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Cordless Leaf Blowers – Types & How To Buy It

Cordless Leaf Blowers/Leaves can be a nuisance if you let them accumulate on your property. They make the environment look untidy and messy, they create reasonable grounds for bugs, pests, and other creatures to thrive, and will undermine the beauty of your property. The traditional method of using rakes and other tools is a bit time consuming and requires lots of effort.

Using a corded leaf blower also has its limitation regarding the distance and availability of a power source. Fortunately, you no longer need to feel limited or use lots of effort. All you need is investing in any product that is featured in the following review on the top 10 best cordless leaf blowers.

List Of The Best Cordless Leaf Blowers

Husqvarna 952711925 125B Powered Handheld Blower

One of the best cordless leaf blowers, This one allows you to get rid of the leaves from your compound easily and effortlessly. Also, the light and compact design make carrying and using it easy. It features a powerful gas motor for fast operation and doesn’t produce too much noise.

Furthermore, users love the variable fan speed that allows them to choose the best speed depending on the need at hand. The blowing tube length is easy to adjust to suit the area of use as well as personal preference.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Adjustable tube length for top performance
  • Automatically resets to ON position when stopped for faster starts
  • The lightweight frame and motor for better handling

BLACK+DECKER LCC140 40V MAX Lithium-Ion String Trimmer And Sweeper Combo Kit

Eliminating leaves from your compound is comfortable with this blower by Black & Decker. It comes with a powerful and silent electric motor that is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It’s a crowd favorite due to its lightweight, effective design and low-noise design.

Moreover, the cordless leaf blower is moderately fast and works on different surfaces including grass, concrete, decks, patios, sidewalks, concrete, and more. Other than leaves, it also gets rid of weeds, grass, and other debris.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Advanced Power drive for smooth and silent operation
  • Cordless design for easy carrying and convenience
  • The two-in-One design turns the blower into a trimmer

Toro 51609 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed (Up To 235) Electric Blower

Among the list of the best cordless leaf blower, this blower cum shredder can achieve speeds as high as 235mph. It easily blows, vacuums and shreds leaves, grass, weeds and other debris. Also, the powerful piece is relatively silent and won’t inconvenience the neighbors or people around them.

Although powerful, it’s light and carrying it isn’t an issue. In fact, you can use it non-stop without feeling too tired or overworking the tool. Last but not least, it gets positive revs on its excellent speed, portability, and user-friendly nature.

Reasons To Buy This
  • 3-in-1 design for easy blowing, leaf shredding and vacuuming
  • Variable speed motor improves control
  • Rugged metal impeller for fine mulching
  • Quick-Release Latch turns the blower to a vacuum
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GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower

This cordless leaf blower is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and silent. It efficiently eliminates leaves, weeds, grass clippings, and other debris from the patio, deck, lawn, sidewalk, pavement, and other surfaces. Also, the built-in rechargeable battery can last for several hours before requiring a recharge. Lastly, consumers also love the robust design that suits it for the rugged terrains and the variable speed setting.

Amazon Best Seller
Greenworks 40V (150 MPH / 135 CFM) Cordless Leaf Blower, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
15,324 Reviews
Greenworks 40V (150 MPH / 135 CFM) Cordless Leaf Blower, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • New GMAX 40-volt 2.0 amp hour lithium ion battery provides more power and longer run time
  • Variable speed motor delivers max speeds of 150 MPH
  • Extension tube helps increase reach and blower efficiency
  • Lightweight design provides easier control over the unit
Reasons To Buy This
  • Variable speed for added versatility
  • Robust and lightweight design boosts efficiency and user-friendliness
  • 2-piece blower tube for better gathering and sweeping

WORX AIR 20V Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner

This blower and sweeper by Worx come in a convenient and handy design for smooth operation. Furthermore, the powerful motor delivers strong airflow for quick and easy operation. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for use around the swimming pool, garage, backyard, sideways, driveway, shops, and other places. Also, the lightweight accessory is ergonomically designed and won’t weigh you down even after continuous use.

Amazon Best Seller
WORX WG545.1 20V Power Share AIR Cordless Leaf Blower & Sweeper
  • Create and maintain a CLEANZONE in and around your home, no smelly fumes
  • Ultra-lightweight, compact design: easy to use and easy to store
  • 120 mph air speed with 80 cfm air flow, at only 3.5 lbs.
  • Includes 8 innovative attachments for a wide variety of clean-up or inflating/deflating tasks
  • Share battery across multiple WORX tools with the 20V PowerShare Platform
  • Power Source Type: Battery-Powered
Reasons To Buy This
  • 8 innovative attachments for better functioning
  • Ultra-lightweight of 3.5 lbs improves handling and convenience
  • Battery compatible with other WORX tools

BLACK+DECKER LSW20 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Sweeper

With this sweeper by Black & Decker, your yard, garage, deck, sidewalk, and driveway will look neater and more elegant. The battery-powered accessory is light, compact and won’t overwhelm you. Moreover, it’s moderately silent but does a pretty good job of blowing or sweeping leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and other vegetative matter. And since it is electric-powered, you don’t have to worry about exhaust fumes or air and noise pollution.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Ergonomic handle prevents twisting and straining the wrist
  • Built-in scraper for loosening wet or stuck leaves
  • Cordless and lightweight for improved handling
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Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower

If you are concerned about emissions and pollution, then this leaf blower by Hitachi will suit you. It features a small but powerful gas engine that delivers high air velocity. The accessory efficiently eliminates leaves and other debris without requiring extra tools.

