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Best Kitchen Shears

Best Kitchen Shears/If there ever was anything like a cooking addiction that would definitely be my fall! You might think it is primarily because I am female, but no, I think I am on another level. This involves a whole lot of cutting, ripping and tearing through a bunch of stuff. This is how I came to fall in love with kitchen shears. And that moment on, I am always looking fo the best kitchen shears.

Yes, I know you will probably ask “why to get a pair of shears when a butcher’s knife does all the necessary cutting in the kitchen?” I was once there. I got invited by my friend to a welcome home dinner for her brother, and I got to help out with the meal preparation. That was when I got introduced to the brighter side of the cooking life! She owned a pair of shears, and the ease with which she went about cutting through the huge turkey made me get mad at myself for never getting myself a pair before.

I immediately bought one and never turned back from the good life! It is true to say that landing my life-changing shear was not an easy call. I had to accurately evaluate the different models and brands before making a choice. I will gladly walk you through what I considered the best in the market.

List Of Best Kitchen Shears

Wusthof Grand Prix Kitchen Shears

#10 Wusthof Grand Prix Kitchen Shears


Wusthof did a masterpiece with this kitchen cutlery. When I picked these shears up, I was amazed at how light they were, and the design has a comfortable grip that will not hurt your hand when you use it to cut hard stuff. Furthermore, they are so strong you can use them multi purposely from pruning in your kitchen garden to cutting baking parchments.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It has an ergonomically designed handle – The pair of shear is highly recommended if you are one to work with shears for a long time since the handle is comfortable and efficient.
  • Permanently bonded – Lifetime warranty is assured since it’s strongly bonded and won’t be falling apart anytime soon.

Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears, Poultry Scissors For Meat

#9 Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears, Poultry Scissors For Meat


I have a confession, my first ever shear purchase was this sophisticated Heavy duty kitchen shear. I mean, have you seen the design? It made me feel all professional in my home kitchen; the feeling was priceless.

Also, it really came in handy when did all kinds of activities from chicken boning grilling, turkey and to even seafood preparation. These extra sharp thick blades do not disappoint.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It has spring-loaded handles – This feature gives a better grip on the shear and actually makes working with the shears really fun.
  • Thick stainless steel –The nature of the steel assures durability since the blades will never break due to the sturdiness.
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Kitchen Shears, Take Apart For Cleaning

#8 Kitchen Shears, Take Apart for Cleaning


I actually laughed when I saw these Artful Homemaker shears. It reminded me of an incident when I picked my previous shears to use. The screw literally fell off and here I was holding a pair that can be used as a screwdriver.

Cheap knock-offs are really annoying, at least now I know better. Last but not least, the unique Magnetic protective cover allows you to hang it on anything metallic, say against a fridge or freezer perfectly out of reach of young ones.

Reasons To Buy This
  • The outer end of one blade is serrated – It can be used as a fish scaler or cheese graters no need to buy one on the side. The other sharp ended blade can be used as a fruit and vegetable peeler.
  • Inbuilt bottle opener – This beauty also has a jar and bottle opener that can efficiently be used as a shell cracker. Definitely worth the price!

Wusthof 5558-1 Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

#7 Wusthof 5558-1 Come-Apart Kitchen Shears


Wusthof made it yet again to my list, not that I am being biased, but they have very high-quality products. Unlike most products, these shear can be taken apart, enabling you to clean them efficiently wiping out any grease that might get hidden in between the blades; this also allows you to sharpen them individually.

Imagine how long you would go with this single pair of shears without constant replacement since you can make them new again every time it gets blunt. I would call purchasing these a wise economic decision.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Has a protective plastic cap on the screw – This acts as stoppers to prevent the blades from coming apart.
  • It’s balanced in hand – It accommodates both left-handed and right-handed people equally thus very convenient.

Ado Glo Kitchen Shears – Stainless Steel Multi-Function Kitchen Scissors

#6 Ado Glo Kitchen Shears - Stainless Steel Multi-Function Kitchen Scissors


Of all the shears I have across, I personally commend Ado Glo for their really perfect micro-serrated blade design. Also, this makes it ultra sharp and ensures non-slip while in use, so your work gets on another level of comfortable and safe, giving the shears a bonus. If you want to slice those huge meats with utmost ease, then these shears would do the magic.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Has a high-quality rivet – This is positioned between the blades and ensures a secure hold of the two knives together.

