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Handheld Massagers – Types and How To Buy It

Handheld Massagers/With the regular dose of work at home or business, your body may be occasionally subjected to strain in different parts. It is rightly said that there must be no compromise in your health regardless of the situation. In order to improve and safeguard your well-being, it is essential to undergo suitable massage therapy. Your body will be benefitted from the alleviation of stress, pain, and inferior blood pressure. Moreover, there will be excellent relaxation to rejuvenate completely. With each passing day, the importance of massage treatment persists to attain fame globally, and the corresponding parlors working formally are seen more. At the convenience of your home, with the best handheld massager unit, any individual could relish the effective massage therapies.

Compared to professional massagers, they are more affordable. With their regular usage, after a few days, you will find a noticeable improvement in your overall body structure. Some everlasting pain will get gradually disappear with the use of such massagers. The best part of using these devices is they come with high portability and simplicity of use. Continue reading the below section described on the best handheld massagers:

The Best Handheld Massagers List

TYMO Cordless Percussion Massager – Handheld

TYMO Cordless Percussion Massager – Handheld


Whether you are exercising or training for a marathon, you can give your body the pro treatment with the use of this massager. Basically, it is a cordless, handled massager that comes with high portability. The key aspect on which this cordless massager device focus on is your muscles. Whether you experience pain in your muscles or some undesired strain, all of them will get alleviated effectively.

This TYMO massager is capable to effectively relieve tension from the upper back. It is true that frequent motion or immobility may lead to neck and shoulder pain. With the assistance of its upper back massage, there will be a good relief provided to the muscle tension area. If you are suffering from migraines then this massager is the best choice. One of the best benefits of using this best handheld massager from TYMO is it conveys the full-body relaxation.

Reason To Buy This
  • Your upper back will be relieved from tension
  • Highly suitable to use after an intense workout to relieve stress from lower back pain
  • Gives a comprehensive massage experience
  • Allows full-body relaxation and reduces stress

Snorlax Cordless Handheld Back Massager

Snailax Cordless Handheld Back Massager


Dedicated to present the cordless massaging experience, with the use of this massager, you will enjoy the advantages of a professional massage. These benefits are relished at the convenience of your home or office every day. This Snailax handheld massager is specially built with the efficient vibration motor capable to generate a decent deep tissue percussion massage that is applied for shoulder, back or leg. Moreover, it will effectively relieve the pain present in your body by imposing mild pressure on the knots and sore muscles. In this manner, excellent relaxation is provided throughout the body.

Its entire operation is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery; there is no need to plug in during the use. The overall size is made compact and cordless to let you use anywhere on-the-go. It possesses the heated massage feature to enhance the warmth effectiveness on the body.

Reason To Buy This
  • To allow cordless operation, its operation is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • There is special support for the 3 adjustable vibration modes and 3-speed settings
  • Convenient massage anywhere is possible its compact size and cordless operation

Handheld Back Massager, 6 Interchangeable Nodes, 6 Speeds & 6 Modes

Handheld Back Massager, 6 Interchangeable Nodes, 6 Speeds & 6 Modes


The present model of the Vivreal massager specializes in making body massagers for more than 20 years. The objective of this manufacturer is to employ safe, simple and effective self-massage experience. In this way, there will be excellent relief provide to your muscle pain and excellent relaxation too. Basically, there are 6 identical rub-down nodes included. If you are the one who suffers from knots, aches, and muscle tension then this handheld massager is the finest choice. You will be able to take pleasure in the benefits of portable massage therapy right in the convenience of your own home or office.

It will be easy to switch among 6 nodes, so in this way, this electric percussion massager offers different deep tissue massage experiences. There will be a boost in the stress release with full body massage on body parts like a foot, back, muscle, arm, leg, neck, back shoulder, thigh, elbow, etc. The best part about this Vivreal massager is it promotes blood circulation.

