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Best Glass Coffee Mugs – Types and How To Buy It

Best Glass Coffee Mugs /Gone are the days’ people used to drink coffee using those ugly plastic tumblers! Today, we have the best glass coffee mugs which have replaced the traditional coffee cups. I vividly remember the days I had to avoid putting anything hot inside those thin-walled glasses for fear of breaking them. The transitional process from those inferior glass coffee cups to the modern, classy, and sophisticated coffee mugs has taken quite an effort. Fortunately, we’re finally at a point where we can monitor the level of our coffee in a glass mug as we take each sip.

My first purchase of glass coffee mugs was a collection of Tealyra 16-ounce set which has been with me for a long time. I then had my desire for more coffee mugs awakened, and I have ever since bought more than ten sets. Today, my kitchen is entirely decorated with sets of coffee mugs, some of which have never been used. In this review, I will give the best glass coffee mugs on the market and also provide some of the reasons why you need to grab one of them. First things first, let’s take a look at the best glass coffee mugs.

List Of The Best Glass Coffee Mugs

Tealyra – SIRIUS 16-Ounce – Set Of 2 – Large Double Wall Glass Mug With Handle

#9 Tealyra - SIRIUS 16-ounce - Set of 2 - Large Double Wall Glass Mug With Handle


This was my first collection of glass coffee mugs. I had been struggling with the melanin coffee mugs which weren’t giving me the service I required. What service did I request? Perhaps you may ask! Well, I needed something classy and sophisticated. Something I could clearly see my warm cappuccino as I drowned it down to the last drop; you feel me now, right?

There’re several things I loved about this set. To begin with, it came in a set of two large double-walled glass mugs which I could share with my husband as we cuddled on the couch in the cold winter season. Something else, I could also use the mug with tea or any other cold drink. The 500ml size seemed convenient since we didn’t need to constantly get out of pouring comfortable couch to refill its every minute.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Boasts a double layer for protection.
  • It offers mesmerizing elegance.
  • It keeps drinks hot or cold for longer.
  • The glass creates an illusion of the coffee floating in midair which is attractive.

LINKYO Glass Coffee Cups – Double Wall Insulated Mugs

#8 LINKYO Glass Coffee Cups - Double Wall Insulated Mugs


My dad loves coffee too. And although I never met my grandpa, I hear he loved coffee as well. It’s, therefore, safe for me to assume that my love for coffee is hereditary. On his 60th birthday, I decided to surprise my dad with this collection of top-level glass coffee mugs.

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Sincerely speaking, I don’t think I have ever seen my dad that happy. Perhaps what he loved most was the attractive design, but I knew he would like them even more after seeing the double-walled design. It’s been several years now, and he has been showering me with praises for buying these glass coffee mugs for him.

The first reason why I loved this collection is the borosilicate construction which gives it ultimate durability. Also, the fact that my mum is also around, I found the two glasses in the set quite convenient for her to also share in the fun.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Boasts a double-walled construction.
  • Prevents condensation.
  • Keeps drinks hot for long and also cold for long.
  • It’s backed by a 2-year warranty.

Libbey Crystal Coffee Mug Warm Beverage Mugs Set Of 4

#7 Libbey Crystal Coffee Mug Warm Beverage Mugs Set of 4


My first purchase of Libbey products was a set of 12 highball glasses. After that, I was convinced that their glasses aren’t some of those cheap and flimsy counterfeits available on the market. I, therefore, decided to try out this Libbey glass coffee mug.

My order arrived a few days after I placed my order. That was the first thing that convinced me that these were truly top quality glasses. As always, I took hours sampling each one of them, and when I was done, everything was in order.

Holding 13 ounces each, this collection came with four ultra-quality glass coffee mugs. I have ever since been using them for serving coffee and tea. I loved the contemporary design with a touch of traditional and great exotic finishes.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Boasts a sturdy construction.
  • It comes in a creative design.
  • Features a comfortable handle.
  • They’re dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Great for soups, coffee, mulled cider and hot chocolate.

Libbey 13-Ounce Classic Coffee Mug In Clear, Box Of 12

#6 Libbey 13-Ounce Classic Coffee Mug in Clear, Box of 12


After loving the four Libbey glass coffee mugs, I decided to order more just in case I had visitors. This set of 12 glasses was the right option for me. I placed my order, and within a few days, I had my package already in my kitchen. Just like the other package of four mugs, this collection featured a superior construction backed by a double-walled design.

The 13-ounce capacity, just like the other collection, created uniformity which is a great thing for coffee mugs, especially when you plan to have visitors at your place (of course, it would look funny serving some visitors in large glasses and others in small ones).

