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Simple way to create a new grep console in Eclipse:

Set the filter using the regular expression or the user defined string

Run the query

Store the result

For each new search you create, you can use the already stored expressions or be able to define new ones

The result is stored in any Eclipse project defined as a search repository

Easy Console Grepper Download

Eclipse version:


ET 2.0


This plugin is written by Bert Moss

Latest Version


Last tested

2018-06-04 21:27





Simple way to create a new grep console in Eclipse:

Set the filter using the regular expression or the user defined string

Run the query

Store the result

For each new search you create, you can use the already stored expressions or be able to define new ones

The result is stored in any Eclipse project defined as a search repository

Eclipse Project Repository Creation

In Eclipse:

Check the “Export as Git repository” option in the “File/New/Project” menu

Add a new repository

Add.git as a repository

Add files or folders you want to be stored

In this project file, you can define any filter. I would recommend to use regular expressions, but you are free to use whatever you like. For example, the user defined string could be a user defined Java program or even a Java library with a class.

In this section, you can use any regular expression you want, the most powerful way to define filters is to use Java regex.

The results will be stored in any Eclipse project defined as a search repository.

Eclipse Project Repository Requirements

Search Repository Creation

Project File Repository Creation

What is Search Repository?

There is any way you can create a repository in Eclipse, you can even create a new project and add a.git folder, but the real options for filtering and storing data in Eclipse have always been very limited.

Search Repository is a new concept from Eclipse. It allows you to define a filter to filter data in any Eclipse project. This filter will then work even if you quit Eclipse

Easy Console Grepper Crack With Product Key [Latest-2022]

Easy Console Grepper Free Download:
* Provides a GUI for Eclipse users
* Provides a Command-line tool for non-Eclipse users
* Stores the settings and filtering for each use of the “Grep Console”
* Stores the filtering settings even for each user
* Supports user-defined strings and regular expressions
* Expands the Eclipse “Grep Console”
Easy Console Grepper Advanced Use:
Advanced use features:
* Save and load any filtering settings for each user.
* Store user profiles.
* Translate the Regular Expression syntax to the native Eclipse RegEx syntax.
* Encode characters that need escaping.
* Easily customize the RegEx syntax from the Plug-in
* Supports full back-references.
* Supports duplicate patterns.
* Automatically inserts parenthesis for |, and the escape character to expand a captured group.
* Easily open and close a group of regular expressions within a single user.
* Provides a custom Eclipse Preferences filter so that users only need to choose one Easy Console Grepper installation.
Easy Console Grepper Advanced Features:
Advanced features:
* Supports user-defined regular expression filters.
* Expand a regular expression capturing groups, i.e. (…)
* Supports search for multiple strings.
* Supports multiple strings per regular expression.
* Supports multiple regular expression filtering per file.
* Provides a much more powerful regex syntax allowing both user-defined filters and files to be filtered.
* Provides a more flexible interpreter for user-defined regular expression patterns and search results.
* Provides for filtering by regular expression sub-patterns instead of the whole regular expression.
* Enables multiple search types including substring search.
Easy Console Grepper Project Features:
* A Basic Project Wizard
* A Configurable Filter Dialog
* A Logger
* A Settings Wizard
* An Image Resize Feature
* An Export To Image Feature
Download Easy Console Grepper
Easy Console Grepper requires:
* ECLIPSE 3.5.3 (or later)
* JDK 1.6 or later
* JRE 1.6 or later
* XML Beans [1] to provide some of the Eclipse plug-in benefits.
* Sun SWT [2] if you need to create a GUI.
How to Install:

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Easy Console Grepper Crack+

Allows the creation of a new grep console in Eclipse.

Step 1: Importing Easy Console Grepper Plugin

To import Easy Console Grepper plugin, go to
Plugins>Import&eclipseclipse.org>installation Folder>Plug-ins>Available Software>Plug-ins,
you should see the Plug-ins under Installed Software.
Select Easy Console Grepper and click Next.
The plugin will import to your workspace automatically.

Step 2: Creating a New Grep Console

Now go to Installed Plug-ins on Eclipse, you should see
Select Options menu and then select Plug-ins.
Select New Item from the list of available plugins.
Give the new console a name and click Next.
A new window, “New Console” appears with a text box.
Type a name for the new console (grep console). This is the name the
console will use to identify the function. In this example the name is grep console.
You may also select to add description and a description will appear in the search box (description).
If you already know a name of your console, you can simply select it and click Next.
For this example click Next.

Step 3: Defining a Filter

Now select Filter menu. Select Filter Builder and click Next.
The filter builder will be imported to the console which is displayed on the right.
The filter builder has two functions: filter and grep filter. A filter is an inclusive search. This means, the results returned by the filter are the strings
that are on the left side of the filter. If you selected the All Filter radio button then the strings on the right side of the filter become part of the
results returned by the filter. The grep filter is similar but it’s the results that are returned that define a match. For this example we will do
grep filter and use a regular expression to define a match.
To create a new filter enter a name for the filter in the Filter Name text box. For this example we will define a new filter: Numbers. The
filter will filter strings that are numbers.
Set the Priority of the filter by clicking on the up or down arrow next to the Priority text box. Click Next
Make sure, that the Sort Order is “DESC” in the Sort Order text box and click Next.
In the “What to search for:” text box, type in a

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What’s New In?

Easy Console Grepper is a simple plugin that will enable you to create a new grep console in Eclipse.
Easy Console Grepper will store filtering settings for each grep console you create. It can filter the content by user-defined strings or using regular expressions. Your search queries are stored and retrieved, even if you restart Eclipse.
Version 0.0.3 in 20130225
How to Install:
You can install Grepper by using the main update site, the Eclipse Marketplace or download it directly from
Installation Details:

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers 2015.3 Release (4.3.0)
Eclipse Platform 3.8.0 Release
Easy Console Grepper 0.0.3

If you install Grepper from the main update site, the installation will automatically remove the existing old version of Grepper. The older version has been archived so that you can find it and you can install it too.
If you do not use the main update site and your Eclipse is configured to automatically update packages, you should find the old version in your Eclipse installation folder:


There is an update site for Grepper in the Eclipse marketplace.
You can download the plugin directly from the Update Site:

Update Site:

There is a new update site for Grepper in the Eclipse marketplace.
There you can also download and install the plugin directly from the update site:

Eclipse Marketplace:

Technical Information:
– required plugin of the Eclipse Platform 3.8.0
– works with Java Plugin 3.1.3
– contains Java code
– requires the Eclipse Platform 3.8.0
– requires at least Eclipse Platform 3.8
– works with Eclipse 3.8, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4
– requires the Helios version of Java Plug-in 3.2.1
– works with all previous versions of Helios (1.6.x, 1.7.x)
– works with all previous versions of Eclipse (1.0.x, 1.1.x, 1

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System Requirements For Easy Console Grepper: