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Best Wooden High Chairs – Types, Features

Best Wooden High Chairs/I will never forget my first experience of trying to wean my “Bundle of Joy.” To tell you the truth, It was a messy affair as I struggled to find the best standing or was it kneeling position. In fact, most of the food ended up on the bib rather than in his mouth. I also felt tired due to squatting more-often-than-not. Following this incident, I decided to invest in a high chair and not just any type but a wooden one.

I’ve always heard a thing for wood because of its authenticity, solid-nature, durability, and elegance. It also looks classy, comes in many designs, and is easy to maintain. However, my first two choices were not good, to say the least. Latter choices were much better and had seen me through four kids.

List Of  Best Wooden High Chairs

Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood High Chair

Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood High Chair


I have used this high chair severely to feed my niece. And from my experience, it’s worth the time and money. I love the child-friendly design and graphics and the decent size that supports growing babies. It comes in the right height that allows me to feed the baby conveniently. The finely polished and finished wood is easy to clean and isn’t affected by food or water spills. Cleaning a mess is as simple as wiping with a wet cloth or rug.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Sturdy wood construction to last a long time
  • 3 recline positions for the best comfort
  • 4 position tray for better feeding
  • One-handed tray design for convenience
  • Vinyl coated padded seat for good comfort and easy cleaning
  • 5 point harness for improved safety

Lipper International 516P High Chair, Pecan

Lipper International 516P High Chair, Pecan


If I remember correctly, I used the Pecan high chair about 8 months ago at a family gathering. I was helping my sister feed her baby. The item was well-built and felt pretty solid thanks to the high-quality wood. I liked how easy it was to harness the baby without inconveniencing him. This unit came with a nice design that could accommodate babies of different ages, sizes, and weights. I also can’t forget how easy it was to clean a mess.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Versatile design to accommodate tots aged 1 to 3-1/2 years.
  • Beechwood construction for a natural look and durability
  • 3-point strap system and lap waist strap for improved safety
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning

Keekaroo High Chair With Tray, Natural

Keekaroo High Chair with Tray, Natural


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I used this high chair a while back to introduce my third born to solid food. When buying this chair, I wanted something more solid, comfortable for my baby and me. And the truth is that the Keekaroo is among the top 10 best wooden high chairs in 2019. I love the oversize design that can accommodate babies of different ages, and the nice cushion that offers good comfort. Feeding the baby is also easy and convenient, thanks to the nice height. I also like the high-quality cloth cushion that cleans easily.

Reasons To Buy This
  • JPMA certified for peace-of-mind
  • Mahogany wood color for a natural appeal
  • Cloth cushion seating for comfort and easy cleaning
  • Adjustable seat and footplate for better feeding
  • Solid wood to support up to 250 pounds

OXO Tot Sprout High Chair, Taupe/Walnut

OXO Tot Sprout High Chair, TaupeWalnut


After learning that the OXO Tot Sprout has won several awards and regularly features on the best wooden high chairs, I decided to gift my friend this high chair. Although this happened almost a year ago, I can’t tell you how often she praises this item. She goes on and on about the chairs quality construction, good harnessing and support, simple and user-friendliness, and easy-to-adjust height. She also loves how easy it is to clean and carry the high chair.

Reasons To Buy This
  • 5 depth and height adjusting levels for added versatility
  • 5-point harness for extra security and stability
  • The slender recess in-tray for easy storage
  • Versatile design for converting the high chair to youth chair

Excellent’ Wooden High Chair, Walnut

Excellante' Wooden High Chair, Walnut


Just as implied by the name, the Excellante wooden high highchair is excellent. It’s among the sturdiest and comfortable pieces on the market. It’s one of the simplest in design, easiest to use and best wooden high chairs on the market. The item also ranks among the top because of the high-quality construction and finish. The versatile chair can accommodate tots of different sizes and ages and comes with a sleek and easy-clean surface

