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Highball Glasses – Types and How To Buy It

Highball Glasses /Whether you want to serve gin fizz, gimlet, gin rickey or gin and tonic, highball glasses come in handy. Basically, the idea behind highball cocktails is to keep you sufficiently hydrated throughout the day or night. Being a huge highball enthusiast, I ensure that my home bar is swamped with the latest best highball glasses on the market. As always, anyone buying highball glass has to do so with a pinch of salt given the fact that it takes an expert to identify the real ones and knock off the knockoffs.

I wasn’t always updated on the latest highball glasses till I had a chance to attend a drinking spree with my friends at a luxurious local joint. The whole event was marked with the latest and most sophisticated highball glasses which left me motivated also to update my stock. I was very keen on the brands available, and I decided to get them for my home bar. If you want to also update your collection of highball glasses, here are the top brands available on the market:

List Of Top Best Highball Glasses

Anchor Hocking Reality Small And Large Drinking Glasses

#9 Anchor Hocking Reality Small and Large Drinking Glasses


This is the first highball glass that caught my attention in the drinking escapade. I had to request a moment to sample and examine its unique design, construction, and features. Some of the most outstanding things about it included its unique shape, modern design, and top-level construction.

I later had to check it out on Amazon where I realized that it comes in a set of 16 uniquely crafted glass tumblers. The thing is; the package has two sizes where half of the glasses boast 12-ounce capacity while the other half features 16-ounces. These top-quality highball glasses come in a durable weighted design which considerably helps reduce spills.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Doesn’t discolor or retain smells
  • It doesn’t leech chemicals into the drinks.

Home Essentials Red Series Bubble 17oz Highball Glass, Set Of 4

#8 Home Essentials Red Series Bubble 17oz Highball Glass, Set of 4


Home essentials’ glasses have been my choice for quite a long time. This is the collection I previously had in my home bar. Although I had to add several other highball glasses to at least make my counter colorful; I must admit that this brand couldn’t miss the first spot on my display.

It comes in a set of four highball glasses that combine the knowledge and expertise drawn from the world’s largest innovators and inventors. Conveying a unique and attractive design, this set of four unique highback glasses has an unusual accolade of being at the top of its caliber.

Reasons To Buy This
  • 17 oz capacity.
  • Tough and durable construction.
  • Top-tier design.
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Libbey 15.5 Ounce Heavy Base Cooler Glass In Clear, 4-Piece Set

#7 Libbey 15.5 Ounce Heavy Base Cooler Glass in Clear, 4-Piece Set


Did I say this is the highback glass I used during our drinking spree? Libbey 15.5-ounce large base highback glass is an extremely attractive masterpiece that introduces elegance and class turning a normal event into a world-class occasion. Perhaps this sounds flattery, but in reality, it’s the blatant reality.

I first spotted it on the counter the moment I stepped into this local joint and had to make a special request to be served in it. There’re various reasons why I loved this highback glass but will have to stick to just two or three at most.

First, it features a 15.2 oz capacity which made it possible for me to prepare the safest concoctions for sufficient hydration. The heavy base offered unrivaled durability allowing me to have the best experience without fear of breaking the glass (which I would be charged for).

Reasons To Buy This
  • It features a strong glass construction.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Perfect for bachelor parties and housewarming.

 Wine Enthusiast Madison Avenue Whiskey Glasses, Set Of 2

#6 Wine Enthusiast Madison Avenue Whiskey Glasses, Set of 2


I first spotted this glass at my friend’s home warming party. I am a sucker for vintage designs; not just glasses but also clothes and any other vintage product. The first thing that caught my attention before I could even notice the other pleasant details about this highball glass is the vintage design.

I immediately decided to get one for my home bar. As always, I placed it strategically at a spot where it could be visible to me and any of my drinking buddies. It has ever since caught the attention of many of my friends who immediately start looking for it in every online and offline store. I can’t blame them for wanting to own it; this is a top grade highball glass.

Reasons To Buy This
  • This is a 60s chic with distinct silver accents.
  • It’s curved, sexy, and weighty.
  • Boasts a mouth-blown lead-free glass.