Reason To Buy This
  • To relieve tension from different body parts, there are 6 interchangeable massage nodes
  • There are 6 massage modes and 6 adjustable speed settings included
  • Conveys high portability for use during home and office
  • It is easy to choose the required intensity based on the preference

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Massager

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Massager


Now enjoy the recuperative power of deep tissue massage at the convenience of your home without paying excessively. This handheld massager from Wahl is capable of employing different kinds of intensities. These intensities are specially tailored with an adjustable speed dial for offering gentle to an intense massage. Your body will get relieved from fatigue, pain, sports injury, muscle knots, arthritis, and stress. Basically, this therapeutic device comes with the 4 interchangeable attachments flat disc for employing the extra-wide coverage. Moreover, there is 4 finger flex to replicate fingers.

The overall design is made sleek with a long handle to boost comfort during the use. Its operation is professional quality & therapeutic to liberate pressure points, allow blood circulation; it will decrease inflammation, stiffness, muscle soreness, and chronic pain.

Reason To Buy This
  • The intensity can be easily varied by the simple dial present in this massager
  • There are 4 finger flex to replicate fingers
  • Suitable for persons of all age groups and all profession
  • Capable of reducing muscle soreness and stiffness

Back Massager – Massager Handheld With Heat

Back Massager - Massager Handheld with Heat


The reason why this back massager is one of the best handheld massagers is it conveys luxurious performance. The implemented warm function provides extra luxurious performance to people who love sports or require massage therapy. Basically, then TYMO electric deep tissue percussion massager conveys the professional massage experience. Therefore, you will get the SPA-level comfort is right in your office or home to remove all pains and fatigue.

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It packs in the 5 interchangeable nodes. So, this device is capable of targeting a specific body part. Its overall design is made unique to mimic the shiatsu massage. Now you will be able to benefit from the customized massage experience to seamlessly suit your needs. It has 5 adjustable intensities and 3 massage modes to provide a broad range of options.

Reason To Buy This
  • Presents massaging experience in a luxurious style to boost the comfort
  • There are 5 interchangeable modes included for presenting the ultra-deep percussion massage
  • Capable to target different massage groups
  • Allows you to customize the massage experience based on your need

VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager

VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager


Recognized as a Double Head Electric Massager, this unit possesses a special design. It is uniquely prepared in a design focusing on the dog’s head and it is equipped with a total of 3 collections of detachable heads for massaging. These heads are useful for a wide range of massage facilities. Generally, this massager works great for massaging on areas like the back, legs, neck, and foot. Inside this unit, there is an embedded motor operating at up to 3,350 pulses every minute.

It will be quite simple to control the effectiveness of the massager via the manifold tailored speed options. These features enable the users to quickly regulate the movement and force according to the need. With the presence of the easy to use grip, it is completely convenient to utilize this massager unit. Moreover, it presents excellent portability by its 71-inch cord.

Reason To Buy This
  • The simplicity of use is conveyed by the non-slip and comfortable grip
  • Will alleviate the amassed muscle tension and pain
  • Comes with changeable pace settings

FLEXISPOT Full Body Massager Handheld

FLEXISPOT Full Body Massager Handheld



Boasting the sleek, certified-safe design, this full-body massager is versatile. It successfully meets the highest compliance standards with UL certifications. So, it is completely safe and effective to use when there is a need for massaging. Its working operation conveys the full-body pain relief. The built-in powerful percussion mode successfully breaks up knots and liberates tension in the shoulders, neck, arms, legs, and stomach. So, it assists in reducing stress and improving your wellbeing. In this FLEXISPOT massager, there are 6 therapeutic massage heads to customize your massage experience. Moreover, the unit has 5 adjustable speeds and 4 massage modes.

Reason To Buy This
  • Comes with 5 different speed options and 4 diverse massage modes
  • Allows you to enjoy the cordless operation for up to 100 minutes
  • The massage experience can be customized with the help of 6 interchangeable massage heads
  • Relieves tension in different parts of your body

PADO PUREWAVE CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massager

PADO PUREWAVE CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massager


The important qualities making this massager one of the best handheld massagers are powerful, quiet and gentle. Basically, it is a superior quality cordless massager widely used for alleviating pains, aches and muscle recovery. It houses the multiple attachments to allow versatility. There are 3 massage tips included to relieve the soreness and knotted muscles. This unit boasts the easy reach design because it houses a rechargeable long-lasting Li-ion battery. It embeds inside the 6-head stick for big muscles and the air-cushion stick for body parts with more bones.

