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Best Wooden Sling Chairs

Best Wooden Sling Chairs/The butterfly chair, also known as a BKF chair or Hardoy chair, is a style of chair featuring a metal frame and a large sling hung from the frame’s highest points, creating a suspended seat. The frame of the chair is generally painted black. The sling was originally leather, but can also be made from canvas or other materials. The design is popular for portable recreational seating.

If you are here in this article to find out what are the best wooden sling chairs you can buy from the market, then you are in the right place. Yesterday I sat down and started wondering why all my friends don’t like visiting my place during summer. This question has been lingering in my mind restlessly for a very long time and getting an answer had proven quite difficult. I wanted to ask one of them personally, but I did not dare to do that.

I decided to undertake a thorough inspection of my home and come up with a solution myself. Well, you know what? This time I came up with something exciting, which was undoubtedly the reason why all my friends did not prefer my home during the summer. And I did not have any luxurious chairs that could be used for relaxing while inside and outside the house. I felt foolish because these pieces of furniture are very strategic during the summer.

The Best Wooden Sling Chairs In 2020 List

Astella BC50-P5-204 Adjustable Wooden Cabana Chair

#9 Astella BC50-P5-204 Adjustable Wooden Cabana Chair

The Astella BC50-P5 204 captured my attention because of its unique design. I was mesmerized by the color combinations and the feather/leaf-like flowers that spread all over the fabric. Unlike the ordinary chairs, the Astella BC50-P5 204 is made of a solid material that makes it durable and long-lasting. It can sustain so much weight without breaking or tearing up.

It is actually the best seat for outdoor environments as it has a water-resistant polyester fabric material. This chair brings forth a lot of comforts as it comes with four adjustable reclining positions.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Easily removable sitting cover – this feature allows for easy washing and maintenance of the fabric material.
  • 1″ thick hardwood frame with protective coating – the hardwood ensures that the chair remains stable and strong even during harsh conditions.

Astella BC50-P5-205 Adjustable Wooden Cabana Chair

#8 Astella BC50-P5-205 Adjustable Wooden Cabana Chair

Beauty is actually what I value the most. When I saw the Astella BC50-P5 205 sling chair, I gave a standing ovation to the manufacturer for the wonderful job they did on this chair. The combination of the blue and black patterns plays a significant role in enhancing and displaying the beauty of this sling chair.

The chair brings forth a comfy environment for relaxation during summer and any other time of the year. It has a waterproof lining and hence serves as the best outdoor wooden sling chair. The wood frame has a protective coating that protects the chair from any harm. With four reclining positions, this sling chair ensures that you bend or stay straight for ultimate comfort. If you want to have adequate comfort, ensure that you pick something worth every penny. And yes, this wooden is a real bang for every buck!

Reasons To Buy This
  • Waterproof – the chair has a waterproof lining on the fabric material that prevents soaking during wet conditions.
  • It has four reclining positions – this is to ensure that your comfortability is catered for at all angles.
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Easy Back Deck Rocker

#7 Easy Back Deck Rocker

Made with a durable 100% cotton Duck sling was the Easy Back Deck Rocker chair. It looked very comfortable even before I tried sitting on it. This product comes with a unique design that is attractive and very pleasing to the human eye. It’s a chair that has the capability of satisfying all your luxurious needs without fail at all times.

The comfortable back deck rocker is one of the most comfortable chairs you’ll ever come across. The foldable design offers ultimate portability ensuring that you move with zero hassles. This means that you can use it indoors or outdoors with the least stress of transportation.

Reasons To Buy This
  • The chair is foldable – this feature enables the chair to be moved around with much ease.
  • Extremely strong – it is strong enough to support persons with so much weight. Besides that, it is lightweight and can be easily stored.

Black Safari Roorkhee Campaign Camp Leather Wood Lounge Sling Chair

#6 Black Safari Roorkhee Campaign Camp Leather Wood Lounge Sling Chair

When I saw this chair, I actually thought that I was in a palace; simply because it has a similar design to royal chairs. The Black Safari Roorkhee wooden sling chair is perfect and comfortable for you regardless of where you might be sitting. It can be used near fireplaces or campfires.

The chair has a recline comfortability while doing your personal activities like browsing the internet or scorching outside. The hinged back gives numerous reclining positions, thus offering adequate comfort. The extremely sturdy construction makes it a must-have sling chair. Of course, given its unique design, you will enjoy every moment at the beach or on your patio.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It has a hinged back – this to ensure that the chair can still recline while still providing enough back support.

Wooden Sling Back Arm Chair – Set Of 2

#5 Wooden Sling Back Arm Chair - Set of 2

Coming at the fifth position on my list of the best wooden sling chairs is the wooden sling back armchair. This is a chair that I fell in love with because of its unique style. The chair is actually adorned with a double marquise pattern in the wood-carved back with a delicate maple inlay.