Reasons To Buy This
  • Made from Mexico.
  • They come in a height of 3.75 inches and a diameter of 4.75 inches.
  • Excellent for housewarming and weddings.
  • Ideal for hot soup and drinks.
  • Dishwasher and microwave are safe
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Large Coffee Mug, Double Wall Glass 16 Oz

#5 Large Coffee Mug, Double Wall Glass 16 oz


A few weeks ago, a few of my friends came over to my pace, and we had to have some coffee. The thing is; I love coffee when I have my male friends since they also like it. So, when I served them with my Libbey glass coffee mugs, they all surprised at how attractive the mugs looked. Some of them even wanted to be gifted with the coffee mugs, but their convincing techniques feel on a deaf ear.

A few days later, I visited my friend, and he had already purchased this collection of large coffee mugs for Elixir Glassware. We had the chance to inspect and examine them and just like my Libbey collection; they were perfect.

Reasons To Buy This
  • They’re double-walled to keep coffee hot for longer.
  • Boasts a sweat-proof construction keeping your hands dry.
  • Dishwasher and microwave are safe.
  • The mugs offer a mesmerizing elegance.
  • Come in a large size.
  • Boast an easy-grip handle.
  • Offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Italian Luxury Cappuccino Glass Coffee Cups With Handle

#4 Italian Luxury Cappuccino Glass Coffee Cups with Handle


I think my Libbey glass coffee mugs had all my friends thinking about purchasing coffee mugs. A few days after I went to my pal’s house and found the Elixir Glassware’s collection of top-tier coffee mugs; another friend of ours also took up the challenge and bought this Italian Luxury Cappuccino glass mug.

It was now becoming a competition amongst my friends, and I was personally enjoying the show. It seemed everyone wanted to outshine the others by getting the best coffee mugs on the market. That was a healthy competition, so I enjoyed it!

After keenly looking at this set, I couldn’t help noticing handcrafted Italian accent which made the mugs quite attractive. They’re made from top-grade tempered glass which gives them unrivaled durability.

Reasons To Buy This
  • The transparent construction allows you to see the masterful cappuccino.
  • Features a durable glass which resists breakage and shattering
  • They boast a unique yet simple silhouette.
  • Boast removable stainless steel handles

JoyJolt Serene Double Walled Glasses Insulated Coffee Mug


#3 JoyJolt Serene Double Walled Glasses insulated Coffee Mug


Two days ago, it was my birthday celebration, and my dad decided to repay good for good! He bought me this collection of glass coffee mugs. JoyJolt Serene double-walled coffee mugs boast a large 7.4 oz capacity.
Coming in a set of two large glasses, I couldn’t hide my enjoyment when my dad presented the package to me. Although I have only had two days to use them, I can categorically state that they are superior.

Reasons To Buy This
  • They’re double-walled.
  • Are perfect for morning coffee, tea, latte, cappuccino, espresso, and hot or cold beverages.
  • Boast an absolute design and smooth finish.
  • Come with a 1-year warranty.
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Eparé 12 Oz Insulated Coffee Glass (Set Of 2)

#2 Eparé 12 oz Insulated Coffee Glass (Set of 2)


If you want to beat all of us, I suggest you go for this collection. I have used most of these glass coffee mugs but, unfortunately, none of them beat this mug. I went to a local coffee bar yesterday and came across this coffee mug, and I immediately had to google it out.

First, the double-walled construction was unlike any other mug I have used before. What’s more, it featured a perfect 12-ounce size which offered enough supply for my need and for once, I didn’t ask for a second cup.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Features a hand-blown borosilicate construction.
  • Boasts a modern kitchen design.
  • Ideal for tea, latte, espresso, or coffee.
  • Come with a lifetime warranty.

Anchor Hocking Café Glass Coffee Mugs, 16 Oz (Set Of 6)

#1 Anchor Hocking Café Glass Coffee Mugs, 16 oz (Set of 6)


The first product I purchased from Anchor Hocking was a set of highball glasses. Although I haven’t yet purchased this set of impressive glass coffee mugs, it’s my secret weapon which I plan to buy after all my friends are done buying. Having gathered every information about it, this is a must-have set for me this year.

Reasons To Buy This
  • It comes in a set of six glasses.
  • It features a thick handle for easy handling.
  • Boasts a thick handle and footed base.
  • Dishwasher and microwave are safe.

Benefits Of Glass Coffee Mugs

  • Attractive – Glass coffee mugs are highly attractive compared to the traditional coffee tumblers.
  • Offer Convenience – Glass coffee mugs offer ultimate convenience since they can be used with hot or cold drinks.
  • Durable – Unlike those traditional single-walled glasses, glass coffee mugs are incredibly durable.


Whether its cappuccino, espresso, coffee, latte or tea you want to take, a glass coffee mug is the secret. Given their versatile, durable, and attractive design, all you need to do is grab one of them and have a great experience.

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