Reason To Buy This
  • The full body massaging effects are employed by the 3 attachments
  • Comes with the cordless operation to boost the convenience throughout the use
  • Implements the easy reach design due to its handheld operation
  • Presents muscle recovery and reduces muscle pain

Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager MG460

Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager MG460


In this neck back massager, there are 3 interchangeable massage nodes included. They are dedicated to personalizing your massage experience as per the need. It works at 3,500 pulses per minute. This unit’s speed and depth of movement generate a deep, calming massage to prevent the soreness in muscles. During its operation, there is an extensive range s speed control implemented. It offers multiple speeds to support your body’s full massage requirements. The entire operation is comfortable and straightforward to use by the built-in ergonomic handle. There is a

98-inch extra long power cord included providing high portability. So, you can avail an effective massage experience at your own convenience on your bed or sofa.

Reason To Buy This
  • Incorporates 3 interchangeable massage modes inside
  • The included ergonomic handle allows hassle-free use
  • The speed and depth of movement generate a deep, calming massage

TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager

TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager


The TheraRub Massager mentioned above is a Percussion Double Head Electric Massager unit. It is a full-size, professional strength, double head massager boasting high effectiveness. Its structure houses 3 replaceable massage heads and there is an extra-long 14-foot power cord included. To enhance the convenience during the use, there is a comfortable rubberized grip included. This makes it perfect for use at home or office. This electric massager unit possesses 3 diverse sets of massage heads to deliver a good massage experience. Due to its interchangeable massage heads and the variable speed setting, this unit is highly beneficial.

Reason To Buy This
  • For ease of convenience, it has a 14-foot extra long power cord
  • Comfortable use is presented by its rubberized grip
  • The aching muscles will get unique massing benefits
  • The adjustable speed setting allows you to customize the massaging operation

Naipo Handheld Massager Double Head Percussion Massager

Naipo Handheld Massager Double Head Percussion Massager


The best handheld massager in this list, this Naipo unit has dual pivoting heads and high-performance motor. This model of the percussion action massager moves instantly vertically; thus, it conveys percussion pulses at up to 3,400 times per minute. So, you will receive a powerfully relaxing experience whenever you want. Its operation is based on 2 intensities that deliver 2 variable speeds control. They allow you to customize your own massaging style. The low intensity is useful for normal muscle pain relief and obtaining relaxation. On the other hand, the high intensity is helpful for tight knots, stiffed muscles, and acupuncture points.

Reason To Buy This
  • Incorporates 2 variable speeds control to customize your massaging style
  • Includes 3 custom massage heads for employing a firm, gentle or soothing massage
  • The percussion pulses are delivered at up to 3,400 times per minute

Benefits Of The Handheld Massagers

Most of us have obviously heard about the massagers capable of healing the body pain. With the increased work stress in this contemporary era, it is a common fact that many people suffer from body aches. Though there are several medicines and related approaches to cure body pain concerns, the importance of massaging is immense. The choice of a decent quality massager will let you effectively massage your body parts without any side effects. In ancient times, people used to hire personal massager for accomplishing daily massage. Now it is impossible to hire a personal massager because there is no shortage of time in this modern era. The use of handled massagers works excellently to personalize the massaging effects as per the needs. Take a look at the benefits of the handheld massagers discussed below:

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Mitigates Pain and Provide Relief

Similar to a typical massager, a handheld massager is dedicated to presenting the instant relief of pain whenever and wherever needed. The majority of the people choose the handheld massager for alleviating back pain. This is because your hand could not easily reach your back. You will be able to receive the quick relief from all other pain like those present in your shoulder, neck, foot, etc.


The choice of the decent quality handheld massager will resolve the most significant problem the people suffer i.e., portability. Due to their portability, you simply need to open it from packing and you are done. It will be quite easy to carry these massagers while traveling to different places. Also, they will not occupy excess space in your travel bag.