This is one of the best sling chairs that can be used for both relaxing and dining purposes. It is firm and durable enough to take you for a lifetime. I loved its back as it had a quality element of integrating signature art. It’s made using a natural and easy to clean fabric which makes it convenient and adequately reliable. If you want to relax and feel real comfort, this wooden sling chair will do the magic for you.

Reasons To Buy This
  • The chair has natural linen which is easy to clean – this makes maintenance an easy task
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Wooden Sling Swing Outdoor/Patio Chaise Lounger With Pillow

#4 Wooden Sling Swing OutdoorPatio Chaise Lounger with Pillow

After a long search, I was able to come across the wooden sling swing chair. This is one of the best and most purchased sling chairs in the market. Its cool design makes it outstanding.

It is made of an all-weather woven sling resin fabric that is strong and durable enough to serve you for a century. The dimensions of the seat are 43W x 25D x 37H inches. The seat is 14H inches. The adjustable head pillow spices up the experience are ensuring that you relax like a king. What’s more, the foldable design makes it easily transportable.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Has an adjustable head pillow – to ensure that you are comfortable all day long.
  • It is foldable – this mechanism ensures that the seat is easy to carry around and store.

Blue Ridge Sling Recliner

#3 Blue Ridge Sling Recliner

At the third position was the Blue Ridge sling recliner. It was among the wooden sling chairs that I was looking for. Since I need three chairs, this one was what I picked third because of its corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware. I knew that this is the seat that will actually bring all my friends to my house next summer. The strength that this chair possesses will be able to sustain the playful nature of some of my friends.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, well, this chair proves the saying right. It is simple yet unique. The hardwood frames make it extremely sturdy and highly durable giving you years of ultimate relaxation.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Made of solid Ash hardwood frames – to ensure that the chair remains stable and in perfect condition under harsh environmental conditions.
  • It is also portable enough for a camper or anyone going out for a picnic.

Wooden Folding Rocking Chair With All Weather Sling

#2 Wooden Folding Rocking Chair with All Weather Sling

This is the second wooden sling chair that I carried home. The chair features a well-crafted southern pine frame that is as well beautiful and sturdy. When unfolded, the chair has the capability of rocking back and forth comfortably.

It is one of the chairs that your home should never miss. The lightweight construction makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. It’s portable which means that you can carry it with you to the backyard or the beach.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It is light weight: it measures 15 lbs and has a capacity of 280 lbs
  • Unfolded size: 24″ w x 34″ d x 36″
  • Folded size: 24″w x 6″ d x 44″ h

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise

#1 Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise

Well, the Imperial wooden sling chair is the chair that I considered to be the number one product on my list. This is a chair designed with a solid wood frame and a heavy-duty 16 oz. canvas slings. When I picked it, I knew that my gaming experience would be elevated to another level. My kitchen experiences will also be catered for by this chair as it can also serve best in that environment.

The Imperial chair measures 21.5″ w x 15.5″ d x 46″ h. It has a straight line foot rack for a convenient and comfortable footrest. The 250lbs weight makes it transportable and ideal for moving from one place to another.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Strong and durable: can serve you for long without breaking or wearing out
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds: this is to ensure that the heaviest person is also accommodated.
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Benefits Of Wooden Sling Chairs

  • They offer adequate comfort – Wooden sling chairs offer adequate comfort for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the warm summer.
  • They are durable – Unlike plastics, wooden chairs are quite durable, especially those made from hardwood. This means that you can use one for a long time.
  • They are affordable – Unlike metallic chairs, wooden chairs are quite affordable. This means that you won’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a chair.

Buying Guide for Sling Chairs

  • The frame used – Frame is an important part of a sling chair that you should look at because some are built with steel, while others might come with a wood frame. Thus, it makes the chairs look totally different. With a heavy-duty steel frame, it might look stylish and cool, but chairs likely look classic and elegant with wood design. And, you might choose either one based on your preference.
  • Assembly – Since some products require you to assemble it by yourself, thus you need to look at the necessary tools included. In contrast, some sling chairs do not need assembly because the company already got it done for you.
  • Lightweight and Compact – You should have a look at the weight and the dimension of the product carefully. If your purpose of purchasing a sling chair is to take it anywhere with you, you need to choose the one that is not heavy to take with. Also, it should also be easy for storage and fold up as well.
  • Weight Load Capability – Different chairs are designed with various strengths so that they might work with different weights. Some are strong enough to bear heavyweight, while some can only support the medium weight. Hence, know your needs in advance.


Well, picking the best wooden sling chair from a group of many can be challenging. But always ensure that you look at the size, material used to make the sling and wood, durability, and portability of the chair before settling for it.


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