Reasons To Buy This
  • Commercial Grade for good stability and longevity
  • Walnut color finish for a natural and authentic appearance
  • Sturdy Harness Straps for added safely
  • Pyramid design for firm support and preventing tipping
  • Solid wood for good support

Keekaroo Height Right Kids High Chair, Mahogany

Keekaroo Height Right Kids High Chair, Mahogany


When I saw a lady feeding her 3-year-old son on this high seat, I could help but get a little curious. Firstly, the chair looked pretty simple but could support heavyweight. Secondly, although harnessed, the child looked very comfortable. Thirdly, adjusting the footplate was very easy. Did I tell you that the seat plate could be transformed to a footplate? These were some reasons why it is on the top 10 best wooden high chairs review.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Adjustable seat and footplate for maximum comfort
  • Low VOC plant-based lacquer for improved safety
  • Mahogany wood color for an authentic look
  • Sturdy rubberwood for durability and strength
  • Solid wood construction to support up to 250 pounds
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Winco CHH-104 Wooden High Chair, Walnut

Winco CHH-104 Wooden High Chair, Walnut


I have come across many Winco Walnut high chairs, especially in restaurants. One thing I’ve noticed about the items is their simple design that makes moving easy. The lightweight chair is very compact and portable. It comes in a stackable nature for easy carrying and storage. I also love the decent seating space that ensures the child is comfortable.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Solid wood construction for stability and durable performance
  • Walnut color for extra appeal
  • Non-assembled design for easy carrying and storage
  • Length of 20 inches and width of 20 Inches for a good seating space

Winco CHH-103 Wooden High Chair, Mahogany

Winco CHH-103 Wooden High Chair, Mahogany


When talking about the top or best wooden high chairs, one name that constantly pops up is Winco. The company is famed for producing high-quality wooden highchairs. The CHH-103 is one of the popular varieties of the manufacturer. The unassembled piece comes in the mahogany color that gives it a traditional look. I love the good dimensions that keep the baby safe and ergonomic design for improved comfort.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Non-assembled design for improved carrying and storage
  • Quality wood construction for stability and long life
  • Mahogany color for a natural look

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair


The Abiie Beyond is quite versatile and user-friendly. It can serve as a traditional dining chair or a toddler’s chair. The transformation takes less than 20 seconds and can be done even by a person with little or no knowledge. The compact item comes in a simple and space-saving design while the removable tray can be handled by a single hand. The unit can be used at home, restaurant and other places.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Dual Restraint System for choosing either a 3-point or a 5-point harnessing
  • Several access points for easy cleaning
  • Waterproof cushion to withstand spills
  • One-hand operated tray cover for easy removal and convenience
  • Anti-Microbial Heat Sterilization for extra safety
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Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair, Black

Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair, Black


This is the high chair that my last-born is currently using. I bought it 1 year ago, and it has never let me down. I love the quality wood that gives it the natural appearance and strength. It comes with an adjustable seat rest to accommodate a growing child while the simple harness provides good support but is still very comfortable. I am certain that this black chair will be with us until our child outgrows it.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and stability
  • Cultivated beechwood for strength and durability
  • Five-point harness for extra support and safety
  • Sturdy wood construction to support up to 300 pounds

Final Thoughts

Introducing your tot to solid food doesn’t have to be a challenge. You shouldn’t use too much effort trying to find the right position or posture. You also don’t need to strain yourself because the kid is seated too low on the seat or stroller. What you need is the right high seat that assures you of maximum comfort while feeding your baby.

In this review, I have outlined the top 10 best wooden high chairs in 2019. Each of the items is child-friendly and offers excellent support to your baby. They are made from high-quality wood to tolerate regular use, spills, frequent wiping, and cleaning. I also looked at other aspects like easy folding and storage, good height, solid construction, user-friendliness, and durability. So, by purchasing an item featured on this review, you are assured of maximum comfort for you and your tot.

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