Decreases Stress

The stress prevailing in your body can be reduced by providing massage to your different body parts. It is quite simple to use the handheld massager to your body parts where you need to heel pain. During situations of high stress, it is possible that the body does release cortisol. This will increase fat amassed in your body. Therefore, you can reduce your fat by using the appropriate handheld massagers.


If you are contemplating tightening or loosening your muscles using massage, the use of handheld massager is perfect. You can use them to avail effective massaging benefits in less time. Using such massagers for exercise will assist your muscles to lose the strain and make your whole body flexible. You can make your body more exercise-friendly or when you are already exercising, the effectiveness of exercising can be increased.

Effective Blood Flow

The use of handheld massager benefits to alleviate the tension imposed on your muscles. This is accomplished by developing effective blood flow in the targeted zones. In this way, it supports to heal muscle soreness and painful joints.

Works as a Heat Therapy

The majority of the handheld massagers are equipped with heat therapy. Through the assistance of the therapy, the users will be able to heal the exertion soreness. It is known that this kind of soreness generates strained muscle pains. Whenever you transform your fitness exercise regime to try surfing or skiing, you could have the exertion soreness. With the use of the handheld massagers, it is possible to perfectly alleviate the stubborn muscle pains.

Alleviate Stress and Muscle Pain

The choice of the best handheld massagers will heal the pain and also let your body stay rejuvenated. It benefits to reduce both physical and mental stress. Moreover, it assists in allowing you to get rid of depression and enhance the oxygen level present in your muscles and cells. The use of the handheld massager will significantly reduce the high blood pressure level and also uplift your mood. To relieve the pain, these massagers work effectively on the stress, tension, and soreness of muscle. By facilitating the blood circulation in the affected zone, they magically alleviate the muscle pain.

Reduces Lower Back Pain

By improving the oxygen level within the blood circulation around your spine zone, these handheld massagers will heal your back pain. They are capable of curing your back by delivering appropriate nutrients and providing precise flexibility to the muscles. Therefore, your back recovers its flexibility to let you feel relaxed.

Facilitate Healthy Sleep

The handheld massagers help to relieve the tensed muscles and promote better sleep. Every massage session usually comprises of 10 to 20 minutes to reduce the stress level. By reducing your stress, you will be able to sleep effectively.

Provides Skin Rejuvenation

The regular use of the handheld massagers will promote the youthfulness of your skin. Using an efficient vibrating motor, a massager unit will develop effective blood circulation under the skin cells. The skin revitalization is possible by using some lubricant for cream before applying the massager. Moreover, these massagers also help to reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles.

Allows Body Detoxification

By reducing the harmful toxins amassed in your body, the handheld massager unit will boost up your immune system. The corresponding vibratory power protects your body from amassing fat and prevents the release of stress-causing cortisol hormone. Moreover, your digestive system will automatically begin working properly.


A handheld massager proves to be a huge money saver. At the affordable price, you will obtain the professional-grade massaging experience without spending lavishly on expensive salon or spa.

Buying Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

If you are buying a handheld massager for the first time, the following parameters will be extremely useful to help you buy the best handheld massage as per your requirements.

Massage Technique

A handheld massager generally comes with different massaging techniques. Most of the handheld massagers of the market offer typically these following types of massage technique

  • Percussion Massage – This massage technique gives you the feeling of expertise massage, which includes rapid movements caused by the wrist of a professional masseur to relieve the tensed muscles. If you own this type of massager, it helps to increase the local blood flow and improves both the skin and muscle reflexes.
  • Tapping Massage – The handheld massager imitates the massage technique of the pounding and striking actions of the fists by a masseur. Owning this handheld massager helps you to improve the blood flow of the targeted area. Apart from that, it raises the temperature of the muscles to improve the elasticity.
  • Kneading Massage – The technique involves the firm pressing with fingers and palm. If you select this handheld massager attachment, it will help you to relieve the soreness of muscles. As well as, this massage technique heals your muscle pain and retains the flexibility of muscles.
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Variable Speed Controllability

You need to opt for a massage, which allows you to change the speed of the motor. So, you can enjoy your own customizable massaging experience. You can select the lower speed option if you want a relaxing massage. On the other hand, you can increase the speed to get the massage done accordingly.