On top of that, the excellent airflow also means you spend less time as it covers a large area. The engine and construction feel pretty solid and should last for many years if accorded good maintenance and service.

Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower, Handheld, Lightweight, 23.9cc 2 Cycle Engine, Class Leading 441 CFM, 170 MPH, Commercial Grade, 7 Year Warranty
  • Class leading air volume at 441 CFM for excellent debris movement
  • Lightweight (only 8.6 lbs) & well-balanced for comfortable use and less fatigue
  • 23.9 cc Commercial grade 2-stroke engine for outstanding power & longer life
  • Industry leading warranty- 7-year consumer use, 2-year commercial use, 1-year rental use
  • Produces an impressive air velocity of 170 MPH (with taper nozzle)
  • Large two-finger throttle lever for easier operation; Fuel Tank Capacity: 17.6 fl. oz.
  • Features PureFire low emission 2-stroke engine technology for a better environment
  • NOTE: Refer User Guide on Technical Specification before use
Reasons To Buy This
  • Taper nozzle improves performance
  • Commercial-grade 23.9 cc engine for top performance and durability – PureFire engine technology for low emission
  • Large two-finger throttle lever for easy control

GreenWorks 24322 G-MAX 40V 185MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower

The G-MAX 40V cordless leaf blower can be found in homes, offices, institutions and other places. Many people choose it due to the lightweight, which makes using it easy and straightforward to handle. People also love its compact nature and ergonomic design while others love its smooth and silent operation.

Although it is small, the blower produces decent airflow that will remove even stuck or wet leaves with minimal effort. Its power is almost similar to gas-powered units, but it’s less noisy and doesn’t have any emissions. Last but not least, the blower scores well when it comes to fitting the attachments, reliability, and durability.

Greenworks 40V (185 MPH / 340 CFM) Brushless Cordless Blower / Vacuum, 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • 185 MPH / 340 CFM
  • Up To 21 Minutes Run-Time On High In Blower Mode
  • Brushless Motor Provides More Power, Performance, and Durability
  • Variable Speed Dial with Turbo Button - 6 Speed Selections
  • Tool-Less Blower To Vacuum Conversion
  • Superior Muchling Performance
  • Cushioned Overmold Grip
  • Includes 40V 4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery (120 Minute Charge Time)
  • 4-Year Tool / 2-Year Battery Warranty Protects Your Investment
Reasons To Buy This
  • Brushless DigiPro motor for seamless and silent operation
  • A single charge lasts up to 60 minutes
  • Variable speed improves versatility
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Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Single Speed Electric 160 MPH Blower

Look around, and you will likely come by the GreenWorks 24012 electric cordless leaf blower. It’s regarded as one of the most reliable and effective leaf blowers in the market courtesy of its good airflow and powerful motor. Also, the electric unit features a user-friendly design for easy operation and suits both newbies and seasoned users. And like other top blowers, this unit works on grass, weeds, and other vegetative matter.

One thing that makes this blower stand out as one of the best cordless leaf blowers is its motor that can reach speeds as high as 160mph and this means faster clearing and sweeping. Furthermore, the two-piece blower tube is easy to connect and disconnect and has a good reach even in tight spaces.

Amazon Best Seller
Greenworks 7 Amp 160 MPH/150 CFM Single Speed Electric Blower, 24012
  • 160 MPH wind speeds for helping remove debris and dust from hard surfaces
  • Lightweight design for better handling and less user fatigue
  • Virtually no vibration when compared to gas blowers
  • Convenient cord lock to prevent accidental unnplugging
  • Extension cord is not included. Refer to pg. 9 in Owner's Manual for proper extension cord selection
Reasons To Buy This
  • Single-speed design for smooth operation
  • Convenient cord lock enhances safety
  • 2 – speed motor for extra versatility
  • 2-piece blower tube for improved performance

 Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac

Among all the 10, this one is the very best cordless leaf blower on the list. All it takes to get rid of the leaves, grass clippings, shavings, twigs, and weeds from your surroundings is this red blower by Toro. Moreover, this portable unit is fit for the patio, deck, backyard, around the pool, driveway, sidewalk, and many other places. On top of that, controlling or choosing the desired function or speed is quickly done by turning the latch.

While it may look small and light, the airflow that is delivered by this apparatus is quite amazing. In fact, this is one of the reasons it occupies the top position on this top 10 best cordless leaf blowers review. Other worthy observations include its silent nature, compact design, lightweight, and easy fitting of the attachments.

Reasons To Buy This
  • 3 in 1 design for blowing, shredding and vacuuming
  • Variable speed improves control and efficiency
  • Large metal impeller for better mulching
  • Quick-Release Latch for quick conversion


Getting rid of leaves and other debris from your property does not need to be a time-consuming affair. You don’t need to feel restricted by the power cable or cord. Also, you shouldn’t be weighed down by the tool’s weight and size. What you deserve is the best cordless leaf blower that is easy to carry, light, compact, and can be used almost anywhere. We have examined the top 10 best leaf blowers in 2019 that we believe will serve you right.

All the above tools come in user-friendly designs for easy use and have decent power to eliminate the leaves easily. They also don’t produce too much noise, are easy to operate and are suitable for many places including the home, office, and business premises. With the top 10 best leaf blowers, your compound will look neater and more appealing.

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