Vibrant Splash Water/Beverage Highball Glasses

#5 Vibrant Splash WaterBeverage Highball Glasses


When looking for the vintage highball glass, I happened to spot this vibrant splash water or beverage glass. I am not one of those people who fall into impulse buying, but this had to be treated like an isolated case. This time, I had no choice; I had to fall into the trap. The colored bottoms offered quick identification of each glass from a distance and also helped in making each glass look unique and attractive.

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The other thing which compelled me to pick this highball glass is its unique, high quality and durable construction which gave it unmatched strength. The weighted bottom offers great stability preventing accidents that are common with other inferior glasses.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Has a 13.25 oz capacity.
  • Great for cocktails, water, soda, and juices.
  • It has dimensions of 2.4 x 5.8 inches. 

Sun’s Tea(Tm) 16oz Ultra Clear Thermo Glass Tumbler Highball Glass

#4 Sun's Tea(tm) 16oz Ultra Clear Thermo Glass Tumbler Highball Glass


I hadn’t tried using any highball glass for drinking iced tea until I bought this Sun’s Tea highback glass. First, this wasn’t a single glass but a set of two double-walled glass tumblers designed with durability and high performance in mind. Introducing a stellar combination of superior construction and exceptional durability, this 16 oz highball glass had me wanting to use it with every drink.

Unlike other highball glasses that are made of plastic, this glass features a lead-free ultra-grade borosilicate glass which not only gives it an attractive finish but also makes it extremely durable. The insulated design ensures that cold drinks remain ice-cold and hot drinks remain steaming-hot. Something else; the outer cover feels extremely comfortable in the hands for easy drinking.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It’s dishwasher safe.
  • Boasts an ultra-clear double-walled construction.
  • Backed by a 6-month manufacturer warranty.

Marquis By Waterford Entertaining Collection Vintage HiBall, Set Of 4

#3 Marquis by Waterford Entertaining Collection Vintage HiBall, Set of 4


If there’s any highball glass I could hardly resist is this one! Although I am still wrapping my head around the main reason why I find this glass irresistibly amazing, it has the honor of being one of the toughest glasses on the market. Being in a set of four highball glasses, these are far from those cheap glasses which break the first moment they fall off the counter. The glasses are made from an explicit crystal material which gives them an excellent appearance.

I remember one of these glasses falling off the lower section of my counter and remaining in a tip-top condition. Although I am not an expert in gauging the impact with which it hit the floor, I can comparatively state that this glass is superior since all glasses which fell from the same spot shattered into a million pieces.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Offers quick cleaning.
  • It’s an entertaining collection.

Godinger Dublin Set Of 4 Highball Glasses

#2 Godinger Dublin Set of 4 Highball Glasses


My list couldn’t be complete without this highball glass from Godinger. Just like most of the glasses in this list, Godinger’s highball glasses come in a set of four top grade masterpieces. The 10 oz capacity makes them ideal for the preparation of great concoctions. Perfect for everyday use, these glasses are designed to ensure that you have the best cocktail experience.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Recommended for handwashing with warm water.
  • Crafted with 24% lead.
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Anchor Hocking Heavy Base Highball Drinking Glasses

#1 Anchor Hocking Heavy Base Highball Drinking Glasses


The list began with Anchor Hocking and ended on the same note. Anchor Hocking is a giant in the manufacture of top-level highball glasses. Just like the first brand, I also spotted this glass at that local joint. This is a set of 12 large base drinking glasses boasting a capacity of 15-ounces.

There’s an endless list of the reasons why I highly recommend this highball glass. For instance, it features a straight-lined silhouette which gives it a great appearance. The durable heavy base offers unmatched stability, thus ensuring that you never experience spills. Additionally, this is a perfect complement for a dinnerware pattern.

Reasons To Buy This
  • The glass never discolors.
  • It doesn’t leech chemicals into the drinks.

Advantages Of Highball Glasses

  • They’re durable – Unlike the traditional glasses, highball glasses are made using a top-grade material which makes them extremely durable.
  • They come in a perfect size – Highball glasses come in a perfect size which makes them ideal for the making of the best cocktails.
  • They offer a great deal of stability – Most highball glasses have a heavy base which makes them stable to avoid spills or to fall off easily.
  • They’re safe – Unlike plastics, glasses are generally safe since they don’t discolor or leach chemicals into the drink.


Whether you want to fully equip your bar or want to pimp up your home bar, you need to have several highball glasses. Given their unique design, they will greatly spice up your wine and cocktail drinking experience.

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