Ausblick 1 Lehrerhandbuch Test 6 !!TOP!!

Ausblick 1 Lehrerhandbuch Test 6 !!TOP!!

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Ausblick 1 Lehrerhandbuch Test 6

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I believe I’ve found the source of Bob’s malady. I’ve been acting more snappy than usual, cleaning up after him and acting more like the Fred that I am. It’s not as if he has been mistreating me, but he has been unbelievably clean about me sleeping with people – even when he can’t stand it. So, while it is sweet that he wants to get to know me, it’s also leaving him vulnerable. A month or two ago he went into a cold sweat at the mention of Martha’s name, I mention her and he doesn’t bat an eye. I think that while he is gradually learning how to deal with his feelings, I am afraid that one day he is going to find out that I am not the person he hoped I would be.

That’s the thing about living in small towns. You see a lot of the people you knew in high school and you can’t get away from what they are like. Every time I go to Walmart or the minimart, there are one or two people who recognize me and ask how Bob is doing. I am so sick of the questions, especially since none of them are relevant to my life. I don’t know the answers and it’s not like I have any reason to lie to them.

The worst part of it is that I fear that I will hurt him. He wouldn’t like that, and it might turn me into someone that he wouldn’t like. Since he doesn’t have to worry about making or keeping friends in this part of the world, he is often concerned about things that are beyond my control. I am better at accepting the responsibility of being a good parent than I am at accepting responsibility for my actions. We’re going through a divorce, and I am afraid that with the guilt and stress, he’s going to snap and hit me or start drinking heavily again. While this is only a fear, it is the only one I have right now that we can discuss and I can’t figure out any way to get rid of it.

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I am having to learn new rules in this relationship, because I want to make sure that Bob can do this without getting hurt. I am always afraid that I am going to set off a disastrous chain of events, and I can’t make myself sure that I won’t. I only hope that he can learn that same thing

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