Attachment Nodes

Many leading handheld massager companies offer multiple attachment nodes along with a single massager. So, you should select one of those to get a variety range of massage techniques. Apart from the kneading attachment node, you can witness different types of attachment nodes in the market. Some of them are:

  • Wide Massage Node – This node generally delivers a comfortable and soothing massage. It makes you feel relaxed and relieves you from both physical and mental stress. The wide massage node of your handheld massager allows you to have a deep sleep after each massage session.
  • Rolling Massage Node – With the help of this node, you get a circular massage all over your body. This node not only helps to increase the blood flow in the affected area but also, relaxes the stiff muscles. But, this node is not built to deliver deep-tissue massage.
  • Scraper Massage Node – This massage node effectively helps to reduce the appearance of dead cells on your skin. By improving the blood circulation under your skin, this node offers a glowing and soft skin. It also helps you to get rid of signs of aging.
  • Scalp Massage Node – With the aid of this node, you are only able to get the finest scalp massage.
  • Shiatsu Massage Node – Very few of the handheld massagers offer the Shiatsu massage technique. The node for the Shiatsu massage technique delivers the professional-grade deep-tissue massage to relieve the tensed, sore and aching muscles and joints. You need to look out for a handheld massager with multiple attachment nodes to provide a more versatile massaging.

Therapeutic Heat Massage

Always select a handheld massager, which comes with heat therapy unless you don’t like heat. The heat therapy effectively cures the soreness of the muscles, as well as joint pains. By applying this therapy, you get a relaxed and soothing feeling. You can relieve your sports injuries with heat therapy. This heated massage heals the exertion soreness caused by a new fitness regimen. Even, this heat therapy reduces the stiffness of the muscles by decreasing the level of lactic acid formation in the muscles. This heat therapy improves the blood flow around your spine to heal back pain.


Usually, there are two types of massage heads available with the handheld massager in the market. The single massage head offers more prominent reachability to the narrow massaging spots like, under the arms, neck, and shoulders. Whereas, the double heads of the massager effectively cover a large area for massaging. It is up to you to determine which kind of massage you want from a handheld massager.

Power Cord

You need to choose a handheld massager, which comes with a long power cord. This not only helps you to get the desired position for massaging but also provides a hassle-free massage. It is more ideal to go for a wireless massager, as you can use this without any electricity. Just because of its wireless design, it allows perfect mobility all the time. You might also need to skip massager with a shorter power adapter, which can be troublesome for massaging.


The design of the handheld massager plays a very crucial role in the perspective of owning one. The more compact and smaller construction a massager has, the stronger grip you can have over it. You need to look for a model, which provides you with an ergonomic handle for easy usability with a single head for more precision. If you go for a wider massager, it comes with multiple smaller units to provide a more comfortable massage.

Heat Settings

Consider an iron box. Most of us prefer iron boxes with the heat control button because you can increase or reduce the heat depending on the material of the cloth you are ironing. In the case of handheld massagers, the same phenomenon is applied. Temperature plays a vital role in relieving pain, enhancing proper blood circulation, and bringing relaxation. However, it can also cause an adverse effect to our body primarily when used beyond the recommended temperature.

It is, therefore, necessary to consider buying massagers with the heat control button. They will allow you to control the level of the heat depending on the type of body tissue you are dealing with. For sensitive body tissues, you use a low level of heat while for the less sensitive tissues you may use higher temperatures.

Power Sources

Some handheld massagers come with power cables while others are entirely cordless, i.e., they are powered by batteries. The corded massagers allow for massages that require extra power without having incurred battery cost. However, they allow less mobility as they can only be used near the power source.

The cordless massagers may not offer the extra power required for some massages because they are battery-powered. However, they allow mobility; hence, you can perform your massages anywhere you are comfortable with. Coming with the right decision, in this case, means you have to look at the need for mobility and the power required.


With excellent portability and effective massaging benefits, these best handheld massagers are highly beneficial. They will let you feel the professional massage experience without any concerns.

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