KitchenAid Shears With Soft Grip Handles

#5 KitchenAid Shears with Soft Grip Handles


Kitchen aid outdid itself with these shears. I noticed that it had handled the safety of the users as a priority by first providing a safety cover so that the pair can be put away safely when not in use or when brought along for a camping trip.

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On top of that, this keeps the chances of accidents in the kitchen at a minimal. Besides that, the shears are machine washable and protect you from common cuts that occur during hand washing. Lastly, it is something I would buy without a doubt if I were a safety first person.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Soft grip handle  – The handles are lined with rubber that ensures maximum comfort while using the shears
  • It has a pointed tip: This ensures it fits perfectly and gives it stability when you placed in the knife block.

Latest Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears


I admit that I instantly fell in love with the sleek look. I picked a black and red colored one and couldn’t help but admire the color combination. Furthermore, the micro-serrated edge makes work more comfortable when it comes to proof cutting.

I don’t know about you, but I keep losing my jar and bottle opener every time. The fact that this pair of shears has a built-in bottle opener got me excited. It just makes work so much easier to have tools in one place!

Best Kitchen Shears
  • Has an inbuilt nutcracker – Well, now you know you can use the same bottle opener as a nutcracker. Amazing right?
  • Convenient handle – The shear’s handle caters for both left and right-handed people and can actually cut cost for such people living together since they won’t have to buy two pairs.
  • Safe Packaging  – It comes with a plastic casing that protects you from accidental cuts.

MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

#3 MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears


One look at this Mairico product and you will notice the kind of steel used on it can take you a long while. Well, I’m a lady; maybe it’s the shiny luster of the stainless steel that caught my eye: we are well known to fall for shiny things. However, this steel promises durability since it has rust and corrosion-resistant properties. Also, the ultra-sharp blades are sure to make using it very enjoyable as it cuts through everything smoothly, including cardboard, hard plastic, or rose stems outside.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Has a professional look – you can get this for use in your commercial kitchen while avoiding cheap knock-offs meant for the purpose.
  • Multifunctional – The steel tooth design between the blades and makes the shears efficient for so many other functions including using it as pliers when needed.

Kershaw Taskmaster Shears

#2 Kershaw Taskmaster Shears

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can assure you that unlike other blades that come apart then get loose once you separate them, this maintains its tight grip when putting back together.

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Furthermore, it gives you the comfort of cleaning your shears and effectively disinfecting them after every use without worrying if it will fall apart due to constant separation.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It includes one notch –  Helps you bone your chicken or turkey as desired without much struggle.

CUTCO Model 77 Super Shears

#1 CUTCO Model 77 Super Shears


My first place trophy would have to go to this Cutco product. What particularly caught my attention about this Cutco model is the fact that it easily comes apart. You might have your doubts about a product that can easily be detached. However, trust me, this one can easily be attached and look as good as new once again; interesting right?

Moreover, the high-carbon stainless steel sees to it that the shear does not easily rust raising the risk of tetanus infection and become harmful to use in the kitchen. Give it a try, and you will get to experience what I’m talking about.

Reasons To Buy This
  • High-quality Steel – The steel does not lose luster and get dull with time
  • Tough Pair of Shear – Can cut through tough materials and bones without fail.

Benefits Of Kitchen Shears

  • Makes work easier in the kitchen – These products are multi-functional and help a lot in the kitchen when it comes to doing a lot of activities from nut-cracking, chicken boning, fish scaling, fruit peeling to cheese grating among others.
  • Helps in cost-saving – The multifunctional quality of this equipment enables you to cut the cost of buying some other kitchen tools since it is all rounded.


The excellent experience the Kitchen Shears gave me gives me the liberty to say that you have not enjoyed cooking yet. Give one of these products a try and get to experience how working around the chicken can be made way better by just a simple tool.

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