packaging, with instructions, traditional wet shaving advice and product registration information
Reason To Buy This
  • In the pack, 5 blades are included for free
  • Ca work flawlessly on normal as well as sensitive skins
  • Comfortable grip allows you to use with more joy
  • Even novice users can use it conveniently

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

This is one of the safest and best safety razors on the list. The reason is that it comes with the anti-misalignment system. This system ensures that the butterfly will not close until the blade sits appropriately at a certain angle for a safe shave. Therefore, you will never get any unwanted cuts. In fact, the razor is heavier than most, and it is this heaviness that helps in giving little effort in shaving. Moreover, the shaving experience will be smooth. The product is suitable for those with sensitive skin as it has high-end materials.

Besides, you can have full control over the shaving. The changing of blades is easy and is a matter of a few seconds. The casing is beautiful and makes it look very premium. On top of that, you get a pack of mild steel blades that are highly durable. The company offers a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects. This razor is also suitable for women.

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor, Butterfly Twist-To-Open Head, Eco Friendly Packaging with Luxury Leatherette Case and a pack of Swedish Stainless Steel Blades
  • SMALL BUSINESS: This product is from a small business brand. Support small
  • ALL-ROUNDED: The Chieftain is a time-tested razor, well loved by many beginners and professionals of all genders over the past one decade. With the Chieftain, shaving becomes an enjoyable event and razor burn is significantly reduced
  • CONTENT: 1 Chieftain razor, a pack of Swedish 13C26 steel mild blades, 1 luxury case with mirror
  • 20% HEAVIER than other mass-produced lookalikes due to our different material and proprietary weight distribution
  • PERFECT Gift for that special person on all occasions: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day etc
Reason To Buy This
  • Employs comprehensive control on shaving
  • Easy and quick to change the blades whenever required
  • Suitable for both men and women

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

This is the bestselling and best-rated safety razor currently. The product has a lightweight construction, and the handle is long enough to give you full control over its operation. It comes with a closed comb head where you can place any standard double edge safety razor. The razor has a chrome finish, and it has a non-slip grip for easy movement. The transition from a disposable razor to a traditional shaving method will be smooth. Moreover, the razor is not going to cause any skin irritation after the shave.

The blades are inexpensive, and you can stay profitable in the long run. It looks premium from all aspects, and the shave is extremely close and clean. You can maneuver the razor as you like without any safety concern as it adjusts to the contour perfectly. The product is from Germany and has the classic 3-piece construction. We will recommend you to opt for it as it is a complete package that makes it an ideal safety razor.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor
  • EXCELLENT COMFORT AND CONTROL - Have a comfortable and safe grip with its long-handle, designed for man-sized hands.
  • DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR - This feature of the razor is very convenient and gives a quick, decent shave.
  • HEAVYWEIGHT - Its weight of 4.2 ounces gives a solid feel in the hand and allows the razor to do most of the work.
  • CHROME FINISH - It has a chrome finish, making the razor look sleek and simple.
  • HIGH-QUALITY RAZOR - Merkur Futur provides men with quality grooming with this top-quality razor that gives a nice, clean shave.
Reason To Buy This
  • Presence of long handle boost efficiency and convenience during use
  • Contains a non-slip grip for enhancing comfort during use
  • Prepared in a beautiful chrome finish
  • Throughout the use, no irritation to skin


From the name you can understand that a safety razor is designed to provide the safest shaving experience. If you are a beginner, this is ideal for you. Most of the men take pride in using a traditional razor for shaving and these razors look far better than the modern razors. The blades are easy to replace and inexpensive. All the above-mentioned best safety razors have shuttle differences in features, so go through the description properly before buying.


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